KombuchaKon: Everything You Need to Stand Out in a Krowd

KombuchaKon: Everything You Need to Stand Out in a Krowd

KombuchaKon is the world’s premier kombucha conference, a gathering of who’s who in the booch industry. For kombucha brewers and distributors, this event is a chance to network and build relationships with other brewers, learn from industry experts and, of course, hit the trade show floor. But with only a few weeks left before KKon kicks off, do you know what your booch biz needs to really stand out, and what to look for among all the many vendors at the conference?

Let’s dive into who KKon is for, what you can get out of attending the conference, and how Stomp can help your brand and your booch grab attention.


Who Attends KombuchaKon?

KKon is for commercial kombucha brewers, distributors, sales reps, anyone thinking about starting a kombucha business, and anyone else with a personal or professional interest in kombucha. If you love the booch, this event is for you. And if you really love the booch, one of the things you’re probably looking forward to the most is the world’s largest kombucha bar. Yes, you read that right: world’s largest.

Aside from getting your fill of the bubbly fermented brew, KKon is the place to learn, network, and grow. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the booch industry, this is the place to be.


Why Should You Attend KombuchaKon?

If you and your business are in any way involved in the kombucha industry, KKon is for you. If you’re just starting to develop a business plan for a kombucha-related brand, then you guessed it, KKon is for you. Simply put, KKon is where kombucha folks meet and mingle.

KombuchaKon is a place to learn about both the industry and the brew by attending talks, luncheons, panels, and presentations. Grow your professional booch network as you meet and make connections with industry leaders and kombucha professionals.

The biggest draw of all, of course (aside from the booch bar), is the trade show. This is where distributors, suppliers, and consultants set up booths to show off how they can help you bottle, brand, and sell your brew. And therein lies the challenge of KKon. With so many booths to see and vendors to meet, which ones are really going to help you and your brand? Who is going to help you stand out?


How to Stand Out in the KombuchaKon Krowd

Kombucha is a booming industry, one projected to be worth $27 billion dollars by 2027. As a kombucha lover and maker, you already know the power of the booch. What you may not know is just how to make your brand stand out among the many other options booch enthusiasts now have to choose from.

Labels, packaging, and other branded material are a big part of standing out in that crowd. While walking the KKon trade show floor, here are a few key must-haves to shop for:


Kombucha Labels and Stickers

kombucha Label



When it comes to setting your brew apart, few things are more valuable than a powerfully branded and well designed label. The kombucha labels or stickers you use on your bottles and cans need to present relevant information about what’s inside, including all the info that keeps your packaging FDA compliant, as well as fit your brand aesthetic and vibe. That’s a lot of work for a relatively small label or sticker to do.

As you hit that trade show floor, look for label and sticker companies that understand the unique needs of kombucha brewers. Connecting with a company that understands the industry and can help you create and design your labels with ease is crucial, so make sure to check out each vendor’s kombucha-specific experience.


Custom Bottle Shippers

kombucha Shipper



Marketing meets practicality when it comes to actually shipping your product. Durability is an essential factor when shopping for bottle shippers, but so is personalization. You want a sturdy bottle box that travels well and protects your product, with a custom design that tells your brand story once it arrives.

Many vendors at KKon will have a variety of good quality bottle shippers, so look for companies with design tools and options that really help you stand out. You want eye-catching graphics options, and the ability to customize each panel of your bottle boxes. Full panel design options equal tons of space to describe your product, including the necessary FDA-compliant information, without overcrowding any one panel.


Kombucha Beverage Boxes

kombucha Label



Like bottle shippers, custom beverage boxes help you ship and sell your kombucha cans with ease. Cans are a popular cost efficient way to distribute booch long distance. And while of course you want your product to get there in one piece – and so a well-designed, durable carrier is a must – you also want a box that ties into the design of your can labels and your overall brand.

Again, you want the option to create a design that involves each panel of your box, not just one or two. Full box design options are a must to fit in the brew name, health benefits, FDA-required information, as well as your brand name, logo, and any other graphic elements. Why settle for less space when there are vendors who will let you utilize the whole box?


Keep It Compliant

kombucha Label



The kombucha industry has a few unique labeling needs, thanks to FDA regulations around what you can and can’t say on a booch label. Brewers need to include, among other things, nutritional labels. And while this label has to be a unique section of your overall label design, there are still ways to stand out while providing nutritional information.

Rather than simply inserting that familiar white box with the breakdown of sugars, salts, etc. and interrupting your design, incorporate the information panel into your design and the story you’re telling. Use the space around it to expand on the nutritional information. Does your brew include a unique or traditional ingredient? Maybe incorporate a fun fact, statistic or even a quote about that ingredient. The goal is to create a design that doesn’t feel clunky or awkward, one that makes reading your label fun.

Stay compliant and still stand out by finding ways to integrate this panel into your overall label design. A good printer can help you create seamless, easy-to-read designs that tick every box the FDA has, so shop around at KKon for companies that not only offer cool printing options but help you create truly outstanding labels.


Stand Out with Stomp 

KKon is an awesome gathering, with tons of fun and informative events and panels. And while networking at the kombucha bar is of course a must, the biggest draw of all is the tradeshow floor. While you hit the floor and meet all the vendors, look for those who can really help you and your brew stand out.

Look for Stomp this year at KKon, and stop by our booth #404 to talk about kombucha labels, bottle carriers, beverage boxes, and everything else booch related. Contact us today and we’ll show you how easy it is to stand out. 





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