Customer Spotlight Series: Old Town Soap Co.

Customer Spotlight Series: Old Town Soap Co.

Every small business has a story to tell. While some open with an established retail store, others need to work their way up from humble pop-up events and craft shows. That’s the story of Old Town Soap Co., who grew their business from the ground up into an established retail brand with international appeal. To find out how it happened, we spoke to Brent Engelhardt, one of the founders.

How Did You Get into the Craft Soap Business?

It started with Beth, my wife, learning to make traditional soap for associates at her work. They loved it, and people wanted more. Then we did pop-up tent events for a few years. After that, we ventured into the world of retail stores and opened a tiny spot in China Grove, NC. After a few years, we needed a bigger store, so we moved across the street. Flash forward a few more years, and now we have two stores and a warehouse for manufacturing our products and wholesale to stores in all 50 states and six countries!


Owners standing with soap products.


Now That You’re Well-Established, Where Do You Want to Take Old Town Soap Co. Next? 

We would like to continue growing our wholesale offerings and the wholesale side of the company. We want to increase production and either keep product costs low or potentially get to a place where we can offer better, more competitive prices. Maybe also expand our retail into another store in the lovely downtown setting of Mooresville.

What Would You Say Old Town Soap Co. Does Better Than Anyone Else? 

We never cut corners or use inferior ingredients. We rarely up prices; when others pass on costs to customers, we run a sale to help the consumer to stretch their dollar farther. We wouldn’t be here without our customers, which is why we make sure they come first and are at the center of all of our decision-making!

Assorted soaps.

What Made You Choose Stomp for Your Labels?

Three things: The quality of the sticker adhesive, the prices, and the customer service!

With the help of their die-cut labels and custom stickers, Old Town Soap Co. has achieved a standout, rustic and rugged look that stands out on any store shelf. We’re excited to share this team’s success and we can’t wait to see where they go next. 

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