How to Design a Custom Stand-Up Pouch

How to Design a Custom Stand-Up Pouch

Do you know the compliment "They’re a stand-up guy/gal?" That phrase actually originated from stand-up pouches. Okay, okay that’s not true. But it makes for a nice story. Much like that dependable pal who's got your back, this reliable packaging option safeguards your products, is ready when needed, and leaves a lasting impression. 

With their sleek design and practical functionality, custom pouches help reduce costs and capture consumer attention, ensuring your goods aren't just seen but remembered. So, let's explore custom stand-up pouches, where functionality, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness stand tall together.


What are Stand-Up Pouches?

Stand-up pouches are a flexible type of packaging that can stand upright and be opened with resealable zippers, tear notches, or spouts. They’re air-tight, leak-proof, and can be made puncture-proof, keeping all sorts of products — from munchies to moisturizers — safe and fresh. Pouches are highly customizable, coming in several sizes and with options for full color, a clear window, or a metallic sheen. Best of all, they have ample space for branding and product information, helping your brand stand out on the shelf. 


pouch and pitchers of lemonade


What Industries Use Stand-Up Pouches?

Stand-up pouches are highly versatile, making them a popular choice among a variety of industries including:

Food & Snacks

Goodbye chip clips! Stand-up pouches are the perfect snack pack. They provide an airtight environment that extends the shelf life of treats like nuts, dried fruits, and candies even in high humidity. Food pouches are easy to open, carry, and reseal, whether a consumer is on the go or at home.


Ditch the medicine bottles and floppy zip-top bags. Stand-up pouches are the perfect bud-dies, offering a stylish, sensible, and child-resistant packaging option for edibles, pre-rolls, nugs, and other products. Cannabis pouches ensure freshness, comply with FDA regulations, and maintain discretion, making them a go-to choice for the cannabis industry.


Custom pouches provide the ideal environment for jerky, preserving the flavor and quality of the protein-packed snack. Along with the sealed packing, stand-up pouches possess an interior food-grade and non-reactive barrier film that protects their contents against moisture and contaminants. No wonder they’re the most popular packaging options for mid-sized and big-brand jerky manufacturers!

Bath & Cosmetics

In the bath and beauty space, aesthetic appeal is just as important as product protection. No wonder products like bath salts, powders, and creams find a safe and stylish home in sleek, leak-proof stand-up pouches. 


Macha powder pouch and cup of tea


What are the Benefits of Stand-Up Pouches?

Stand-up pouches offer many benefits to both businesses and consumers alike. Here are some of the standout advantages that stand-up pouches bring to the table:


Stand-up pouches can be made with a resealable zipper, enhancing product longevity and consumer convenience. For example, most consumers aren’t eating the whole bag of jerky in a single sitting, so a sealable pouch allows them to easily grab a snack and go without worrying about how they’ll preserve what’s left in the pouch. 

Easy to Print on

The flat surfaces of stand-up pouches are the ideal canvas for artwork, giving you more surface space than you would have on a bottle or can. The pouches also come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to include your logo, custom art, product information, and more.  

Easy to Use

With features like zip tops and tear notches, stand-up pouches are easy and intuitive. This accessibility makes them a favorite among adult consumers (and their kids). That’s some pick-up-and-go goodness!

Material Options

From durable plastics to lightweight foil to biodegradable options, there's a stand-up pouch for every brand ethos, aesthetic, and price point. The wide selection of exterior materials allows brands to align their packaging with their sustainability goals and market positioning. Most pouches also include an inner barrier film that protects contents from punctures, moisture, contamination, and ultraviolet light. The choice between flat design and see-through windows is also a key point of interest! 


Light as a feather but tough as nails, compact, and easy to stack, these pouches cut down on shipping, handling, and storage costs. They’re an economical choice for businesses looking to optimize their supply chains and reduce overhead while appealing to consumers who want to take their goodies on the go.


Stand-up pouches can help your brand join the green scene by reducing your environmental impact. Compared to a similar-sized plastic bottle, a stand-up pouch often uses two-thirds less material. Additionally, they can be made with recyclable and biodegradable materials, catering to the eco-conscious consumer.


What are the Different Materials Used for Stand-Up Pouches?

Stand-up pouches are the Swiss-army knife of packaging, offering a variety of material types depending on your brand’s needs. Options range from durable plastics, like polyethylene, to eco-friendly choices, like kraft paper and bioplastics. They’re highly versatile, allowing you to choose the best material for your product’s preservation needs, sustainability goals, or cost constraints. With stand up pouches, you have your label and packaging in one; all you need to do is fill them up and ship them out. 


freeze dried mango pouch with bowl of fruit


How to Design Custom Stand-Up Pouches

Ready to make the move to stand-up pouches? Here are a few tips to help you get started on your very own custom stand-up pouch design:

Choose the Pouch Material

When selecting a material, consider your product’s specific needs—like barrier requirements, shelf life, and sustainability goals. Polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic, but other common materials include laminated paper or bioplastics. 

Ensure the Design Meets Regulatory Requirements

Stay compliant with industry standards and regulations, particularly for food, cannabis, pharmaceutical, and children’s products. Ensure the manufacturer you work with complies with FDA regulations and is AIB compliant, helping protect your product integrity, consumer health, and bottom line. 

Include Brand Logo, Information

Each pouch is an opportunity to dazzle a new customer. Your logo and product information should be prominently placed on the packaging, ensuring they’re visible and legible to consumers. Depending on the pouch size, you can even include your company’s story or mission.

Spark Attention with Colors, Fonts & Graphics

Use eye-catching colors, readable fonts, and engaging graphics to make your stand-up pouch stand out. You can emblazon your pouches in full color, add a metallic sheen, or offer a clear window to the product. 

cannabis gummies pouch on wood table


Design Custom Stand-Up Pouches with Stomp

Is your product ready to stand the test of time? With a stand-up pouch, it will be! Stomp Stickers is ready to bring your custom designs to life with our state-of-the-art technology, decades of printing expertise, and a variety of AIB-compliant stand-up pouch options.  

Let's make your brand the one customers will remember. Reach out to Stomp today to start designing custom pouches that protect and promote your product.

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