Customer Spotlight Series: Stacey's Totally Baked

Customer Spotlight Series: Stacey's Totally Baked

From corporate to cupcakes! By building a loyal base of customers to support her startup, Stacey Sussman’s dream of becoming a fulltime baker became a reality. Six years after selling her first cake, Stacey opened a bakery in her hometown of Ridgefield, Connecticut and Stacey’s Totally Baked was born! To learn more, we talked with Stacey herself. 


How Did You Become a Professional Baker? 

I started baking cakes for my children’s birthdays and realized how much I enjoyed it! I began a small business from my home while working a full time corporate job. Over the next 4 years, I built up a loyal base who helped me grow until I was able to quit my job and bake full time. It’s two years later, and I have just opened a bakery in my town. 


Stacey at Stacey's Totally Baked bakery.


What’s Next Now That You’ve Officially Opened? 

I’ve been so focused on building and opening my bakery that I haven’t had much time to think about what’s next. I love my community and hope to become the go-to baker for all its caking needs. I would like to continue to learn the cake decorating craft and also grow my counter business with fun and delicious fresh sweets. 


How Does Stacey’s Totally Baked Stay Competitive? 

Above all else, my products taste better than anyone else’s. While it’s important to me that it looks good, it’s never at the cost of flavor and eating pleasure. I love to see my customers swoon over the deliciousness of my desserts. My business is a true family business with my husband and children involved. It is a labor of love for all of us and I believe that comes through in my products. 


Stacey's Totally Baked s'mores cookies in bags with pink ribbons and custom labels.


What Made You Choose Stomp for Your Custom Labels?

I found Stomp through a Google search and bought my first custom labels from them based on price. However, I have stayed because of the excellent customer service from Stomp employees. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with. 


Design the Perfect Label banner.

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