Static Cling Design Tips to Help Grip Shoppers’ Attention

Static Cling Design Tips to Help Grip Shoppers’ Attention

You've got an excellent product, a fantastic location, and a great price point. But that's only half the battle when it comes to grabbing a customer’s attention.

How do you make sure your store stands out from the crowd? 

Look at it from a consumer standpoint. You’re walking through the mall or down the street and a window display catches your eye. You don’t know why you’re drawn to it — maybe because of the fun colors or the clever message — but your eyes hone in on it and you make your way into the store.

This is what we call “the hook” and as a business, you want to create a hook that pulls more customers in than the other guys. One way to do this is through static clings. You might be asking, “What are static clings?” They are the stickers you see on storefront and interior windows and are fantastic marketing tools.

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When Should You Use Static Clings?

Static clings aren’t for every situation. While stickers are more permanent, static clings are a great choice for temporary offerings and promotions. A static cling is meant to raise awareness and can be easily removed when a promotion is over or you no longer want to showcase the product. Static clings (as the name implies) don’t have adhesive and are extremely easy to remove or replace. Stickers, on the other hand, can be difficult to remove and can leave a residue on glass surfaces. 

Here are some of the more common uses we see for our custom static clings: 

  • Large, eye-catching promotions and branding on exterior windows 
  • Sales notices attached to the front door and surrounding glass
  • Notices on plexiglass surfaces near the counter 
  • Sales and new product announcements on reach-in refrigerators
  • Offerings and pricings on sneeze guards near self-serve food displays

There are many more places to put your static clings, but try to place them where they are most obvious. For example, a colorful “2 for $3” sign near the drink refrigerator handle encourages customers to grab two drinks instead of one. When the promotion is over, the store manager can remove it quickly and easily. 

Where else should they go? Generally, think of any place with a glass or transparent surface that a customer will be walking by. Easy enough right? 

Well, strategically placing a custom static cling is only half the work. You must also have a strong design that will lure customers in, grab their attention, and get them interested in your offering. 

Here are five design tips that will help your static clings stand out and seal the deal!   

1. Choose Your Colors Carefully

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When designing your static clings, consider how your colors will play off each other and what they say about your brand. 

  • Are you going for bold and bright? 
  • Subtle and sophisticated? 
  • Warm and inviting? 
  • Or something else entirely?

Choose the colors that will appeal most to your customers and align with your brand. Then, match those colors with the products you want them to see. For example, purple may be an attractive option if you're selling jewelry as the color is associated with luxury and wealth. 

Resource: The Power of Color: 7 Key Considerations for Using Color on Custom Packaging

2. Consider the Size and Location

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Customers should see signage announcing a new product before they see the product itself. If the signage is not presented well (i.e., if it’s too small or too large), then the shopper may be less likely to pay attention to what it actually says. 

When designing your static cling, the message must be clear and concise. It should also be readable at a distance with an obvious focal point to draw the reader’s eye. 

Place your static cling in a spot where all passersby can easily see it and where other objects (like cars, trees, or in-store displays) won't cover it up.

3. Prioritize Readability

Woman looking at sign on store window


If your static cling doesn't communicate its message clearly enough, then it can’t do its job — the font must be legible.

Remember, people are easily distracted. They will only take one glance at your sign before deciding whether they're interested in what's inside. 

A cluttered and unreadable design will confuse customers or lead them to ignore it. Your static cling must be clear and tell customers what your business does and/or what type of products or services you offer.

Also, ensure customers can read it at a distance. If your static cling is meant to draw attention, avoid small print that people can’t read at a glance. 

4. Utilize Images

Visual appeal is critical in attracting customers and images are better at drawing attention than text alone. 

Choose your graphics wisely and try to pick images that match your brand. Keep things simple and effective by using one strong image per sign. There’s no need for image overload.

Woman holding wine glass near store window


It’s also important to remember images don’t have to be bold and bright. Take the static cling above, for example. It draws the eye and you know exactly what you are getting. It also has a modern design to give you an idea of what type of atmosphere you’ll find inside.

People are attracted to and remember images — so, make yours a good one.

5. Follow Basic Design Principles


When considering your design, use text with contrasting colors (blue on white, for example). Your text will stand out, making it legible at a distance. 

If you’re designing a transparent static cling, consider how it might look at various times of day and in different kinds of light (e.g., peak sunlight or nighttime). If you want to use more than one color in your design, maintain high contrast between them.

Finally, keep things simple! Add only what you really need to communicate effectively with shoppers and don't forget about white space! Drawing customers' eyes without overwhelming them with too much information will help them stay focused on what matters most for their shopping experience: YOU!

How Stomp Can Help with Your Custom Static Clings

At Stomp, we've been helping businesses find their voice through custom static clings for over 30 years. We believe that a great design is the first step toward creating and maintaining an effective marketing plan.

It's a tough world out there, and your products have to fight for attention. With so many people relying on visuals before they make a decision, your sign must reflect who you are and what you have to offer.

Are you ready to create a custom static cling that is clear, concise, and visually appealing? Stomp can help make your window clings a reality. Don’t hesitate to contact our support squad if you need a larger size.

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