Restaurant To-Go Labels

Restaurant To-Go Labels

Get to-go labels that look as yummy as your recipe tastes.

No matter what you’ve got in the oven, you’ll knead custom food and restaurant to-go labels to make your package, bag, box, or container appealing to customers. Whatever the shape or size, Stomp has the tools for you to easily design, proof, and print high quality rolls of paper and BOPP food labels without spending a lot of dough. Plus, we store your digital images online for free to make reordering your labels as easy as pie.

Spice up your delivery service with restaurant stickers and to-go labels!

Delivery services like DoorDash and Grubhub have made the restaurant industry more competitive than ever. Savvy restaurateurs know that, like the food itself, to-go orders should focus on presentation. A custom box and branded to-go label show the care you put into your food and help whip up trust with old and new customers alike.

Whether you have a restaurant, bistro, bakery, cafe, diner, or ghost kitchen, Stomp can help make your packaging look as good as your food. Easily upload your art in our snappy design tool. Customize your to-go labels and restaurant stickers with easy-to-use art options. Get your proof lickety-split and finalize your order! It's that easy. Plus, your artwork is stored online, making reordering as smooth as your gravy.

Don’t forget to throw in a few custom restaurant stickers with your to-go orders! It’ll be the cherry on top of the experience and remind customers to come again soon.

Make Your To-Go Orders Batter Than Ever

Ready to take your delivery service to the next level? Our guides explore how you can get the most out of your to-go labels and cook up a delivery experience that will leave customers hungry for more. Check out our guides exploring restaurant industry trends and best design practices for the modern restaurateur in the resources section below.