Make Your Brewery Stick Around with Drink 'N Peel™ Labels

Make Your Brewery Stick Around with Drink 'N Peel™ Labels

You’ve poured over every detail, putting a lot of time, effort, and cash into designing the perfect label for your craft beer. Customers love your brew and you’re getting excellent reviews! But once they polish off their drink, that perfectly designed can goes straight into the trash. 

Womp womp womp. 

No one likes seeing their hard work end up in a landfill. People (and not seagulls) should enjoy your label design for years to come. And while some customers will save a can with a particularly memorable design, those merely sit on the shelf and gather dust.

So what if there was a way to make your brand stick around even after the can is empty? Now there is! Stomp has the answer with our latest invention. Drum roll please… 

Drink 'N Peel Beer Labels!

These one-of-a-kind labels give your customers something to remember you by long after they finish their drink. But what exactly is a Drink 'N Peel label, and how can they help you develop an impressive branding campaign? We understand you have a lot of questions, so allow us to explain.


What are Drink 'N Peel Labels?

Many breweries use stickers as an effective word-of-mouth marketing tool. In fact, 43 percent of marketers believe that word-of-mouth marketing directly impacts their sales numbers. For the competitive craft beer industry, drumming up interest with word-of-mouth and inexpensive guerilla marketing tactics is a must to stand out in this crowded industry.

But at Stomp, we’re taking the tried-and-true brewery sticker and making it even better. Instead of designing and selling a separate sticker for brand marketing, why not incorporate it directly onto the can itself? 

That’s why we’ve invented the first-ever “Drink 'N Peel” label. No one else is offering these, so you’ll be one of the first breweries to jump on this moving train to profit town. 

With our Drink 'N Peel beer labels, the process for designing a label is basically the same. The label goes on the beer can and customers can peel off a section of it to use as a separate sticker.


Give your Customers Something to Talk About

Our newest labels let your fans show off their support for your brew. Drink 'N Peel labels are high quality and are made with materials that protect the stickers from scratches, water, and sunlight. 

One of the biggest challenges brands face when trying to distribute stickers is customers often aren’t sure where to put them — especially if they only have one. Better make it count!

Drink 'N Peel labels solve this problem because every can a customer finishes (and seriously, who drinks just one craft brew?!) gives them the chance to place another sticker. And another. And another. 

This has many benefits. For one thing, it’s fun and engaging for your customers. Plus, you can come up with a ton of different marketing ideas with the brewery stickers to build your brand awareness. 

How to Design an Effective Drink 'N Peel Label 

If you’re ready to level up your labels, you’ve got some critical design elements and choices to consider. The first one is, what part of your label will peel off and become the sticker? 

You’ve got two main choices here:

  • Your logo — Make your logo the sticker for instant brand recognition. This is ideal for breweries who are just starting out and making a name for themselves or moving into new markets. If you’re going this route, make sure your logo is instantly identifiable and that the text is legible at a distance. 
  • Your mascot or label art— While this won’t feature your brand logo as prominently, going this route will give you more chances to show off your creativity. In addition, customers will be more likely to place these as stickers for the same reason they save those cans with unique label art. 

That said, you might find that you need a new label design to complement your Drink 'N Peel labels. If that’s the case, we’ve got a couple of tips to consider so you end up with the most Instagram-ready, brag-worthy sticker design possible. 

Pro tip:

If you’re up for a full label redesign, you’ll want to view it through the context of the sticker rather than the label. 

If you want to make your logo the sticker, ask yourself whether the logo on your label is large enough to be a sticker. If not, then you’ll need to resize it. Or put your logo in a different place on the label so you can make it an appropriate, readable size. 

The same applies to other design elements. Make sure they’ll be large enough to stand out on the label so customers realize it’s a sticker. And also big enough to do the heavy lifting in terms of brand recognition. 

The bottom line is, the more interesting the final sticker, the more customers will notice and use it. The more stickers placed, the more exposure your brewery will get. 

Designs to Inspire your Drink 'N Peel Beer Label

How exactly do you design a Drink 'N Peel label that will inspire your customers to decorate their laptops, water bottle, coolers, or anything else?   

To answer that, let’s look at some existing craft brewery designs and see what elements might work best as a Drink 'N Peel label. Here we go:


Drink N Peel Mixtape

#1. Big Grove Brewing

Our first example knows exactly who its audience is. Big Grove Brewery has a punk rock aesthetic and isn’t afraid to show it. A black background and grungy chalkboard fonts set the tone, while the cassette tape in the center sells the theme. This would be a fine label on its own, but this isn’t just any label; it’s a Drink ‘N Peel. 

Notice how the cassette tape has a white border around it. This isn’t just an aesthetic choice. You can peel the cassette tape off and use it as a sticker. This is one of our favorite examples of using Drink ‘N Peel labels. This brewery knows who its target audience is and designed a sticker that meshes with its design and brand voice. 


Drink N Peel Save the Sacks


#2. Elsewhere Brewing

Okay, okay. It looks silly. We know. But it’s in support of a good cause! Save the Sacks lager is a “Beer for Cause” from Elsewhere Brewing. They raise awareness for testicular cancer and donate $1 per can sold to cancer research. In this case, even their empty cans are doing work to spread the word. 

The sticker design fits right in with the rest of the illustration. The catchy name makes the purpose immediately clear. Best of all, customers are inspired to use these stickers and place them because the image is funny and it supports a cause.


Drink N Peel Nightmare


#3. Falling Knife Brewery Company

This is another case of knowing your audience. By most accounts, this label for the Nightmare Vision fruit sour is plain. It’s a saturated red with green highlights. But that minimalism is in service of the focal point: The Nightmare TV sticker. 

With the rest of the label uncluttered, the customer’s attention is focused on the design. This label fits into the category of art people want to peel off and place on their laptops, water bottles, or wherever else. That’s the trick to Drink ‘N Peel labels; making a design your customers want to keep. 

Drink and Peel Small Shapes

#4. Fort Brewery

Maybe having the sticker as the focal point ain’t your style. We understand that. But you can still use Drink ‘N Peel labels to develop some brand awareness and fun designs. That’s exactly what Fort Brewery has done with their store-filled cans. 

The front of the label has standard branding, but the sides harken back to the sticker books you had as a kid. There are six small stickers to choose from in a variety of themes and colors. Small stickers are a good investment because they are more flexible and help fill in the space. Plus, with so many options to choose from, Fort Brewery is bound to see their stickers appear all over town. 

Make Your Brewery Stick Around With Stomp

Brands that jump on industry trends give themselves a major leg up in competitive markets like the craft beer industry. 

But you don’t just want to be an early adopter. No, you want to be an innovator! 

With our Drink 'N Peel beer labels, you’ll be the first to take advantage of this unique branding opportunity. Our custom labels let your customers show off their excellent taste in craft beer and help spread the word about your brand.

So, get ahead of the curve and start designing your Drink 'N Peel beer labels today. How good would it feel to see your stickers and brand name appear in random places while you’re out running errands? You’ll see them on laptops, car windows, mailboxes — the list will be endless and endlessly inspiring for your marketing campaigns. 

Plus, you can use these stickers to create user-generated content on your social media platforms. The possibilities are limitless, and Drink 'N Peel beer labels will spark many fruitful and organic conversations about your brewery. 

So, are you ready to reap the rewards of being an innovator? Get started today designing your inspiring Drink 'N Peel Labels.


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  • Nashira Edmiston