Customer Spotlight Series: Just Coast

Customer Spotlight Series: Just Coast

Small businesses need to look out for each other and develop a sense of collaboration and community. Just Coast is doing exactly that; they are a small marketing company providing flexible services for other small businesses. 

To learn more about the work they do and how it started, we reached out to Just Coast co-founder and creative director Natalie Denny to learn more about taking the leap from big agency marketing to small business supporter.  

What Is Just Coast and How Did It Come About? 

Just Coast is a small design & marketing business started in Chicago, Illinois in 2011. We currently have four employees. I'm the creative director and started as a graphic designer working for bigger agencies right out of college. 

I found that my passion for design is rooted in helping small business owners, and I wasn't able to do that working for such big companies. So, I quit the security of a 9-5 and became a freelance designer! 

Fast-forward eight years, and I have my own studio, a business partner, and three amazing all-female employees who help small business owners design and market their businesses every day! 

Just Coast Natalie & Sarah

What Is Your Vision for Just Coast? 

The main goal of Just Coast is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs bring their visions to life and ultimately help them realize their passions. We get so much joy from helping people like ourselves who start their businesses with a dream and then hustle to make it a reality. Starting a business isn't easy, and Just Coast is here to be a creative partner and to find solutions that further small business brands. 

What Does Just Coast Offer Clients That Other Marketing Firms Don’t? 

I believe Just Coast stands out from the competition because we empower small business owners. We're not here to make them feel like they can't afford our services or that they have to spend $20K right off the bat to get going. We pride our business on being flexible and adaptable – finding creative design & marketing solutions for new or refreshed brands. 

Just Coast Custom Coasters

Why Did You Choose Stomp for Your Printed Goods? 

Many of our clients have a need for printed goods, and we're always trying to help them find the most economic options without sacrificing quality. Stomp has consistently provided high-quality stickers and coasters that we feel confident recommending and ordering!


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