Custom Pouches

Pack a Punch with Stand-Up Pouches

Dive into the world of custom stand up pouches, where packaging becomes a party! Our custom stand-up pouches offer a blank canvas of endless possibilities, clear for a sneak peek at your awesome products, and metalized for a touch of silver sophistication. Custom stand up pouches aren't just about storage; they're about making your brand stand tall and shine. Pick your style, pack your personality, and let the pouches do the talking – it's packaging that's as fun as your creations!

Make Your Products Stand Out with Custom Stand-Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are making a splash in the world of custom packaging. From granola to tea to candy and even cannabis, custom stand up pouches are an ideal choice for shelf-stable products that need to maintain their freshness and announce their brand message loud and clear. While some other pouches need a little support to stay upright, most of our pouches are specially designed to stand up on their own, making them perfect for store shelves.

With custom stand up pouches, you only need one type of packaging, saving you money in the long run. No more using separate packaging for the freshness seal and the branding. Stand up pouches do both: displaying your product information while keeping your product sealed and fresh. You can even use clear pouches to display your product and let customers know exactly what they’re getting.

At Stomp, all of our custom pouches are food safe, provide a strong barrier against moisture and punctures, and include a resealable zip enclosure. This ensures your products can “stand up” to anything.

So what are you waiting for? Start designing your custom stand up pouches today!