Secure Your Craft Foods with Tamper Evident Food Labels

Secure Your Craft Foods with Tamper Evident Food Labels

If you’ve ever cracked a sticker seal on a bottle of juice, a jar of jam, or any consumable product for that matter, you’ve used a tamper evident food label. Tamper evident food labels show customers their food is safe, you value their trust, and you care about the customer experience. And as we all know, safety and trust have become significantly more important over the past two years. 

Whether you sell kombucha in stores, honey at the farmers’ market, or falafels out of a food truck, tamper evident food labels are must haves. Let’s look at the importance of these labels and how you can integrate them into your packaging.


What is a Tamper Evident Food Label?

Tamper evident food labels are a common security feature on consumable products. 

As the name suggests, these labels show signs that someone has tried to open or tamper with the product. Clever, right? What’s cool about these labels is they contain features that make it impossible to remove the label without damaging it in an obvious way.


The result? People who buy products with tamper evident food labels enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing their item is safe to consume. 

Types of Tamper Evident Food Labels

While all tamper evident food labels share some features, they are not all the same. In fact, there are many types of tamper evident food labels. Here at Stomp, we focus on food labels and strips, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t show you the other types.

• Shrink Bands

You’ll find shrink bands on items like condiments and bottled beverages, and if you have encountered one of these plastic bands, you’ve likely battled to get it open (kudos to the ones with perforated lines). They don’t mess around!

Designed to shrink around the lid of a bottle and tear when it’s opened for the first time, these labels keep products safe and fresh. Once opened, the user simply throws out the shrink band , and everyone knows the bottle has been used. 

• Tamper Evident Strips

Tamper evident strips, like the one seen on the mason jar below, are by far the most common type of tamper evident label. Designed to wrap around the tops of liquor bottles, jars, to-go boxes, containers, and much more, these strips show customers proof that no one has opened a product. 


Tamper evident strips are also the perfect place to add branding and customization to your product. Make sure strips match your color scheme and branded fonts are aligned. Tamper evident strips will make your product look crisp and professional and help showcase information about the contents themselves. Remember, the consumer will remove the strip, so don’t include any critical information. 

• Safety Tabs

Perforated safety tabs like the ones seen on the lip balms below are common on spice jars, sauce bottles, and similar products. Designed as a clear way to help customers determine whether anyone has opened a product before purchasing, safety tabs are affordable, easy to design, and easy to apply. 


Perfect for cylindrical products like bottles, spices, paste concentrates, and similar items, perforated safety tabs may feature your brand’s logo, slogan, or other custom elements. We recommend creating bright, colorful safety tabs that blend with the rest of your packaging to help your product stand out. 

• Sealing Labels

Sealing labels are another common type of tamper evident food label. Perfect for sealing a to-go box or adding to the lid of a product, sealing labels will break the first time a buyer opens the product. Plus, they’re a terrific way to add branding, color, and customization to your products. 


Stomp produces our tamper proof seals on quality matte paper, so you can easily write in the order information or customer names for your carry-out items. Choose from popular sizes of circles, squares, rectangles, and strips for seals that put safety first.

Why Should You Use Tamper Evident Food Labels?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, tamper evident food labels have many functions and are becoming a must-have for food sellers. Have we not sealed the deal quite yet? 

Here are a few of the biggest perks of tamper evident food labels, and why your business needs them:

• Maintain Brand Identity

Everyone wants to put out a high-quality product that customers can trust. Fortunately, tamper evident food labels help you do just that. 

Tamper evident food labels are difficult to reproduce, especially if you've added custom brand designs. Here’s an example of how this can help your brand. Maybe there are five people selling homemade jam at the farmer’s market and yours has a tamper evident food label printed with your farm’s branding on it. So, the customers who purchase yours will see it’s not tampered with and feel secure that the contents are safe to eat. The result? Customers who buy your items know that they’re getting a delicious and safe product from a brand they trust.

• Ensure Customer Safety

Customer safety is a primary concern for any food brand, and when you add tamper evident food labels, you and your customers can both rest easy. 

There are a couple of scenarios where labels are extremely important:

  • Delivery & Takeout: If you’ve ordered from services like DoorDash or UberEats in the past two years, you’ve probably noticed they now seal their bags with company branded stickers. Food vendors can do the same thing. Seal your takeout bags or boxes with labels, so customers know that no one has tampered with their food.
  • Product Freshness: Because tamper evident labels make it immediately obvious if someone has opened, compromised, or tampered with a product, you can weed out unsafe inventory and ensure the products your customers are getting are fresh, safe, and reliable. If your product has a shelf-life, go ahead and put that date right on your seal. 

Customer trust goes a long way in building a brand, and these labels are an easy way to earn it.

• Better Product Quality

In addition to helping keep your products safe, tamper evident food labels ensure product quality. Items like shrink bands, for example, keep your products fresh and contained until they reach their final destinations – the hands of your customers!

Take Product Safety to the Next Level with Stomp

You’ve worked hard to create a high-quality product. Now, it’s time to label it and get it out to your customers. That’s where Stomp comes in. 

Specializing in helping brands like yours create high-quality labels for their high-quality products, we’re here to help you guarantee a fresh, professional, authentic, and safe item for your customers.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your tamper evident food labels. Ready to take your items to the next level? Start creating your custom tamper evident food labels with Stomp today.


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