Customer Spotlight Series: D&M Traffic

Customer Spotlight Series: D&M Traffic

Customer service first, last, and always! After 32 years of business success in Santa Clara, California, D&M Traffic Services Inc. is expanding into new markets. To learn a little more about this growth, we connected with D&M’s Justin Keen to learn more about the business’ successes.

What is D&M Traffic? 

We are primarily a traffic safety company and sign shop. If something goes on or near the road, we probably stock it or sell it. We are a family-owned and operated company in Santa Clara, California, and we recently opened a new branch in Sacramento. After 32 years in business, we are still going strong! 


D&M Traffic team on a work truck.

What Are D&M Traffic’s Business Priorities? 

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and make sure our customers keep coming back. We want to continue to grow and provide services throughout California and eventually expand into surrounding states.

How Does D&M Traffic Build That Customer Loyalty?

We pride ourselves on being a family-owned and run business. We treat every customer as if they are our only customer. In the last several years, customer service across industries has taken a negative turn. At D&M Traffic, we pride ourselves on showing customers what superior customer service looks like. And that keeps them coming back again and again. 


Wall with safety reminders.


What Made You Choose Stomp for Your Static Clings and Hard Hat Stickers?

First, the Stomp customer service. As a business that prides itself on superior customer service, we also appreciate it from others. When I call or email Stomp, I get a real person and get answers really quickly. Second, the quality of the static clings and hard hat stickers is amazing with an impressive turnaround time.


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