Artwork Guidelines

We know you create epic designs! Stomp’s advanced design tool allows you to easily upload your custom artwork and resize it to fit the chosen template. You can also email your art to us after placing your order.

Concerned about the print quality of your file? Our online design software will indicate the resolution of your image, notify you of any problems, and will generate an instant proof for your approval.

Don’t have custom artwork prepared? No problem! You can create your design from start to finish on our site. Our tool is easy to use. Try it out! If you can’t quite get the file how you want it, contact our support squad and they will guide you in the right direction.



For best quality, and the fastest turnaround, upload your artwork using the following criteria:

File Extension Types


For example, “canlabel.jpg,, canlabel.psd”

If working in Canva, please export as a “PDF-Print” file.

File Resolution

300 dpi for best quality

Custom Die Cutting

For custom die cut shapes, we may need to simplify them slightly to meet production requirements as some processes don't allow for intricate details, sharp points, or deep bends. If you have any questions about your design, feel free to reach out to our support squad for help!




Working with a designer? Need more details? Here you go!

Vector Artwork

Vector artwork preferred, raster accepted


We accept CMYK and RGB; however, files submitted in an RGB colorspace will be converted for print capabilities to CMYK, and may look different than on screen.

Text and Images

Use converted/outlined text and include embedded images

Caution Zone

Minimum of 0.125” for most products.

The caution zone is the space between the elements of art and the finished edge of the product or the trim line. The material can move slightly during the cutting process and having that buffer will ensure that none of your art gets cut off in the process or looks off-center.


Minimum of 0.125” for most products.

Bleed is the distance the ink extends past the finished edge of the product before final cutting.



We love custom labels and stickers and are committed to high-quality printing.

All Stomp products are printed using a digital four-color printing process. This allows for maximum flexibility and nearly limitless design and color options. Files submitted in an RGB colorspace will be converted for print capabilities to CMYK, and may look different than on screen.



Because some days aren’t meant for reinventing the wheel.

We have templates built into our art tool for all our products including custom stickers, roll labels, magnets, clings, and more. Choose a custom size to die cut a shape that looks just like your art and pad it with a white margin if needed.



Aren’t we all seeking approval?

Our online art tool provides instant proofs. Once you approve your final art and complete your cart purchase, we immediately begin printing.

If you email high resolution artwork for help, we will send a digital proof for review. If there are questions with the art submitted, we will reach out to you to find a solution. We’ll never print without your full approval. Once approved, we immediately begin printing.