When Should You Use Clear Stickers and Labels?

When Should You Use Clear Stickers and Labels?

Clear stickers and labels are incredibly versatile because the tone of the design can change based on the surface you put them on. Whether you use them for marketing materials, product packaging, or anything else, clear stickers and labels help you be more transparent about your business. Clear labels are a great choice for product packaging, while clear stickers are more suitable for boosting your brand and offering as handouts.

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But there’s one small problem. 

While clear materials can elevate your overall design, they are a little harder to use because the design may not be ideal for every surface or product.

But never fear. Stomp is here with some of our top tips for getting the most out of your transparent stickers and labels. 

Let’s dive in. 

Why use Clear Stickers and Labels? 

Too much white space on any design is boring with a capital B. Clear labels eliminate that white space, leaving a seamless transition between the surface and the design. This makes these labels ideal for packaging in transparent containers, like bottles or mason jars.

Additionally, clear stickers and transparent static clings stand out on windows and other glass surfaces. Static clings in particular, offer the visibility of clear stickers paired with the easy removability of magnets. 


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Design Tips for Clear Stickers and Labels

Once you decide on a transparent design, there are a few key considerations before you take it to print. Take it from our design experts, there are a few nuances to designing an effective clear sticker that most people don’t consider until they see it firsthand. 

Here are just some of the cool ways you can work with clear stickers to make your designs stand out:

  • Stick to a minimalist design and play with the see-through effect. 
  • Add opaque shades to a clear base. That will make any colors you use look more vibrant. The white is added between the vinyl and your design to achieve this transparently unique look. 
  • Use the transparent vinyl to your advantage. Rather than use a transparent design, use your standard design (yes, the one with all that white space) for a unique look. Your colors will print directly onto the material to create a stained-glass effect that stands out from your less artistically-inclined competitors. 

Or, use all three of these techniques for your sticker. Finally, before ordering proofs, you can use our handy design tool to see how the final product would look. 

Where can you use Transparent Designs?

Anywhere you want to stick it to your competitors. Clear stickers give you a range of opportunities to market your brand and get your customer’s attention in an exciting, original way. 

Here’s how. 

Cool & sweet ice cream sign on glass door.

1. Window Signage for a Storefront

A face-application (applied from the inside of the window to be viewed on the outside), transparent static cling as window signage is perfect for displaying unique branding materials, business hours, new product promotions, etc., for a physical store. Do this, and you can show off your creativity and grab passersby's attention while allowing natural light to shine through your sticker and into your store. Opaque signage could obstruct a customer’s view and make the shop seem less inviting. 

Another benefit of using transparent materials for windows is that you can see through it from both sides of the glass. So, customers inside can gaze out the window wistfully as they sip your delicious lattes and admire your cool sticker. And people outside can look inside at the inviting atmosphere, compelling them to enter. 


Six jam jars with clear labels.


2. Jarred products 

Sell soap? Hot sauce? Jams? Anything in a clear plastic or glass jar will look extra fashionable wearing a clear label. Clear labels give your customer a peek at the product inside and can entice them to buy. In this regard, clear labels offer customers a branded experience and give them one more perfect excuse to convert. 

Additionally, if you use a clear label for a colorful jarred product, then you don’t have to worry about your brand colors in the design. Instead, your product itself will do the marketing for you. 


Four hot sauce bottles with clear labels on colorful background.


3. Minimalist Product Packaging 

If you want to display your product in its simplest form, there’s a clear choice. Clear labels are ideal for minimalist, artistic, or high-end packaging designs. 

But what if you need a clear label for a service or non-consumable product? Is your service precise? Fast? Straight to the point? Minimalist, transparent branding and design choices can help relate those values through visuals alone. 

Keep the look simple with clean lines and typography that whispers elegance. Your product or stellar quick service is the show's star, and the transparent label lets it all shine through. 

A clear label in a stripped-back design is ideal if you want to emphasize a simple, efficient brand with beautiful products. 


Snow globe sticker and blue water bottle with snow globe sticker held up.


4. Anywhere There’s Contrast

The secret to placing plain old clear stickers is putting them somewhere that compliments their design. Normal stickers, even die cut stickers, have a border around them. Clear stickers blend into whatever they’re placed on. For that reason, you should make sure your design contrasts or compliments the surface you put it on.

For example, you probably wouldn’t want to put a clear sticker with black text on a dark background. Save that one for a light surface where it will be most visible. Likewise, don’t be afraid to put that sticker somewhere it will really pop. A bright red sticker will absolutely stand out on even the darkest background.   

Design Custom Clear Stickers and Labels with Stomp

We clearly love a transparent sticker and label, and we think your customers will too. No matter what you use them for — promotions, branding, or smiles — a custom clear sticker or label will get your point across in an elegant, creative way. Whatever your design, Stomp is here to help you make it happen.

To make your full-color designs POP, we print white ink behind your art for increased opacity and contrast. Then, choose from face adhesive (applied to the inside of a window facing out) or back adhesive (applied to the outside of any surface) for a clear sticker that looks absolutely brilliant.

Start today with our free design tool.


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