How to Pick the Best Gift Shop Merchandise for Your Business

How to Pick the Best Gift Shop Merchandise for Your Business

Ever noticed how the best memories from a vacation or a day out often find their way back home with us in the form of souvenirs?

Whether they’re in a serene national park, a buzzing city attraction, or the enchanting halls of a museum, gift shops offer that unique chance to take a slice of the experience home. But what makes some gift shop merchandise fly off the shelves while others gather dust?

The answer lies in how memorable, eye-catching, and alluring your offerings are. By the time visitors pop inside, the trip is almost over. They’re ready to hit the road. It takes something special to stop them in their tracks — that’s where custom gift shop merchandise comes in handy. 



Gift Shop Merchandise is A Tailored Experience 

The charm of a gift shop lies in its ability to mirror the essence of its locale. While a historic American Civil War site may offer intricate replicas and informative books, a Las Vegas hotel might dazzle visitors with flashy, branded shot glasses. The appeal lies in the specificity — appealing to visitors starts with merchandise that tells a story related to the experience they just enjoyed. 

While tailoring merchandise to your specific attraction is essential, it’s important to recognize that some items are universally appealing to visitors. T-shirts, hats, keychains, snacks, and stickers are some common keepsakes that have drawn in visitors again and again. 


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8 Gift Shop Products Customers Love 

Each product in your gift shop has the potential to delight visitors in its own unique way. Build a selection of products that interest your visitors by exploring what options are out there, as well as the benefits they provide. 

Here are eight of the most popular products to consider for your gift shop:

Branded Clothes

Outfitting your gift shop with branded apparel lets every visitor take a piece of their adventure home. 

Custom hoodies, t-shirts, and sweatpants are wearable memories. With designs that capture the essence of your attraction, you empower visitors to take the memory of the day with them. Be sure to keep a wide array of sizes and styles on deck to keep visitors satisfied. 


Custom stickers stand out as a gift-shop must-have. Their custom designs can showcase everything from witty puns that have your guests chuckling to intricate logos or artwork that distill the spirit of your location into a palm-sized treasure.

Position your stickers close to the checkout counter to encourage visitors to make a last-minute impulse purchase. This not only boosts your sales but ensures that every guest leaves with a tangible piece of their experience, ready to decorate their laptops, water bottles, or car bumpers. 


Knickknacks and other trinkets are among the most memorable pieces of merchandise available to a visitor. Knicknacks come in all shapes and sizes: consider an elegant miniature replica of a historic landmark, a themed keychain, a candle, a plush toy, a snowglobe, a magnet — the list goes on.

By offering a diverse range of these knickknacks, from the practical to the purely decorative, you're providing tangible connections to the memories created at your attraction. These are the items that will be proudly displayed or used, sparking stories and perhaps even inspiring return visits.


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When selecting toys for your gift shop, try to choose options that fit with your attraction’s theme, such as pirate hats and foam swords for a marina or seaport. That way, future playtimes will ignite children’s imaginations, taking them back to the days they roamed your site with wide-eyed wonder. These playful souvenirs can serve as an object of nostalgia for years to come.


Custom magnets transform ordinary fridge doors into vibrant mosaics. Available in a variety of sizes, from petite pieces perfect for clustering together to larger statement magnets that capture the eye, there's a magnet to fit every traveler's collection. What sets a magnet apart and cements it in memory is its ability to evoke the essence of a visit through unique designs, vibrant colors, and meaningful imagery, turning every glance at the fridge into a trip down memory lane.

Cups and Shot Glasses

From sturdy mugs to delicate shot glasses, drinkware offers a practical way for visitors to weave their memories into their everyday routines. These items offer visitors an invitation to pause and reminisce with every use, keeping thoughts of your attraction fresh in their minds long after they’ve returned home. 

Branded Snacks

Custom food labels are a quick and easy way to enhance the appeal of any snack food, especially if you experiment with creative ways to decorate them. For example, look at Disney parks, which adorn popcorn, snacks and candy with different Disney characters. This small touch enhances the product’s appeal and turns snacks into mini-collectibles, each with a personality of its own. 


Gift shops often overlook hygiene products and other essentials as a part of the experience. After all, the gift shop might be the only option for a visitor who’s forgotten something important at home. For example, if you’re in a hot area, offer sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. If you’re in a humid area, bug spray is a must. 

Coming in clutch with necessary essentials will leave a positive impression on your visitors. 


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Design Your Gift Shop Merchandise with Stomp 

Curating the perfect selection of gift shop merchandise is an art. With Stomp, you can bring your vision to life with custom designs that shape how your guests will remember their visit months or years later. From exclusive apparel to bespoke souvenirs, it’s time to create products that they can't wait to take home.

With custom gift shop products, you can enhance your visitors' experience, making every purchase a tangible piece of their journey with you. Ready to make your merchandise unforgettable? Get started today with your own custom stickers, labels, and more!


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  • Nashira Edmiston