The Magic of Die-Cut Stickers: Creating Custom Shapes

The Magic of Die-Cut Stickers: Creating Custom Shapes

When it comes to displaying your art, die-cut stickers are the cream of the crop. Diverse, functional, and flexible, these convenient stickers allow you to craft your own shapes and match them with vibrant designs and highly recognizable labels and logos.

Die-cut stickers are an aesthetic choice. They stand out and make your branding pop. To explain why you should consider die cut stickers for your next order, we’re going to go over a few of our favorite examples and explore ways you can use die-cut stickers to improve your brand recognition.

Let’s dive in.

Why Choose Die-Cut Stickers?

There are so many reasons we love die-cut stickers. Compared to another popular alternative, kiss-cut stickers, die-cut designs are cleaner, sharper-looking, more cost-effective, and longer-lasting.

Here’s a breakdown of each benefit, so you can learn more about why, exactly, die-cut stickers are right for your art:

1. Die-cut stickers are flexible

What we mean by this is that you can use them literally anywhere. Use them for marketing, sell them on their own, add your logo to laptops, phones, and other electronics, or even create vehicle stickers to take your brand on the road with you.

The possibilities are endless. 

Part of the reason die-cut stickers are so versatile is that they come in a variety of material options, which are then cut to the exact shape of your design. This means you have the ultimate freedom to decide what your stickers look like and how you’ll use them.

2. Die-cut stickers are cost-effective

When we make our die-cut stickers, we cut the vinyl of the sticker and its paper lining at the same time. Kiss cuts, on the other hand, feature extra material around the sticker, which looks a little bit like the sticker sheets you may have loved as a kid.

Because die-cut stickers require less processing and less cutting, they’re also more cost-effective than kiss-cut stickers - especially if you buy them in bulk. That’s a perk we can all get behind!

3. Die-cut stickers are durable 

Die-cut stickers are the obvious go-to if you want a sticker that lasts. 

Crafted from durable vinyl, long-lasting inks, and super-sticky backing, you can bet your die-cut stickers will stay put and look great. Plus, since they resist fading and weathering, you can put them in high-traffic areas, like on a window, a water bottle, or a laptop, and trust that they’ll hold up over time.

These factors are a huge plus if you’re using die-cut stickers on displays like bottle labels, jars, or other goods. 

5 Cool Examples of Die-Cut Stickers we Love

Want to see some of our favorite die-cut stickers in action? Check out these inspiration-worthy examples:


Positivity is powerful die-cut sticker, pot with flowers.


1. Positivity is Powerful 

One of the best things about die-cut stickers is that they’re an excellent way to get your message out, like this artist does with these cute, colorful “positivity is powerful” stickers. 

The reason we love these, in addition to their uplifting color palette, is that they showcase how versatile die-cut stickers can be. 

Despite the somewhat complex shape of this sticker, the edges of the flowers are crisp and clean, which guarantees that the sticker will stand out on a notebook, laptop, or wherever it ends up. 


SSDGM custom sticker.



Have we mentioned that die-cut stickers are a powerful way to channel your creativity? This sticker, from the merch store of an ultra-popular true crime podcast, is the perfect example of that. 

We love the retro design and the vibrant colors. Additionally, the shape is doing a lot of heavy lifting here, creating a forced perspective that gives this sticker a retro 3D tone. 


Keep Nature Wild sticker pack.


3. Keep Nature Wild Stickers

Who said you have to limit yourself to just one? If you’re looking for a way to make your merch pop, consider offering sticker packs like this brand does. 

Sticker packs are the perfect way to give your customers options while also helping you to move multiple designs in a single transaction. Plus, all those stickers help customers to rep your brand wherever they go.

We love how this pack of die-cut stickers varies in design, shape, and size, for a fun, eclectic look that you know is built to last. 


Be Kind To Your Precious Mind clear die-cut sticker.


4. Be Kind to Your Precious Mind

Unlike the other die-cut stickers we’ve featured so far, this one offers clear backing, which means it will show the color of whatever it’s placed on. 

While the sticker itself features a pretty simple design and color-scheme, we LOVE the choice to include clear backing, which is just one more way for a brand or maker to guarantee its stickers pop. We recommend this approach for bottle or jar labels, as well!


Best Dad Brew beer label


5. Die-cut labels

Last but not least, we want to showcase how beautiful custom die-cut shapes make standout labels. Because they offer so much versatility in terms of their size and shape, they allow you to make creative use of the space on a jar, bottle, or can, without overcrowding. 

Die-cut labels are also an excellent way to make your brand and products stand out, and create one-of-a-kind packaging your customers will recognize immediately! The swoops and swirls on the bottles above create that old-timey feel, but you might take your design in an entirely different direction.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to stand head and shoulders above your competition, you can also try our Drink N Peel™ Labels, where every can sold comes with a complimentary die-cut sticker built right into the label. 

Making Magic With Die-Cut Stickers From Stomp 

So, there you have it: die-cut stickers are the way to make your creative merch dreams come true. Versatile, beautiful, affordable, and durable, they’re a powerful way to promote your brand, offer fun merch your customers will love, and develop a creative, in-demand product that will sell for years to come.

Ready to make your own die-cut stickers? Check out our custom-shaped stickers now. Our nifty design tool makes creating your art as easy at 1-2-3. Get started today!


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