Make Your Designs Pop with Domed Stickers

Make Your Designs Pop with Domed Stickers

In the world of labels and stickers, there's a rising trend that's adding a three-dimensional edge to brand representation: domed stickers. These unique products aren't your regular stickers. They’re designed to elevate your brand's aesthetics and durability to a whole new level (literally).

But why go with a domed sticker over a standard flat one? What do they add, and are they worth it? Let’s take a closer look at custom domed stickers and explore how your business can use them to raise the roof on your branding. 


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What are Domed Stickers?

Also known as bubble stickers or resin stickers, domed stickers are crafted by applying a polyurethane resin coating over a printed design. This process creates a distinctive 3D appearance, offering a professional and striking visual impact. Unlike standard paper or vinyl stickers, domed stickers’ polyurethane coating provides exceptional durability, shielding the design from scratches, fading, and weather damage.

The advantages of these unique stickers go beyond just aesthetics. Their resilience to impact and their ability to return to their original shape make them ideal for long-term use. Additionally, they're resistant to yellowing over time, ensuring your designs remain vibrant and attractive for years. Because they are heavier than flat stickers, they also require a more powerful adhesive


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Why Use Custom Domed Stickers?

Domed stickers are a statement piece for your brand. They reel customers in more effectively than traditional stickers due to their bubbly personality. Their fun, tactile nature invites touch and engagement because they bounce back, adding an interactive element to your sticker. Moreover, their long-lasting nature keeps your design fresh and appealing, contributing to a lasting and engaging brand impression. 

What Designs are Best for Domed Stickers?

Domed stickers give you a lot of bang for your buck, but taking a strategic approach will maximize their impact and keep your costs reasonable. Rather than printing fun or artistic designs that might go out of style, consider using domed stickers for brand and product logos that remain consistent over time. 

Simple, clean designs have the greatest visibility through the polyurethane dome, ensuring your message is crystal clear. By focusing on enduring brand elements with domed stickers, you guarantee a long-term return on investment. These stickers maintain their appeal and durability, making every application a worthwhile branding opportunity.


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Where are Domed Stickers Most Likely to Be Used?

Whatever type of business you’re promoting, domed stickers offer a versatile and impactful way to showcase your brand's identity. They’re an unbeatable choice for diverse promotional and branding needs.

Here are four industries where domed stickers are especially popular: 


If your brewery isn’t ready for custom tap handles yet, you can start your custom branding journey by making product-specific bubble labels for your taps at carrier locations. These stickers can help your brews stand out more clearly and create an instant impression among patrons.

Household Name Businesses

If you’re a corporation with widespread recognition, you can use these stickers to remind customers of your presence, products, and services. Whether distributed to loyal customers, to employees, or at event giveaways, domed stickers serve as a persistent reminder of your brand’s presence in people’s lives.

Vehicle Dealerships

Domed stickers’ durability and resiliency make them an excellent choice for businesses selling vehicles. They turn cars, motorcycles, boats, and more into mobile billboards showing off your brand. Since these stickers maintain visibility even in harsh outdoor conditions, their appeal will “stick around” for all seasons. 

Retail Locations

Want to sell more of your product? Put domed stickers in the hands of your retail partners. When placed strategically in in-storesplays, these stickers catch a customer’s eye as soon as they turn down the aisle. Domed stickers distinguish your products from the competition and foster an immediate connection with potential buyers.


Make Your Design Pop With Stomp

Domed stickers offer versatility, durability, and a touch of fun, making them an essential 

asset in your brand's visual arsenal. By integrating these innovative stickers into your branding strategy, you can ensure your designs don't just stick — they stand out!

Ready to add some “dome”mension to your designs? Check out our custom domed stickers and create stickers that are in a sphere of their own!


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