Customer Spotlight Series: Northern Virginia Hemp Company

Customer Spotlight Series: Northern Virginia Hemp Company

Here’s one way to get back to your roots! Northern Virginia Hemp Company is making a big impact in their community by focusing on localizing processes wherever possible and hand-selecting for quality above all else. Luke Greer, the owner of the Northern Virginia Hemp Company shares how his family farm sprouted into something with a real impact! 

Let’s be blunt, being a small-scale hemp producer is hard. Let’s see how Luke is stirring the pot and growing his community. 


How Did You Get Started in the Hemp Industry? 


Luke Greer Holding Plant


After looking for ways to return our family farm to an agricultural business model, we recognized an opportunity to help humans and animals by growing hemp and producing CBD products. We were lucky to enter the market early and secure our place with the local community.


What Are Your Growth Goals for Northern Virginia Hemp Company?


  1. Offer high-quality complaint hemp products to our community and beyond. 

  2. Maintain small farm, community-centered ethics as we grow.

A big emphasis for Northern Virginia Hemp Company is maintaining a local focus in all aspects of their business, including their farms, extractors, formulation labs, and sales events. Where other CBD companies take a global approach, North Virginia Hemp Company is proudly based in their community of Purcellville, Virginia. 


What Makes Your Company Stand Out Above The Competition?



We focus on quality and customer service, we have an ongoing conversation with anyone who buys products so they can make the best decision for themselves and their animals.

That’s right, animals! Northern Virginia Hemp Company also makes NVHC CBD oil calm anxiety symptoms among cats and dogs. Not every CBD oil product is safe for pets, which is why Greg emphasizes the importance of only using oils with certain extraction methods. 


Why Did You Choose Stomp for Your CBD Labels and Prints? 


Stomp came highly recommended by another hemp company run by good friends. We trust anyone they work with and Stomp proved to be exactly what we needed for our labels.


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