Top 24 Corporate Promotional Items People Actually Want

Top 24 Corporate Promotional Items People Actually Want

Nowadays, everyone is bombarded with random pings, dings, and notifications all the time. As a result, grabbing a person’s attention and holding it is getting more difficult for brands. So, whether you’re planning a networking event or rolling out new products, you must find creative ways to connect with your customers and employees.  

Gifting corporate promotional items is an excellent way to forge a memorable connection between people and your brand. But there’s a catch. The trick to getting this to work is finding the products people want to keep and will enjoy using.  

This list has everything you could ever want in a promotional item. From food-themed gifts to swag for techies and even pets, you’ll find anything you could need to promote your business with the perfect item that’s on-brand for your industry and what your customers expect. 

Ready? Let’s get down to it.  


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24 Corporate Promotional Items People Actually Want 

We’ve listed examples of corporate promotional items that have these top qualities. Let’s dive in. 


1. A sleek, recycled cotton tote for the eco-conscious

Totes are incredibly useful and make excellent gifts for your employees and clients. It’s easy to source recycled cotton totes that can be further branded with your company logo and slogan. And if your brand portrays an eco-friendly image and it’s something your audience cares about, a recycled cotton tote is an excellent choice of swag.

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2. A practical golf umbrella for rain or shine

Umbrellas are something we all use on occasion but hardly ever think about. However, your customers and employees will appreciate a large golf umbrella that’s perfect for keeping them protected from the rain or harsh sun. 

We recommend looking for an umbrella that includes a useful shoulder strap and is made of lightning-resistant fiber. People will appreciate the extra thought you put into the gift since it will be useful, durable, and safe too.  

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3. Soft and practical t-shirts

Want to go the traditional route? Everyone loves getting a new, soft t-shirt for free, and unisex crew shirts are an excellent choice of swag. Selecting high-quality fabrics and appealing colors for your custom t-shirts can motivate employees to sport them during non-office hours. 

You can also create custom t-shirts for your team events! When employees sport the same apparel at an event, this can help boost morale, team spirit, and loyalty towards the organization. 

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4. Warm and cozy sweaters

Not everyone gets to experience the unbridled joy of living in a place with mild weather. 

Wearable swag items like sweaters turn the wearers into walking billboards for your brand, royalty-free. A sweater gives you a blank canvas to put anything you want on it to promote your business. You’ve got endless design possibilities to add messages or graphics to make the sweaters stand out even more.

Get the right person to wear your item, and you’ll showcase the brand in front of a lot of people – all for a minimal price.

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5. Thirst-quenching, conversation-starter reusable water bottles 

Let’s be real, if your office is still using generic water bottles, you are losing out on a great marketing opportunity. A branded reusable water bottle is the perfect corporate promotional item for clients and team players on your payroll. 


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Customizing a water bottle for company swag with an eye-catching label helps spark conversations about your brand anywhere. But, do you know the best part? Since everyone drinks water, your employees don’t have to put a lot of effort into promoting the organization–making it the most straightforward way to get your name out there!  

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6. Creative custom stickers

We could not put together a list of brand swag without including our signature creative custom stickers. Gifting custom stickers can be a great idea since they are unique, versatile, and offer a long shelf-life while also being cost-efficient.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is key to building a loyal customer base and generating revenue–custom stickers give you the flexibility you need to do this. Any marketing material you want to promote can be designed into a unique sticker that’ll spark conversations and get people excited. 

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7. Two-in-one notebook

It’s a twofer deal! Gifting a two-in-one notebook is an excellent piece of practical promotional swag for the digital age. No pocket or purse? No problem. Two-in-one notebooks provide a convenient place for customers or employees to secure their phones when taking notes at the next event. 

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8. Easy to distribute corporate magnets 

Do you have a specific event date you want to promote? Custom corporate magnets can help you get the word out. Their small size makes them easy to send to your clients and employees you want to attend the event. 

Another benefit of corporate magnets is their durability and versatility. Like custom stickers, you can make your magnets into a variety of shapes and sizes to promote your business. Consider adding a calendar to your magnet to promote your brand while being a practical piece of swag customers will appreciate.

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9. Custom stress balls 

 One way or the other, dealing with stress will always be part of life. There are many different ways of handling stress – screaming at the top of your lungs, meditation, breathing exercises, and more. Consider gifting custom stress balls to your employees to help relieve tension and anxiety from a hard day. Plus, these items can be used by all age groups – adding value to a lot of lives!

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10. Cool personalized hand fans for hot days

If your company is hosting or participating in an outdoor event, then custom hand fans can make a useful corporate gift in warm weather. 


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Place your company logo and tagline on the front, and use the back of the fan to showcase a particular message, product, program, or list of event sponsors. Consider pairing this gift with a branded water bottle on a hot day to stand out even more.

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11. Pet accessories

Over 70 percent of US households have a four-legged family member, with dogs being the most common. Gifting a branded pet toy, food bowl, or bandana sends a message that your company cares about animals and all members of your employees and customers’ families — even the furry ones. 

And let’s face it. With all the dogs and cats crashing Zoom meetings, pets are practically a member of the team anyway.

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12. Always a winner: Edible swag

You don’t have to limit yourself to swag items that will last. Anyone with an appetite and a mouth will enjoy and appreciate edible promotional items. If you operate a brick-and-mortar store, consider asking a local small business to commission a custom printed donut, logo lollipop, or candies. 

