Top 5 Personalized Wedding Ideas That’ll Make Your Day Extra Special

Top 5 Personalized Wedding Ideas That’ll Make Your Day Extra Special


Spring is on its way, which means wedding bells will be ringing soon. So if you’re planning a wedding, then favors and thank you notes will be on your shopping list.  

Your wedding day is all about you and your beloved. So, weaving bits and pieces of your love story into the design of this special occasion can add an extra special touch of personalization, making the day even more memorable. 

Here are the top 5 personalized wedding ideas with examples that’ll do just that. 


Top 5 Personalized Wedding Ideas That’ll Make Your Day Extra Special  

What’s the best way to make your wedding stand out? It’s to make it your own. Use these personalization ideas to make your special day a memorable, exciting, and heartfelt event for you and your guests. 


1. Set the tone with personalized invitations and paper goods

 The first exposure guests will have to your wedding will be paper goods — RSVP cards, invitations, programs, etc. So, if you want to make this initial touchpoint with guests unique and memorable, this is your first chance to do it. 

 Here are a few tips and ideas:

  • Use a font you and your spouse-to-be love
  • If you’ve chosen your wedding colors, incorporate the shades into the paper goods you’ll be using
  • Include fun facts and touching photos

Use anything that sets the tone for your big day. For instance, if your wedding will have a renaissance theme, use your invitations and other paper goods to reflect that. Here’s an example:

Personalized Wedding Ideas


Another idea is you could include a hand-drawn map on the program of an adventure (or misadventure) you and your fiancé took. Or use imagery on your invitations that illustrates something you and your beloved enjoy, like nature, traveling, or craft beer.

 Go ahead and get creative and infuse your invitations with your personality and wedding theme. 


2. Make greetings memorable with personalized welcome boxes and bags

Welcome boxes or bags are a thoughtful gesture for greeting your out-of-town guests. You can coordinate with the hotel staff by either placing them in guests’ rooms or gifting them at the check-in counter.

Make wedding boxes and totes even more special when you personalize them with these creative ideas:

  • Design your welcome bags to be reusable for many years after the wedding. Gift a sturdy chic tote that’s labeled or monogrammed with your guest’s name. 
  • Include your wedding date and location on the bag or box. 
  • Add a graphic image that commemorates the location, such as the shape of the state or city map where your wedding will take place. 
  • Print a special quote or a song lyric you both cherish and meaningful to your love story. 
  • Keep the design consistent with your wedding theme. Include similar images, fonts, and colors similar to the decorations displayed on your big day.

Personalized Wedding Ideas



3. Save time with heartfelt, personalized pre-written thank you cards

 Your wedding day will fly by. And if you’ll have hundreds of people at your reception, greeting everyone and thanking them for attending is going to take up a lot of your time. But there are a few wedding hacks that can save you time for more photos, socializing, dancing, etc., while ensuring that guests feel welcome and appreciated. 

One such hack is pre-written thank you cards. This hack can make guests feel welcome the minute they arrive. You can have the cards handed out at the ceremony entrance or place them on the guests’ assigned tables. 

 Another plus with pre-written thank you cards is that they allow you to skip the receiving line, so you and your newly-minted spouse aren’t rushed for photos. 

Not only is the act of giving pre-written thank you cards a personalized touch in and of itself, but you can also further brand them with nifty factoids, loving, poetic quotes, or funny sayings about married life. Remember to keep the cards consistent with the colors and fonts you’ve already selected and used throughout the ceremony. 

Personalized Wedding Ideas


4. Personalized and useful save the date magnets

First comes love, then the proposal, then setting the date! Keep your guests in the loop and make sure no one forgets your special occasion with a personalized save-the-date magnet

Your guests will appreciate a useful magnet that’s also unique and commemorative. Include your unique wedding fonts and colors in the design. Consider adding a quick fact about the wedding, a romantic saying, or a catchy slogan like bring your dancing shoes. Of course, a moving image of you and your beloved is always a winner when personalizing wedding items. 

Personalized Wedding Ideas


5. Fun favors: Custom wine bottle labels for weddings

Nothing says thank you for being there like a complimentary bottle of wine. If you’ll be gifting wine as a wedding favor, why not personalize the bottle with your very own custom wine label

Some ideas:

Consider designing a custom die-cut wine label to get that unique shape for your wedding! For example, if you’re getting married in the mountains, create a label in the form of a mountain. Getting married on the beach? A seashell-shaped label offers an extra special touch to the thoughtful gift. 

Personalize your wedding wine label with your married name in your chosen font and wedding colors. You can even purchase custom wine labels that are fitted with the image of the place you’re getting married. Finally, include the wedding date so those who like to save their wine will remember the special day when they uncork the bottle years later. 

 Take a look at how this couple used a custom die-cut label to personalize wine bottles for their wedding:

Personalized Wedding Ideas


Tie the knot with Stomp!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. But while you’re taste-testing the cake recipe and trying on gowns, remember that personalized wedding items can make the day even more special and memorable — especially for guests. 

Keep these top examples in mind when you’re planning your wedding day. Then, once you’ve chosen your beautiful wedding colors and unique fonts, get started on your personalized items with Stomp. 

We offer an array of custom-made products that are perfect for tying the knot, from wedding stickers to labels, magnets, and more. A personalized wedding gift or invitation makes those wedding bells ring louder. Contact our printing experts to get started today. 



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