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5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Cosmetic Label

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Cosmetic Label

By 2025, the cosmetics industry will grow to $716 billion worldwide. The industry is so large, in fact, that some people claim if cosmetics were boycotted, it would collapse the global economy overnight. So, it’s a hard knock life out there for cosmetics brands when it comes to standing out from your competitors. But don’t stress out’s bad for your skin.

The good news is, you don’t have to invest in an elaborate marketing campaign for your cosmetics products to get them off the shelves. Getting consumers to buy from you could boil down to something as simple as changing the label. 

Get the inside scoop on how to glow up your branding with these top custom cosmetic label tips. 


Standing Out In a Crowded Market With Custom Cosmetic Labels 

Too often, brands put all their thought and energy into creating a fabulous product and then completely forget about the label that goes with it. You could have the fountain of youth in that little tube of skincare but no one’s gonna know (or care) if you don’t effectively communicate it, i.e., market it. That’s what the label is for. 

In fact, 60% of consumers decide to buy a product based on the label alone, and over half of all female consumers read the label before buying a cosmetic product specifically. Ultimately, labels with eye-catching visuals are critical for branding, grabbing people’s attention, and making your products memorable. 


5 Custom Cosmetic Label Tips to Boost Your Sales

Got your notepad open? Get comfy and pour yourself a drink. Next up are the design tips you need to create a custom cosmetics label that shouts pick me! to your target customer. 


1. Must-have FDA label components 

Catching the ire of the FDA with your cosmetic product is so not a good look for your brand. Pun intended. So, before you debut your stunning, Van Gogh-inspired custom label, you’ve got to include the following components on it to keep the FDA happy:

  • A complete description of the product and what it’s used for
  • A list of accurate ingredients that complies with FDA regulations
  • Your business name and contact info
  • The name of the manufacturing or distribution facility 
  • The exact amount of product in each package

Any warnings should also be included on the label, such as keep out of reach of children, do not feed this to your dog, do not stick this product in your eyeball, etc. 

You’ll also need to include the §740.10 warning if the product or contents have not been proven to be safe. Products that have been tested and don’t have the warning or products that falsely claim they passed the safety standard will attract the FDA’s attention (and not in a good way). 


2. Stake your claim(s) on the label

Remember, over half of all shoppers buy a product based on the label alone. So if you’ve got any specific claims for your product, such as vegan, alcohol-free, cruelty-free, etc., put those on the label. 

This helps signal your brand values to your target customer and gives them the details they need to make an informed purchase. 


3. Focus on your focal point

Your cosmetic label's most important job is to grab shoppers’ attention. Start by determining where your focal point will be on the label, then place a design element that will have people doing a double-take. 

After all, an attractive and compelling focal point alone can sell the products. We can’t stress this enough. You can put a variety of things in the focal point, such as:

  • A fun image
  • Your brand name in bold font or colors
  • A catchy slogan
  • An interesting geometric pattern

Check out these examples:

This brand, No Trace, uses a custom, adorable artwork as a focal point. Awww!

cosmetics labels

This creative product label and package catches the eye and makes you want to take a closer look at what the label says. 

Unique and interesting cosmetics labels entice people to investigate further. Labels such as these also give the information on the package the chance to convince the consumer that the product is precisely what they’ve been looking for. 

Up next is this label from Salud. The brand name stands out in an elegant font:

cosmetics labels

As you can see, Salud has done an excellent job of taking full advantage of the focal point in cosmetics labels. The brand name captures your attention, and the elegant font is perfect for a cosmetics brand and also lends the company credibility in this space. The overhanging leaves on the main label also add a charming, creative touch to it. 

And here we have a minimalist, bold design from Urban Decay. The focal point is the somewhat suggestive name of the eye shadow palette, Naked:

cosmetics labels

If you have a product with a unique, memorable name, making it the focal point of your label can help you increase your brand awareness in addition to helping you move more products off the shelves.


4. Plan for multiple sizes

If you have an entire cosmetics product line, you’ll want to plan out your label design to fit multiple products. So, get your base design figured out first. Then you can easily modify the design to fit your other offerings. 

  • Identify the package shapes and sizes you’ll use
  • Create the copy that meets FDA regulations
  • Alter the existing label to fit the other containers

From there, you can switch out the specific product names, ingredients, and descriptors to ensure your custom cosmetics labels meet FDA regulations and communicate effectively with your customer base. 


5. Don’t fall in love with it too quickly

The important thing to remember about design assets like a label is that you don’t have to marry it. So, keep working on the design until it speaks to your target customer and starts selling products.

The label should adequately communicate your brand values and personality. But it must also speak to your target customer’s needs and preferences. 

Try out a few different designs and see which one will resonate the most with your customers while also showcasing your unique brand identity and doing its job — selling.  


Designing Custom Cosmetics Labels with Stomp Stickers

The key to designing a custom cosmetics label is that it must inform and entice your target customer. 

When it comes to selling more beauty products and creating a lasting, memorable brand, the label design matters almost as much as the quality of the product inside the package. So keep these tips in mind when designing your label, and you’ll Stomp your competitors into the dust. 

Our easy-breezy beautiful design tool is incredibly simple to use, and it’s fast too. You can give it a spin whether you’ve already got a design ready to go or are starting one from scratch. Contact our printing experts to help get you started today. 


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