Beyond your local bakery is Etsy, where you can choose from a wide range of edible items that can be branded with the company logo, such as cookies or mini cupcakes. What if you're feeling a bit extra? Consider packaging your delicious treats in custom bakery boxes to earn extra heart eyes from your employees and customers. 

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13. Ring light

When you make other people look good, you look good. Ring lights are an interesting and fun gift for anyone who wants to level up the quality of their pictures. Plus, ring lights can clip onto laptops and phones to improve lighting during a video call. Put your company logo on the ring, so users always know who's making them look so picture perfect.

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14. Desk organizer 

With so many people working from home, gifting a desk organizer to customers and team members will be highly appreciated. These handy organizers help giftees stay organized and offer a convenient filing system that keeps their desks tidy. No more wasted time spent on a frustrating hunt for a pen!

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15. Laptop case

Here’s another utilitarian swag idea. Laptop cases can be outfitted with your company logo or decked out with creative corporate stickers. These practical promotional items protect pricey laptops from scratches, scuffs, debris, and the dreaded spilled coffee cup. 


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You can have the cases printed with a variety of patterns and colors. And bonus — gifting these to an employee can help protect your company laptops from damage. 

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16. Plant pots

The seemingly unstoppable global trend to more remote work options has created a boom (or rather, bloom) for the houseplant industry. 

 Beautiful leafy ferns, cheerful indoor flowers, and exotic spider plants can brighten up a space and make the home or office cozier. So, why not capitalize on this trend with a branded plant pot? 

 You can include seeds, or even a plant itself like a succulent so recipients can enjoy nature ASAP.  

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H3: 17. Cheese board

Charcuterie is all the rage. If your company services the food industry or is a part of it, gifting a cheese board with your logo on it is a thoughtful, trendy, and on-brand promotional item. 

Cheese boards are also especially handy for different events, from dinner parties, luncheons, to evening snacks at home. You can include a discreet logo without being too sales-y or otherwise obvious as a promotional product. 

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18. Cocktail kits

Thirsty folks who love a good soiree will thoroughly enjoy unboxing a cocktail kit from your business. It sure beats getting a branded pen. A cocktail kit should contain all the necessary ingredients and items needed for an extra happy, happy hour, including:

  • Glasses 
  • Napkins
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Stirrers 
  • Dry ingredients and infusion sets

In addition, consider including corporate coasters in your cocktail kit and gift them to customers and team members at your next networking event.

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19. Coffee kits

Our list of corporate promotional items wouldn’t be complete without coffee kits. Let’s face it — most of us can’t function without a cup or two. Coffee and work go together like Kate and Willian.

For brands, a coffee kit outfitted with your company logo is another true love match. To make your kit a slam dunk with customers, make sure it includes both the appliance and the ingredients, including:

  • Branded mugs
  • Coffee maker like a French press or Moka pot

Blends or whole beans 

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20. Remote work survival kit

In this day and age, a remote work survival kit is essential. After all, the kit will send a message that your company prioritizes employees' mental health and overall wellness. Help your employees thrive in their work from home environments with the following items: 

  • Earplugs or headphones
  • Chargers
  • Screen cleaners 
  • Snacks
  • Stationery
  • Candles 
  • Plants
  • Figurine or plushie

Remote work survival kits can be useful and also eccentric. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of humor into your kit with a toy figurine or plushie to keep people company while they work from home. Consider even including a succulent or a candle to make their workspace feel even cozier. 


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These common items make it relatively easy for you to assemble the kit from scratch. Browse our selection of custom boxes, and voila! — you’ve got a branded remote work survival kit that people will love to unbox and use. 

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21. Bluetooth speaker

Nothing lifts the spirit or speaks to the soul quite like music. A branded Bluetooth speaker is a great promotional item that’s both entertaining and thoughtful. Portable speakers are also convenient since users can connect them to a range of devices, including tablets, laptops, or smartphones. 

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22. Yoga mat 

Does your business value fitness? If you’re in the sporting goods or fitness industry, a yoga mat embellished with the company logo is a great piece of promotional swag. This particular item has a special appeal if your brand promotes a health-conscious culture. 

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23. Sanitizing products 

In a post-pandemic world, people have become more aware of viruses, germs, and how to keep them at bay. Gifting a branded bottle of sanitizer is a thoughtful item for companies across industries. 

If you want to go all out, consider turning this into a virus-prevention kit, outfitted with hand sanitizer, tissues, first-aid items, and Emergen-c packets. Top it off with a travel-size bottle of lotion to prevent dry skin from all that sanitizing. 

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24. Portable power bank

Portable power banks are great swag items for luxury and tech brands. These handy items make it much easier for people to keep their electronic devices fully charged and ready to go — wherever they are. 

Customers will appreciate such a useful item, and your workers will love having access to a convenient portable power bank for both work and personal use. While this is one of the more expensive promotional items on our list, it can be a very convenient item for your customers and employees. 

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Get Started with Stomp

Gifting practical and durable corporate promotional items is an effortless marketing tactic for brands in virtually any industry. This list of affordable, creative swag ideas will enhance your brand perception and generate positive impressions long after the event.

At Stomp, we offer a range of custom swag items that’ll get your company noticed and spark conversations about your brand, from custom die-cut stickers, license plates, water bottle labels, and more. Our skilled printing experts are ready to help you design your unique corporate promotional item. Reach out to us today to get started!


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