What are the Different Types of Stickers?

What are the Different Types of Stickers?

Stickers—they’re seemingly everywhere you look. On mobile phones, water bottles, laptops, restroom stalls, vehicles, and just about any surface they can adhere to.

But have you ever stopped to think about stickers? How many different styles, shapes, and materials there are or how you can use them to boost your brand? Stickers aren’t just for decoration. They’re also a powerful marketing tool, offering a cost-effective way to enhance brand visibility, engage customers, and convey key messages.

From the durability of vinyl to the sleek shine of holographic designs, stickers span a broad spectrum of styles, materials, and uses and offer a unique medium for creativity and communication. 


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What are the Different Types of Stickers?

Whether you’re a restaurant owner cooking up new branding ideas, an artist looking to showcase your work, or a local politician aiming to spread your message, stickers come in a variety of types, each offering unique benefits for your specific needs and creative visions:

Die Cut Stickers

Imagine if you could have your sticker perfectly shaped to your design. That’s the magic of die-cut stickers, which offer a custom look that fits perfectly around the edges of your logo or artwork. Die-cut stickers are especially beneficial for local businesses with unique logos or artists who want their work to truly stand out.

Bumper Stickers

Designed to endure outdoor wear and tear, eye-catching but durable bumper stickers are a popular way for people to share personal views or promote their favorite brands on their vehicles. If you’re running a political campaign or advocating for a cause, be sure to use a clever message so customers are eager to slap that bumper sticker on their car. 

Clear Stickers

With a transparent background, clear stickers blend seamlessly onto any surface, making the printed design stand out. When should you use these clear stickers? It depends. Clear designs are a ideal for brands with sleek, modern branding like a beverage brand that comes in clear bottles.

Roll Stickers

Roll stickers come in a continuous roll, making them convenient for mass production and application. For businesses in the food and beverage industry, roll stickers are a go-to choice for jars, bottles, and packaging, ensuring a consistent look across all items while streamlining production lines.


What are the Different Shapes of Stickers?

The shape of a sticker plays a big role in how they're perceived and where they can be used. Some shapes to consider for your stickers include: 

Circle Stickers

Circle stickers offer a compact and visually appealing option, perfect for logos or designs meant to be seen from a distance. For example, a brewery might sell custom circle stickers featuring their unique beer labels or logo so customers can showcase their favorite brews on their laptops or water bottles. 

Square Stickers

Square stickers provide a classic and balanced canvas, suitable for a wide range of designs and information. A garden center, for example, could use them to label plant pots with care instructions and botanical names, subtly enhancing product presentation and providing valuable information to customers.

Oval Stickers

Oval stickers add an elegant touch to your branding. Their soft, rounded edges are ideal for highlighting logos or specific messages. For instance, an indie bookstore could feature quotes from beloved books or portraits of famous authors on their stickers, turning them into collectible items that customers can place on their laptops, journals, or bookshelves.

Rectangle Stickers

Rectangle stickers offer ample space for text and graphics, making them versatile for both branding and informational purposes. If you’re a local restaurant, you could create rectangle stickers with a QR code that links directly to your online menu and give them out in your delivery and takeout orders.

What is the Difference Between a Sticker and a Label?

The difference between a sticker and a label is all about their mission. Stickers are typically designed for decorative purposes, to express identity, or to convey a message, often used on personal items like laptops, water bottles, or cars. 

On the other hand, labels serve a more functional purpose and provide information about a product such as instructions, ingredients, or barcodes. So, while stickers help make everything look cool, labels make sure you’ve got the facts straight.

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What are the Different Finishes for a Sticker?

A sticker's finish significantly impacts its visual appeal and texture. Whether you lean toward the smooth subtlety of matte or the dazzling shine of high gloss, your choice sets the stage for your sticker’s interaction with the world:


A non-reflective matte finish gives your stickers a sophisticated and understated appearance. If glare reduction and readability are important for your design, matte stickers might also be the right choice for you. 


A glossy sticker’s shine makes colors pop, so it’s ideal for designs that aim to catch the eye. This finish enhances your stickers’ visual appeal and adds a layer of protection from wear and tear. 


A high-gloss finish takes the shine and protective qualities of gloss to the next level, making colors pop even in tough environments. Choose high gloss for stickers that need to be highly visible and durable.


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What are the Different Materials for a Sticker?

Materials define a sticker's texture, durability, and application. Selecting the right material is key to making sure your sticker doesn't just stick around, but thrives, whether it's gracing the indoors with its presence or braving the great outdoors:

Vinyl Stickers

Waterproof and highly durable, vinyl stickers are an excellent choice for items that are handled frequently or exposed to the outdoor elements, like water bottles and helmets. This resilience ensures your message remains visible and intact, regardless of the environment.

Holographic Stickers 

Holographic stickers feature a unique iridescent effect that changes with light and perspective, adding a futuristic or magical touch to any design. This makes them perfect for special edition or exclusive merchandise stickers

Paper Stickers 

Eco-friendly and cost-effective, paper stickers are perfect for temporary use and indoor applications like labeling and promotions. Their ease of customization and quick production time make them a smart choice if you want to minimize environmental impact and costs. However, avoid slapping paper stickers on products that will be exposed to moisture. They need to stay as dry as the Sahara to keep looking their best.

Domed Stickers

Featuring a raised, 3D effect from a clear polyurethane coating, domed stickers are durable and add a premium, tactile dimension to branding. Domed stickers can take your designs to new heights—literally. 


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Create Your Own Custom Sticker with Stomp

From artistic expressions to functional signage, there's a sticker out there for every purpose and personality. Whether your brand is aiming to make a bold statement, promote a cause, or enhance customer engagement with unique packaging, the perfect sticker can make all the difference. 

Ready to create your stickers? Stomp has you covered with a wide range of options to choose from—including materials, shapes, finishes, and beyond. Get started today with our custom stickers.  


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