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Custom Creations: Which Label Material is Right For Your Product?

Custom Creations: Which Label Material is Right For Your Product?

Ready to design your perfect custom label, but not quite sure where to start? 

No problem! We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a custom label for your baked goodies, CBD products, or line of beverages, the label material you choose matters – and there’s a lot to think about before you pull the proverbial trigger. Your product’s shelf-life, storage conditions, and what’s inside the packaging are all contributing factors, so we’ve put together a few thoughts and ideas to get you started on your custom label journey.

Whether you’re a new business owner just getting started or working on a rebrand for your existing product line, our goal is to help you understand which label materials are best for your needs. Let’s get started. 


The Importance of Choosing the Right Label Material

Choosing the right label material is a critical aspect of the custom label design. You’re creating a branded element that gives a voice and a personality to what’s in the package, and the last thing you want is for it to rip, fade, peel off, or degrade in any way. 

That’s why it’s important to consider every aspect – the products inside, your packaging material, and how the product will be transported, stored, and handled by the end-user are all factors that can affect your result.

You need to think about things like:

  • Will the label be clear or a solid color? 
  • Do I have a specific shape or size in mind?
  • Glossy or matte stock?
  • Will the label come in contact with chemicals or liquid?
  • Does my industry have an eco-friendly mandate? 
  • Does the package need to be refrigerated? 
  • What packaging material am I putting the label on? (paper, plastic, metal, etc.)
  • What are the audience’s expectations? 

Answering these questions is an excellent place to start. Once you know the parameters you need to satisfy, choosing the most appropriate label material for your needs is easier. 


Most Popular Label Materials to Help Get Started

Whatever your needs might be, we have an extensive range of label materials to choose from—and we know there’s a lot! If you’re having trouble making your final decisions, our label printing experts are always on hand to help. 

Here’s an overview of some of our most popular label or sticker materials and their features:

  1. Paper roll labels

Paper labels are the most economical and versatile type of label material, available in either a gloss or matte sheen. Some may argue they have a limited range of uses as paper tends to curl, rip, fade, and degrade when exposed to water, humidity, or extreme temperatures. However, there are hundreds of thousands of short-term applications that are perfectly suited for paper. 

Paper labels come in various sizes and shapes and are appropriate for bagged coffee or tea, snacks, boxes, or external packaging. Here at Stomp, we offer both gloss and matte options: 

  • White gloss paper labels

White gloss paper roll labels are the most popular choice for dry applications, ranging from stationery to packaging. The sheen is a standard gloss and accepts ink like a champ. Your designs will look clean and classic on white gloss paper labels.

  • White matte paper labels

White matte paper roll labels are the perfect choice if you’ll need to write directly on the label, for example, if you’re using the same label for a range of products or one-offs. You probably know how iffy it is to write directly on a glossy label material, and matte labels give you a similar look without the frustration. 

  1. Waterproof roll labels

If you are packaging a liquid or gel product or anything that will be exposed to water, ice, or refrigeration, you need a label that will maintain its integrity. We offer waterproof custom roll labels with a range of features, shapes, and designs that will stand up to any conditions. 

 Waterproof labels are made from white or clear biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, so they not only repel water but are also resistant to most acids, chemicals, and oils. 

  • White gloss waterproof labels

White gloss waterproof roll labels are sleek and shiny, lending an impressive sheen to any color combination. If you’re looking to make a bold but simple statement, your message will really stand out against white gloss. 

  • Clear waterproof labels 

Clear waterproof roll labels are a great way to highlight your branding, and they look great on all kinds of products and packaging. We print your design onto a white background to give it extra contrast. The finish is glossy, classy, and fabulous for all kinds of food, beverage, and cosmetic products. 

  1. Vinyl stickers

If you are just starting out and only need a few individually cut stickers to get started, white vinyl stickers are durable and waterproof. Compared to paper materials, vinyl offers some resistance to abrasion, and some oils or mild chemicals. Some key features of vinyl stickers include: 

  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Ideal for long term use
  • Protected from fading
  • Perfect for outdoor conditions


Which Label Material is Right for Your Product?

Now that we know a little about some of the more popular types of custom label materials, let’s look at a few use cases. 


Paper Labels Pros and Cons

 Paper is a versatile, cost-effective label material for all kinds of products. Customers use them for dry goods like tea, coffee, spices, jams, jellies, and cannabis products, but they are also great on outer boxes, to-go boxes, and custom labels for weddings, events, and one-off products. The adhesive sticks well on paper, glass, tin, and cardboard. If your packaging will condensate or the product is oily or acidic, paper is probably not the best choice. 


Where Waterproof Labels Work Best

Waterproof labels are fade-resistant, smudge resistant, and won’t rip, curl, or lose their integrity even when submerged in water for a while. Choose waterproof labels for any product that ticks one or more of these boxes:

  • It is stored in the refrigerator
  • Will be exposed to water
  • Contains oils or highly acidic/caustic products
  • It has a long shelf life, and you want the label to last

Beer, wine, and beverage labels are good examples, as you want your labels to look great on store shelves, on display in restaurants, and at the table. Waterproof labels will last longer in storage, in the fridge, or on ice. Waterproof material prevents the label from peeling, fading, or degrading over time, ensuring your branding stays put through the product life cycle.


Clear Waterproof Labels for Bold Statements

Clear labels are great for making your design look like it’s etched or printed directly onto the packaging. Check out this simple yet bold candle packaging—the image appears to float on the glass. Simple, elegant, very hip, lots of ways to play it. 

Clear labels

In the candle example above, the clear label really gives the moose image a big punch. Bold lettering, signatures, logos, shapes, or simple artwork also work very well. If your clear label includes a description or blocks of text, be sure to print on a white background so it’s readable. 

Beverages look great with clear labeling as it does a great job of showing off the product inside. In the example below, white lettering is used on a clear label so that it’s still legible even when the package is empty.

Clear Label


Do You Know Which Label Material is Right for Your Product?

Choosing a label material isn’t always as straightforward as it seems! With these tips and insights, we hope we’ve demystified some of the processes so you can choose what’s best for your brand, product, and customers. 

Of course, what we’ve outlined here are just a few examples. If you need help or a little friendly advice, our knowledgeable team is always ready to help. The right label will make your product stand out, sell more, and linger in the imaginations of your loyal customers, and we’d love to be part of your success.

Explore our line of custom labels, ready for your design!


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