Kickstart Your Kombucha Brand with Custom Labels and Packaging

Kickstart Your Kombucha Brand with Custom Labels and Packaging

Just getting started in the world of kombucha? Then you’ve come to the right place! Packaging for kombucha can be intimidating at first glance — between the legal label requirements and competitive brands, it can be hard to make yourself known in a dynamic marketplace. 

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a few of our top tips and tools kombucha producers can use to create their best kombucha labels and packaging.


Why is Branding Important for the Kombucha Industry?

There’s nothing new about kombucha. The experts say people have been consuming it for at least two millennia, with certain trademark forms of the drink dating back to ancient Korea, China, Russia, and Japan. While the drink’s origins may be disputed, its widespread popularity in the modern world certainly isn’t. 

For kombucha producers today, the sky's the limit. You can develop creative flavors with fresh, unique ingredients, and consumers just snap them up. The question then becomes, how do you differentiate your brew from everything else out there.

The answer is branding. 

Great branding serves a few important purposes for kombucha producers:

  • Brand recognition. The right packaging allows customers to recognize your kombucha immediately. This increased brand recognition means more sales and a bigger bottom line for your company.
  • Professionalism. You want to help your ‘booch put its best foot forward, and creative branding can help you do that. After all, customers want to buy drinks in packaging that looks professional, legit, and creative.
  • Better brand identity. Help your brand tell its story, including why you started brewing ‘booch, what makes you unique, and why you use the ingredients you do. 

If you’re like most kombucha producers, you’ve probably poured your heart and soul into creating the best possible brew. When you level up your marketing to match, though, you get a cohesive product that virtually flies off the shelves. 


Key Points to Consider Before Designing Your Kombucha Brand

Now that you understand the importance of branding for your ‘booch, let’s talk about a few of the things you need to consider before you create custom kombucha labels and packaging:


1. Your brand voice

Brand voice is an important consideration whenever you’re thinking about marketing. Here’s how Sprout Social defines brand voice


“The distinct personality a brand takes on in its communications…This personality is applied to everywhere your brand speaks, including newsletters, social media posts, internal official communications like company announcements and advertising.”


With that definition in mind, what is your brand voice? Are you funny and irreverent? Serious and focused on health benefits? There’s no right answer to this question, but it’s important to consider your brand voice before you create your packaging since it will influence everything from the graphics you use to the copy you include on your labels. 

For a great example of a kombucha brewer that knows its brand voice and leverages it perfectly, check out All About the ‘Booch label below. A play on words, “Funky Lil’ Beet” is playful, youthful, and fun–all of which reflect the brand’s personality!

kombucha labels


2. Your colors

Did you know that the colors you choose to use on your label can impact how well customers recognize your brand, and even how much of your product they purchase? According to a study conducted at the University of Loyola, the correct use of color could increase brand recognition by up to 80%!

The reason is simple: different colors are associated with different emotions in the mind. Green, for example, is associated with health and nature, purple is linked to creativity and imagination, and orange is playful and fun. 

Colors are powerful and using them correctly can make a big impact on your brand. With that in mind, which colors are you using to promote your ‘booch? Today’s trend showcases many unique kombucha labels with bright, splashy colors and vibrant graphics that really stand out, but you don’t necessarily have to go with the flow.

You can go bright and bold like this Lion Heart label: 

kombucha labels


OR keep it clean and mellow like this L.A Brewey label:

kombucha labels


We also love how simple and minimal Daniel Wright keeps their labels:

kombucha labels


Designed to put the ingredients front and center, this brand keeps its bottles simple and clean - almost like old-school medicine bottles. This streamlined design (and the color-coded tamper-evident strips at the top of each bottle) allow the customer to choose a flavor at-a-glance. 


3. Your brand fonts

In addition to choosing a brand color and voice, you’ll have to consider which fonts you’re going to use on your packaging. Look at any great Kombucha brand out there and you’ll notice that the fonts on their packaging and labels are always consistent.  

Keep in mind that “consistent” does not have to mean boring. Check out how Unity Vibration uses a funky font on their cans, and how it grabs your eye right away:

kombucha labels


How Kombucha Labels Influence the Brand Identity

It’s important to have a great ‘booch label that puts your brand’s best foot forward. At the end of the day, product labels make a huge statement for what the brand stands for and represents.

While there’s no “one size fits all” rule for creating a great kombucha label, your finished labels should promote your brand identity, give the customer an idea of what they can expect from the taste of your ‘booch, and showcase all the fun, funky, creative aspects that make your drink unique.


Kickstart Your Kombucha Branding with Stomp 

Ready to take your kombucha branding to the next level? Stomp is here to help! Offering creative kombucha labels and branding tools for brewers like you, we make it easy to create packaging that reflects the mission of your company. Contact our printing experts and get started today.



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