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5 Steps to Make Your Own Custom Kombucha Labels

5 Steps to Make Your Own Custom Kombucha Labels

Kombucha, that fizzy sweet and sour fermented brew has become a staple in the natural beverage market. A boon for booch lovers and makers alike – but just how are you supposed to stand out on shelves already crowded with options?

The answer: design your custom kombucha label. Let your creativity loose and create Kombucha labels that represent your brew, brand, and mission. Be you, and stand out.


Key Things to Consider Before Designing a Kombucha Label

Starting anything from scratch can be challenging, and creating a design for your kombucha product is no different. If you don’t know where or how to start, the entire process might feel incredibly intimidating.

The solution here is to start with the basics. Consider these key factors when you’re at the very beginning stages of designing – or even re-designing – your kombucha label:

  • Size: Nailing down the size of your kombucha label is an excellent place to start. Why? Because you need to find the right size for your bottle or label – not too small, not too big – and because doing so will show you exactly how much space you have to work with.
  • Shape: The shape of your label is another great way to establish the parameters of your design. Round, square, oval, rectangle – this is mostly a matter of preference, but whatever size you end up choosing, make sure it looks good on your container.
  • Material of label and bottle: Deciding how you want to bottle (or can) your kombucha is critical because it will factor into which materials you use for your labels. Some materials work better on cans than glass and vice versa. Ask your printing experts for more information about their label materials, and decide what works for you.
  • Distribution plans: Do you plan to ship your kombucha long-distance or sell it in carrying cases? If you do, you also need to consider carriers and boxes in your kombucha label design. While they don’t have to be perfect mirrors of your bottle or can label, you will need to create a design that aligns the outside of the box with the product it carries inside.

Create Your Brew Label


5 Steps to Make Your Own Custom Kombucha Labels

Once you’ve established the basic parameters of your physical design, such as how much space you have to work with, you can move onto the actual designing of your kombucha label.


1. Choose a Material


Custom Kombucha Labels


Custom Kombucha Labels


Since the material is the foundation on which the rest of your design is built, you can start choosing between paper or waterproof material. Paper labels often have a white background, either glossy or matte finishes, and this can give your design a clean, classic look. 

If you are looking for a durable label material, consider choosing waterproof labels which include white gloss or clear options. Transparent kombucha labels can feature the often vibrant color of your brew itself – a power move for anyone focused on complete transparency (pun intended) about their ingredients, their process, and their product. 


2. Choose a Shape


Custom Kombucha Labels


While you decide between various shape options for your kombucha label, your initial decisions regarding the shape may change. Round vs. circle, square vs. rectangle are all classic debates, and it’s fine to change your mind as your design evolves. You can also choose to create custom-shaped die cut kombucha labels! Check out the Wonder Drink Kombucha label above and how the brand incorporated funky shapes to stand out. 

Again, your sizing decision may flex and grow as you move forward with designing your kombucha labels. But the good news is that creating a custom kombucha label means custom sizing is an option, no matter how big or how small you want to go.


4. Consider Unwind Direction

Considering the unwind direction, or the way a label is oriented as it comes off the roll is important for anyone applying labels via machine. The orientations you can choose from are top, bottom, right, or left, and these indicate which part of your label design will be the leading edge of the sticker on the roll. However, you can skip this step if you plan to apply your labels by hand.


5. Select Quantity

Order as many, or as few, kombucha labels as you want. You can test your label design in small batches and only order 100 at a time, or go all-in with 25,000 labels. It’s as easy as selecting which option works best for you and your brand at this moment.


Kickstart Your Kombucha Branding with Stomp

Designing your custom kombucha label can indeed feel overwhelming. Never fear, Stomp is here! We have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials for your custom label needs. 

Once you’re ready to create your labels, our easy-peasy custom design tool makes uploading, editing, and formatting your design a snap. Let your creativity run wild and kickstart your brand with custom kombucha labels today. Contact our printing experts today. 


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