Customer Spotlight Series: MurLarkey Distilled Spirits

Customer Spotlight Series: MurLarkey Distilled Spirits

In today's customer spotlight, we have some whiskey business to explore as Josh Luckenbaugh from MurLarkey Distilled Spirits shares why their award-winning spirits have made them the 4th-best distillery in the United States. Get into the spirit and learn how this distillery continues to set itself apart from the competition. 


Can You Tell Us a Little About Your Business and How You Got Started in the Distillery Business? 

MurLarkey Distilled Spirits was founded in 2014 by second-generation Irish-American Tom Murray, and Mike and Jim Larkin. Starting with a meager 23-gallon copper still and a dream, Tom, Mike, and Jim, along with a small team of friends and family, set out to create a legacy. Drawing on each other’s professional backgrounds, and skill sets, the team began distilling high-quality, small-batch spirits.

Since then, MurLarkey has become one of the fastest-growing, most highly decorated craft distilleries in the Mid-Atlantic. Travel + Leisure ranks us as the 4th-best distillery in the United States, and our spirits have won Gold/Best Of medals in international competition in four different categories - Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, and Infused Whiskey. Our distilling team of Master Distiller George “Papi” Zwetkow and Head Distiller Kevin Szady is widely recognized as the best in Virginia, regularly winning Savor Virginia and Virginia Living Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Distillery, Best Distiller, and Best Craft Cocktails.


What Makes Murlarkey Distilled Spirits Stand Out Above the Competition?

One thing that sets us apart from other distilleries is that we are 100% FARM-TO-FLASK. What does this mean? All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced here in Virginia, and we source only the highest-quality, all-natural raw materials, grains, and botanicals. All of our premium spirits are free of artificial flavors, free of artificial colors, and certified gluten-free.

Another thing that makes MurLarkey stand out from the crowd is our variety. From our Divine Clarity Vodka to our Imagination Gin to our sipping whiskeys to our all-natural infused whiskeys, there's a spirit for everyone to enjoy at MurLarkey!



What Made You Choose Stomp for Coasters and Bottle Tags?

As a craft distillery, it's essential to utilize only the highest quality products in all aspects of our business. We chose to use Stomp for our custom coasters and bottle tags because of their proven track record for producing premium-quality branding materials and their easy-to-use design tools. The Stomp products have been a big hit with our new customers and our loyal fans alike, and we look forward to working with Stomp on more items soon!


Started from the Barrel Now We’re Here

Call us old-fashioned, but this customer spotlight series makes us want to sit by the fire and enjoy a glass of whiskey neat. MurLarkey Distilled Spirits have successfully taken their spirits from just an idea to a United States award-winning distillery in just a few years. And if you can’t tell, we are honored to be a small part of their success. 

Stomp takes pride in our quality of work,  and we are eager to work with you! Looking for custom coasters or bottle tags for your distillery, brewery, or restaurant? Stomp offers a wide variety of products, with our easy-to-use design tool that brings your design inspiration to life. Contact us today and start designing your custom product. 





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