Reduce No-Shows with Custom Appointment Reminders

Reduce No-Shows with Custom Appointment Reminders

Yeesh, the no-show. Is there a worse feeling as a business owner? It’s a rough combination of emotions. You want to be mad at the customer, but you’re also unsure if they forgot. It’s an honest mistake, right? Hard to get too angry at someone for simply forgetting — but then again, what if they just blew you off? That’s so lame. Don’t they have any respect?! You’re trying to make a living here. Argh!!! 

So, as we said, it’s complicated.

But fear not. It’s possible to create effective appointment reminders without feeling like you are “too much” or like you’re bothering the customer. It’s a fine line you’ve gotta walk, and to help you out, we have some useful tips for you to consider when creating custom appointment reminders.


Benefits of Custom Appointment Reminders


Stomp Stickers appointment card with peel-off circle.


Appointment card reminders are one of those little things that are so easy to forget but are advantageous for everyone. Because, hey, we all forget appointments sometimes. 

Whether your business is a car service shop, hair salon, dentist office, doctor’s office, tattoo studio, or something else, appointment reminders are a simple tool for keeping business moving smoothly. Whether you go for peel-off circles stickers, peel-off cards, or something else, we’ve got design tips to keep your customers punctual. 

Personalized messaging

Appointment reminders are another form of marketing. Of course, they’re also practical and useful because they provide valuable information and improve customer retention. They also offer an opportunity for a business to communicate directly with the customer. Get a little personal with the messaging. Or add a nice touch, like a slogan, joke, or something that reflects your brand.

Include business details

Reduce questions for the customer and provide all the information they’ll need for your business — beyond simply the time and date of the appointment. Instead, use appointment reminders to provide helpful information about your business: Your address, phone number, business hours, etc. With that information handy, if they need to reschedule, it’s more likely they’ll call you than no-show. 

Tips for Designing Effective Appointment Reminders


Appointment card with peel-off tooth.


Beyond practicality, custom appointment reminders are a marketing opportunity. Don’t just remind your customers of their appointment. Remind them why they should return to your business.

Keep Messaging Concise

Get to the point. That’s a good life lesson, but when designing small cards designed to fit in someone’s wallet or stick on someone’s wall calendar, you gotta get the message down quickly. Ensure the critical information is in an easy place to read, and things don’t get too cluttered. 

Include a Call-to-Action

Remember, custom appointment reminders are great marketing tools. Use this opportunity to point customers to other places they can find your business, such as your website and social media accounts. People are putting your business in your pockets or sticking it on their walls or fridge. Take advantage of it.

Add Brand Logo

Your logo should be beautiful and engaging, and you should feel comfortable putting it on any and all marketing materials. Custom appointment reminders are no different. These little cards are the perfect way to display your brand. So do it proudly. You never know where they could end up or whose eye they could catch.


Missed appointment card.


Include Basic Business Information

When creating custom appointment reminders, don’t forget the obvious! Your clean design should make the customer’s life easy and include all the essential business information, such as an address, phone number, and any other basic details. This might seem like a no-brainer, but one of those things that might slip the mind while considering all the other appointment reminder card details.

Create Custom Appointment Reminders

Custom appointment reminders are a valuable tool for both business flow and marketing. They might seem like a small thing, but nailing the right appointment reminder system can ensure you’re not only reducing no-shows, but your business runs smoothly and efficiently. 

At Stomp, we know how to ensure you get everything your business needs on these cool little cards — so let’s create your custom appointment card today.

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  • Nashira Edmiston