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7 CBD Label Design Ideas to Make Your Product Pop

7 CBD Label Design Ideas to Make Your Product Pop

The CBD industry is booming, and these products are everywhere, from your local grocery stores and gas stations to high-end distributors and stores. But not everyone is familiar with CBD, what it does, or who it’s for.

Though curious, many people will hesitate to purchase an item that's brand new to them. To stand out from the competition, you need to create a CBD label design that is as informative as it is unique and creative. 

Let’s dive into the top unique label design ideas that will get your CBD products off those shelves. 

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Why are CBD Labels Important?

CBD labels are essential from a marketing perspective, of course. Your label needs to reflect the tone of your brand story, attract attention, and inform people about your product. Proper CBD labels also need to adhere to the basic regulatory requirements set by the FDA. These include identifying your company and your product, the amount of product and how much CBD it contains, and a complete and accurate listing of ingredients.

The entire CBD industry is still working against assumptions and stereotypes surrounding marijuana, ones that are lingering beyond its legalization. Designing a label that refrains from making inaccurate or untested claims about CBD levels, THC levels, or health benefits goes a long way toward creating an air of legitimacy around your product.

7 Killer Design Ideas for Your CBD Label 

Designing a successful label is a priority for every product. Labels create a vibe around a product, and the vibe must sync up with the product itself and your brand. And across the CBD industry, manufacturers and distributors use these vibes to take their products to the next level.

Here are 7 killer CBD label design ideas to create a vibe around your product and brand.


1. Be Consistent With Your Style

CBD labels


Top-tier branding is essential, of course, and every label you design needs to reflect your brand and its story. Another crucial part of CBD branding is ensuring your brand is consistent on every label you create and every product you sell. 

Remember: your name and logo are key elements, but so are the colors, graphics, and fonts. Botany Farms uses soft colors, an easy-to-recognize label, and a tagline to brand its products.


2. Make designs pop

CBD labels


Colors and graphics communicate many things about a product and a brand. Your CBD label design needs to give customers a good idea of what’s inside the product and who it’s intended for. 

Check out how the Not Pot label above incorporated bright colors and bold graphics to create a sense of freshness and flavor – ideal for selling edible CBD products like gummies.


3. Black label luxury

CBD labels


Along with legitimacy, many CBD brands are also courting the air of luxury that comes with more high-end products. A black label can be a lustrous and effective way to promote an air of refinement. 

As always, make color choices that align with your overall brand imagery and marketing. But if luxury is what your business is aiming for, a black label is a classic for a reason. Take a look at how the Allvane label above is able to achieve this luxurious vibe. 


4. Stand out with different finishes 

CBD labels


CBD products are relatively new, and for that reason, they don’t have to follow traditional labeling trends. While most companies go the simple, standard route of using glossy labels, brands like Kiskanu Hemp have begun to explore matte or textured labels. When customers pick these products up, they can feel the difference between this brand and its competitors.


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5. Draw attention to security

CBD labels


It’s worth saying again: the CBD industry is venturing into new territory, hopping the line from illegal to legal. Reassuring customers that your product is legit means harnessing every device available to you to do so. 

This means absolute transparency by listing ingredients on your labels, making sure your labels adhere to regulations and requirements – and even showing off your tamper-proof product containers, as Rosebud CBD does above. 

Security tabs can be incorporated into your CBD label design to show customers how much you value their safety. Check out how the label above included their website on those security tabs to further drive brand visibility! 


6. Educate and inform

CBD labels


New CBD users will have questions – questions your label needs to answer. Customers will need to know the kind of product, how much CBD it contains, whether or not it contains any THC, how to use it, and more. 

MedTerra, above, provides exactly that information in a clean and easy-to-read design. As the industry grows and the average consumer becomes more informed and experienced with CBD, you may not have to explain so much about your product on your label. For now? When in doubt, spell it out. Don’t take the chance of missing an opportunity to educate potential customers.


7. Stay compliant

CBD labels


As the industry grows, labeling regulations and requirements will change on both federal and state government levels. For now, the best way to stay compliant is to adhere to existing FDA regulations and avoid making overt health claims that you can't prove. 

A disclaimer, such as the Sunny Skies label shown above, is also a great way to not only cover your bases legally but also let prospective customers know that you are making no definitive claims about any health benefits. Those customers will appreciate your honesty.


Design the Perfect CBD Label with Stomp 

The wide and wonderful world of CBD products is vast, and only growing bigger. As consumers grow more educated on the various uses of CBD, your labels need to do some fairly heavy lifting to stand out from the competition.

Designing a successful CBD label can feel overwhelming. But with Stomp on your side, you have everything you need to create a label that pops. Use our easy-to-use design tool to create CBD labels that grab attention and won't let go. Contact us and get started today.


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