Custom Stickers: The Secret to Growing Your Small Business

Custom Stickers: The Secret to Growing Your Small Business

The early days of a new business are hard. Budgets are tight and margins are low. Getting people to visit your store or website is a daily challenge. Worst of all, you scrutinize every expense. 

Too many businesses use this time as an excuse to “go cheap,” especially when it comes to things like promotional items or branded packaging (think custom stickers or labels). Don’t get caught in this trap! 

Branding your company and putting in the extra effort to make it stand out are exactly the type of things that are going to help your business succeed. The best part? You don’t have to break the bank!

Custom stickers are one of the simplest and most affordable options for branding your business on a budget. Companies can use them in so many ways making them one of the best promotion tools around. Let’s take a look. 

Why Use Custom Stickers?

Small businesses need to attract customers quickly, especially when they’re first starting out. Whether you are a new restaurant opening in the heart of downtown, a baker debuting a stand at the farmers’ market, or a home brewer opening your first gastropub, the competition is fierce.  

You need to make sure people see your brand, get familiar with your logo, and most importantly, remember you.

Custom stickers are a great solution because they are incredibly versatile!  Give them out as swag, stick them on takeout bags, or brand your shipping boxes with them. Add a QR code and create a multimedia experience – taking the audience to anything on the internet (like an online menu, video, website, or social media contest page). The possibilities are endless!

Most importantly, custom stickers can help grow your audience and drive visibility to your business.

How Custom Stickers Can Help Grow Your Audience

Stickers are convenient for small businesses because they are low-cost, highly visible, and can stick just about anywhere. But that’s not all. Here are some of the top advantages of adding stickers to your marketing strategy.  

Reaching a Target Audience

The chief advantage of custom stickers? You can tailor-make a design to suit your target audience. For example, laptop stickers might target a college-aged audience — who often have their laptops open and love to decorate them. Other options, like water bottle stickers and skateboard stickers, are both decorative and appeal to specific demographics. 

The sticker design can be anything, it’s where it’s placed that matters. When you make custom stickers, ask yourself where your target audience is most likely to put them and tailor your design toward that ideal.

 water bottle sticker

Making a Statement

We don’t notice bland, everyday logos. But custom stickers for small businesses will stand out if they make a statement of some sort. 


Beer sticker on laptop


Note the sticker above, which sends a message that’s guaranteed to resonate with any craft beer lover – especially those who live in Montana. People who frequent craft breweries are likely to catch a vibe from any beer sticker, but this one speaks to them and inspires them to continue supporting their local brewery. 

When designing a sticker, don’t be afraid to get bold. Make a statement. Use an eye-catching color. You’ll better resonate with the audience you intend to attract.


Discovering Affordability

Brand discovery can be an expensive thing. Influencer marketing, social media, banner ads — those can run thousands upon thousands of dollars. But one sticker at a time can chip away at the same approach – especially when placed in public places. Best of all, it creates brand recognition at a lower cost per unit than similar branding efforts.

As long as you have a custom design and an eye-catching sticker, you’ll soon recoup your money invested with a return in recognition. Is there a less expensive per-unit method for getting someone to say: “Hey, where did you get that?”

If your sticker can accomplish that, you’ll have leveraged one of the most affordable options in marketing.

Waco Surf Sticker


Design Custom Stickers for Your Small Business with Stomp 

A well-designed custom sticker can help your budding business catch fire and attract a lot of early adopters. But when it comes to your branding, remember that every little touch helps. If simply choosing the right color can boost brand recognition, what does that say about what an entire custom sticker can do to help people recognize your business?

Interested in making a custom sticker to level up your business? Now’s the time to check out custom stickers with Stomp! 

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  • Nashira Edmiston