Customer Spotlight Series: Cultivation Brewery

Customer Spotlight Series: Cultivation Brewery

Nestled in Norcross, Georgia just outside Atlanta is Cultivation Brewing Co., an establishment focused on growing community and connection through the sharing of craft beer. Now that Cultivation Brewing Co. has been in business for a few years, we reached out to Britt Lancaster, one of the co-founders to see how it has all come together. 


What is Cultivation Brewing Co.? 

Our brewery is a nod to growing and cultivating a community from the ground up. Cultivation is an expression that honors the process and details of developing this establishment we call home. The seeds of our passions have been planted into a place for new memories and connections to be made. The culture here aims to create and nurture relationships with each person that steps through our doors, all while cultivating the finest craft beer. Always fresh, always local, always innovative.


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What’s Next for the Brewery? 

We aim to continue to grow and nurture our community as well as continue to create beer even better tomorrow. We will also continue to dial into the local and surrounding community in efforts to be a part of making a positive difference where we are. 

Norcross is a very important place not only to our owners but also our customers. We hope to expand our location in the coming years so more people can gather and enjoy themselves.

What Sets Cultivation Apart From Other Breweries?  

Being a nod to growing and cultivating a community from the ground up, Cultivation Brewery is always pushing and testing the limits of flavor combinations for future brews. We release a new blend each week…and then some. The fresh beer every week is known as Fresh Beer Friday. We aim for the public to have something to look forward to, all while building trust and providing consistency in producing quality craft beer. 

We partner with a local vineyard, right in the heart of Norcross, where the team goes and harvests muscadine grapes for the annual Muscadine Kettle Sour brew! We are now about to release our third annual bottle to the public this Fall. Another aspect that sets this hidden gem apart is the space and atmosphere to enjoy craft beer. 

While intimate, the space is simultaneously open and welcoming due to the natural light peeking through the ceilings and from multiple large-scale windows as well as garage doors. The owners want this place to be a welcoming neighborhood and family-friendly environment with a side fenced-in area for those with kids!


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