How to Make Bumper Stickers Customers Will Actually Use

How to Make Bumper Stickers Customers Will Actually Use

Love them or hate them, bumper stickers always spark a conversation. Think about the last time you spotted a funny one that made you laugh out loud or a serious one that promoted a cause you’re passionate about. You probably pointed it out to whoever was with you, and you might even still remember what the sticker said.

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It’s time to harness that attention-grabbing power for your business. While it's true that bumper stickers seem to grace fewer bumpers these days, they’re still a great promotional tactic. You just have to create funny, clever, and visually striking sticker designs that your target customers will be excited to show off. So buckle up and get ready to learn how to design bumper stickers customers will actually use!


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So, What’s the Deal With Bumper Stickers? 

Bumper stickers used to be all the rage. Remember when businesses would hand them out in-store and at events? Well nowadays, bumper stickers seem to be rarer than a parking spot in front of your favorite coffee shop. 

Even though bumper stickers might not be as popular as they once were, they still wield an undeniable charm to those who love them. Bumper stickers are a medium for the opinionated, a megaphone for those who find humor in almost every situation, and a billboard for people who wear their achievements like a badge of honor (yes, parents of honor students, we're looking at you). Even cautious drivers can find solace in bumper stickers that signal a polite "back off" without laying on the horn. 


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How to Make Bumper Stickers Customers Will Actually Use

Bumper stickers aren't for everyone. But if you design them with your target audience in mind, you can craft stickers that really “stick” with your potential users, from proud parents to passionate supporters of a good cause.


Be Funny

Humor: the bumper sticker's secret weapon. When used effectively, a silly bumper sticker keeps things light while grabbing the attention of passersby and communicating your message. But you don’t want your stickers to come off as aggressive, so make sure you strike the right balance of smug and cheeky. For instance, instead of plastering a "Don’t tailgate me" threat on your bumper stickers, illustrate them with a cartoon dog that says, "Get off my tail!"


Raise Awareness for a Cause

If you're a charity, church, or school, bumper stickers are a great way to promote your cause and show your support for good deeds. The goal isn’t for your customers to value the sticker itself but rather the message it conveys. Adorning your bumper stickers with messages like "Save water," "Slow down in school zones," or "Eat less meat" will resonate with people who support the particular cause.


Make it Family Oriented

Family-friendly bumper stickers aren't just bumper bling; they’re empathy magnets. If your business caters to new parents, consider creating “baby on board” stickers that let other drivers know your customer has precious cargo on board. For schools looking to promote themselves, why not design student of the month bumper stickers that not only celebrate academic achievement but also make parents feel proud and appreciated?

Keep Advertising Simple

A logo and a phone number — sometimes that's all you can fit in a bumper sticker’s limited real estate. Keeping stickers simple can be beneficial because it makes them easier to read, so people are more likely to remember your brand. But not every business is bumper-worthy. No matter how good a plumber’s service is, most people wouldn’t grace their bumper with the plumber’s logo (especially if the logo has anything to do with toilets). But people may not mind using their mechanic’s bumper sticker if they surprise them with standout service — especially if the sticker comes with a discount. 

Leverage Counter Advertising

Counter-advertising taps into the smug side of bumper sticker culture by poking fun at other products. It’s a great way to draw attention to your product’s selling points while showing off your sense of humor too. Just make sure your snarky stickers are relevant to your target audience. For example, a bumper sticker that reads, “My next car won’t have this” that’s strategically positioned above the car’s exhaust pipe is a silly and effective way to reach potential electric car customers. It’s subtle, sassy, and a little bit snarky — the perfect recipe for a memorable bumper sticker.


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Design Custom Bumper Stickers With Stomp 

No matter your brand’s style or budget, bumper stickers are a creative and engaging way to promote your business or raise awareness for a cause. But not all bumper stickers are created equally. If you want customers to remember (and actually use) your stickers, it’s smart to cater to a specific demographic, whether you’re aiming to tickle funny bones or nudging folks toward positive change.  

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