5 Unique Kombucha Label Ideas to Dazzle Consumers

5 Unique Kombucha Label Ideas to Dazzle Consumers

Kombucha is incredibly unique. Tangy, tasty, and effervescent, this delicious fermented drink has become a popular beverage. 

If you’ve ever tried ‘booch before, you know that the first burst of flavor takes over your taste buds - but we believe this experience should happen well before consumers have even cracked the cap. 

With that in mind, it’s important to create a kombucha label that outperforms the competition and helps buyers get a great first impression of your product. 

Let’s dive in.  

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Why Are Kombucha Labels Important? 

Today, there are so many different types of kombucha. The flavors range from tart and tangy to smooth and refreshing, and the ingredients run the gamut from ginger and lemongrass to pomegranate. 

Since kombucha can be different from brand to brand, the label serves as an essential source of information for customers. Customers need to know what ingredients the drink contains, if it contains caffeine, and whether it includes remnants of the original SCOBY (short for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”).

The label you create also serves important regulatory purposes. Due to the fermentation process, kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol. To be FDA-compliant, you’ve got to spell out exactly how much alcohol your beverage contains. This determines whether your product is legally considered an alcoholic beverage (most kombucha isn’t) and how it’s regulated. 

Check out the FDA's requirements for more information on what you must include on your kombucha label. 


5 Unique Kombucha Label Ideas 

Your kombucha is a unique drink, and its label should reflect that! Explore these ideas to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind label for your ‘booch.


1. Make the Benefits Clear 

In addition to being delicious, kombucha offers many health benefits. The brew is a good source of probiotics and antioxidants and can boost immunity and promote overall well-being. With this in mind, make sure to highlight the benefits of your ‘booch on its label. 


Kombucha Label Ideas


Check out how Remedy Drinks above showcases the benefits of its drink (it prompts gut health, it’s low in sugar and organic, etc.)

Bottom line: customers should be able to walk up to the shelf, take a quick peek at labels, and choose the drink that will help them feel energized or relaxed, calm their upset stomach, or boost immunity.


2. Play With Vibrant Colors

Kombucha ingredients are colorful and vibrant: ginger, peach, lemon, strawberry, and more all make their way into different types of kombucha. Because the ingredients are so bright, your labels should be, too!

Check out how Aqua ViTea brought a funky, colorful, retro feel to its labels:


Kombucha Label Ideas


This brand also took a fun play on words by depicting a little sage with a strawberry for a face (the flavor is strawberry sage, get it?)

Choosing a vibrant label is excellent for this lively drink. That said, don’t be afraid to have fun and get funky with your labels because they’ll be more eye-catching and appealing to customers. 


3. Tell Your Story

One of the cool things about kombucha is that anyone with a glass jar and a dark space can brew it. Each drink is unique, each journey is different, and each story deserves to be told.

Fortunately, your label is a great way to showcase that story. 


Kombucha Label Ideas


Check out how the brand above uses its labels to tell its story. They outline the humble origins of the brand and then specify that the finished booch contains gut-healing, probiotic-rich deliciousness. The sleek, color-blocked design sets these cans apart and makes them easy to spot for anyone looking for a light, smooth ‘booch. 


4. Include All the Essential Compliance Info

Kombucha is a highly regulated product, and it’s crucial to craft a label that includes all the essential FDA-compliance information. Check out how Tip Top Tonics did that on its kombucha label:


Kombucha Label Ideas


As you can see in the lower right corner of that image, the kombucha maker specifies the ‘booch’s alcohol volume. They also provide a warning label about the trace alcohol amounts, identify the ingredients, and outline that the drink is gluten-free, organic, kosher, and non-GMO. 

As you can see from the label above, covering the details doesn’t have to make your label look bland or out of place. When you find a way to incorporate those details into your label creation, you wind up with a brew that looks and feels one-of-a-kind. 


5. Stay Eco-Friendly

Since kombucha doubles as a health drink, make sure your label and packaging reflect that. 

Cultured Kombucha aced this by using cans for their packaging because they are easier to recycle and lighter to transport. The result? A simple, minimalist kombucha that’s delicious to drink and easy on the environment. 

Check it out here:


Kombucha Label Ideas


Do Your Brew Proud With Stomp 

You worked hard to create a delicious, high-quality booch, and now you deserve to show it off. Stomp is here to help you create beautiful, unique kombucha labels that will help your product fly off the shelves.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and start creating now. 


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