Peeling Back the Layers: The Advantages of Drink 'N Peel®️ Labels

Peeling Back the Layers: The Advantages of Drink 'N Peel®️ Labels

There’s a good chance you’ve dedicated hours to refining the labels for your craft beverages. It's no easy task, from creating the art to finding the right color palette, selecting an aesthetically pleasing font, and then putting it all together. 

But what if these labels could do more than draw eyes on store shelves? What if a simple beer can label could inspire your customers to take action and spread your brand's message? 

Enter Drink 'N Peel®️ Labels, which are more than just labels — they're bridges that lead to endless branding and engagement opportunities! Buckle up as we journey through the possibilities and advantages these multipurpose labels bring to your brand.


What are Drink ‘N Peel Labels and How Do They Work?

Stomp’s Drink ‘N Peel labels are designed with a built-in kiss-cut sticker that your customers can peel off and stick wherever their hearts desire. Whether you decorate your Drink ‘N Peel label with your logo, slogan, or product name, these interactive stickers help your libations stand out on shelves and extend the lives of your can labels. Best of all, every empty can is an opportunity for some guerilla marketing! 

How does it work? It's simple — craft your custom label using Stomp’s online design tool, include a die line around the internal sticker, and poof! If you’re unable to add the die line yourself, just specify where the internal cut should be in the special instructions section at checkout. The label wizards at Stomp will work their magic, ensuring your design seamlessly transforms into a label that's more than meets the eye.


drink and peel label with plesiosaur branding

5 Benefits of Drink ‘N Peel Labels for Your Business

Drink ‘N Peel labels do more than just spruce up your cans and bottles — they engage your customers and offer a cost-effective way to promote and differentiate your brand. 

Here’s a closer look at what these unique labels have to offer:

Interactive Customer Experience

Peel. Stick. Interact. With Drink 'N Peel labels, the simple act of savoring a beverage turns into an engaging brand experience, creating a connection that endures beyond the last sip. And it doesn't stop there — customers can carry your brand's essence with them, decorating notebooks, phone cases, and more with your unique stickers.

Brand Promotion

Whether it sports an eye-catching logo or a witty tagline, your drink label design already showcases your brand’s personality. Each time a customer drinks n’ peels (n’ sticks), that sticker placement turns into a mini-billboard that boosts brand awareness and leaves a lasting impression. 

Cost Savings

Why buy drink labels and promotional stickers separately when you can have both in one? Drink 'N Peel labels streamline your expenses and maximize your marketing impact.

Market Differentiation

In a crowded beverage market, an interactive label boosts your drink’s shelf “a-peel” (see what we did there?) Curious customers will want to try out your can labels’ peel-and-stick feature — and their memories of the experience will keep them coming back next time they drop by the store.


Lots of people these days want to buy from brands that follow more sustainable practices — and beverages are no exception! These integrated peel labels eliminate the need for a separate sticker sheet, helping curb waste while promoting your brand.


What Businesses Should Use Drink N’ Peel Labels?

Any type of beverage business can (and should!) take advantage of Drink 'N Peel Labels. Whether you're crafting artisanal brews or concocting refreshing seltzers, these gorgeous, multipurpose labels are the secret ingredient to elevating your brand. 

Drink 'N Peel labels are perfect for enhancing your brewery’s beer can labels. In the crowded beer space, these one-of-a-kind labels give customers a peelable sticker that goes beyond the can, so your brand becomes a talking point even after the last drop is savored!


drink and peel beer label with mixtape branding

Design One-of-a-Kind Drink ‘N Peel Labels With Stomp

Drink 'N Peel labels are the ultimate secret weapon to making a strong first — and lasting — impression. By seamlessly merging branding with interactivity, these labels offer a unique way to tell your story and engage your audience. So, as you embark on your labeling journey, remember that Drink 'N Peel labels aren't just stickers or labels — they're a powerful tool that invites your customers to peel, stick, and become a part of your brand's unfolding narrative. 

If you’re ready to level up your labels, we’re here to help. Start designing your Drink 'N Peel labels today.


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  • Nashira Edmiston