How to Freshen Up Your Brand This Spring with Custom Products

How to Freshen Up Your Brand This Spring with Custom Products

Spring has sprung! It's time to shake off those winter blues and embrace a fresh new look for your brand. As the heating bills recede and the Christmas tree is (finally) put away, spring is the perfect time to renew and rejuvenate your brand with custom spring products

Custom products are a great way to add a personal touch to your business and stand out from the competition. They add a unique spin to your marketing efforts and can help brighten up your brand awareness along with the longer days and warmer months. Spring is the perfect time to roll out your latest products because everyone is going to be outside again and lining up for the next farmers’ market or festival.  

So put away those bulky winter coats (yay!) and get ready to bloom with some fresh ideas to put the “spring” in your brand this spring. Let's dive in!

Why Invest in Custom Products?

Custom products are the ultimate power move for any business looking to leave a lasting impression on its customers. A custom-designed promotional item makes your brand stand out in a sea of generic merchandise (especially when someone has a tote bag full of trinkets after a day at the fair). It also allows you to showcase your unique personality and creativity. And show off your latest brand refresh. 

When customers see your custom spring products, they'll instantly recognize your brand and feel a connection beyond just making a purchase. Customization lends an air of professionalism, especially for small businesses that are just starting to pick up. Plus, custom products make for great conversation starters and Instagram-worthy moments, giving your brand even more exposure and recognition. 

So why settle for ordinary when you can create something truly extraordinary? 

Why is it Important to Refresh Your Brand?

Spring is a time for renewal, growth, and change, so it’s the perfect time for a brand refresh. Unfortunately, without the occasional update, it's easy for a brand to become stale and outdated. This can turn off potential customers and even cause loyal ones to jump ship. 

But if you refresh your brand with custom spring products, you demonstrate that you're keeping up with the times and staying relevant in a constantly evolving market. 

Once you have that refresh design locked in, it’s time to roll it out and make the change loud and proud. Custom products are a great way to cement your new branding and attract new customers. And let's not forget about your loyal customers — they'll appreciate the effort you're putting in to keep things interesting.

Inspiration to Refresh Your Brand this Spring

There are countless ideas for custom products that can give your brand a fresh and exciting look for the spring season. 

Here are just a few to get you started:


People water bottle with custom label.


1. Water bottle labels with your brand’s signature colors and logo

Custom water bottle labels offer several key benefits for businesses looking to refresh their brand. First, water bottles are a multi-tasking marketing tool that can recharge a business's image and attract more customers. 

The key is to use these in the right environment. Your business probably doesn’t need custom water bottles in a retail store, but any business can get some exposure from handing out branded water bottles during a 5k or an outdoor event

All in all, custom-designed water bottle labels are a refreshing way to quench a business's thirst for a renewed brand image.


Stomp custom hand fan.


2. Hand fans

Custom hand fans offer several benefits for businesses. First, they’re a practical item and useful in hot and humid weather. As the days become warmer, custom-designed hand fans can be a great way to advertise a brand while providing comfort. 

When designing your custom hand fan, don’t forget to make the most of your real estate. Use one side to put the basics: Your name, colors, logo, etc. Use the other side to describe your products or services and provide links to your online resources.

A custom-designed hand fan is versatile, and you can provide them to customers in various settings, from muggy outdoor events to stuffy trade shows and conferences. 


Hand putting custom packaging tape on box.


3. Packaging tape 

Another innovative custom spring product to consider for your brand refresh is packaging tape. Custom-designed packaging tape is a savvy way to amp up your branding game for any online order. Not only does it let customers know their order has arrived, it creates a professional and put-together look. 

Spring is all about change, and custom-designed packaging tape is a fantastic way to promote that refreshed brand image. Add some spring-themed graphics or colors, and watch the excitement bloom!


Group of people wearing custom green biking shirts.


4. Custom t-shirts or hats with a new, eye-catching logo or slogan

Custom t-shirts or hats are a must-have after any rebranding. They unify your staff, create brand ambassadors among your customers, and generate buzz for your redesign. When customers see your entire team wearing shirts with the new logo, the message is clear, and you are reinforcing your new brand. 

What separates wearables from other custom products is that they are versatile enough to be worn anywhere, and they can get years of use. So, let your brand's personality shine with a fresh, new look that'll leave a lasting impression!


Custom blue backpack.


5. Branded tote bags or backpacks with a fun spring-themed design

Say hello to branded tote bags or backpacks with a fun spring-themed design. Not only are these bags stylish and useful, but they also offer many benefits for business owners. 

With your logo and design front and center, you'll get plenty of exposure as your customers carry them around town. Plus, they make great promotional items that can be given at events or as a thank-you gift to loyal customers.

So why not put some spring in your step and add branded tote bags or backpacks to your marketing arsenal?


Custom laptop sleeve.


6. Phone cases and laptop sleeves

Spring is in the air, and your retail business can get in on the action with phone cases and laptop sleeves featuring spring-inspired patterns! These cases and sleeves offer stylish protection for your customers’ or employees’ tech and provide many benefits for your retail business. 

These are a great way to show off your business's personality and add some fun to your product offerings. So blossom into spring with some fresh new phone cases and laptop sleeves that'll give your retail business a stylish boost!


Kegs with custom wraps and collars.


7. Keg wraps and keg collars 

When you’re rebranding, you need to cover all your angles, even the stuff you take for granted. Custom keg wraps and keg collars can help breweries do exactly that. 

Keg wraps also make sure your clients account for all the kegs you’ve loaned them and that there is a visual indicator to ensure the right kegs are going back to the right brewery. Just make sure your clients know that you’ve undergone a redesign before you send them kegs with a brand-new look. 


Wine bottles with custom bottle tags.


8. Refreshing bottle tags

Bottle tags are the perfect way to add some zest and a refresh to your marketing strategy. These customizable tags offer a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and catch customers' attention in a fresh, new way. 

With a stylish design and prominently displayed logo or message, custom bottle tags can make your brand more memorable and recognizable. They're versatile enough for various products, from wine and spirits to bath and body products. 

And let's not forget their budget-friendly factor — refreshing bottle tags are an affordable way to add some pizzazz to your branding efforts without breaking the bank. So raise a glass to your revitalized brand image for spring with refreshing bottle tags.


Very confectionery custom box.


9. Custom boxes 

Why settle for a plain brown box when you can add flair to your brand with custom boxes? Custom spring product boxes offer many benefits for retail businesses looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. With a custom design that reflects your brand's personality, you'll have a unique way to showcase your products and create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. 

Plus, with your logo or message prominently displayed on the box, you'll get plenty of brand exposure wherever your boxes go. And let's not forget about the practical benefits — custom boxes can be tailored to your specific product needs, ensuring that your items are protected during shipping and storage. 


Selfie Spot floor decal.


10. Floor decals

Customizable floor decals offer many benefits for retail businesses looking to make a big impact. With a creative design and your brand's logo or message displayed, you'll have a unique way to catch customers' attention and direct foot traffic in your store. Floor decals are also perfect for promoting new products or seasonal sales, creating a sense of urgency that can drive more revenue. 

And let's not forget about their durability — floor decals can withstand heavy foot traffic and last for months, ensuring that your branding efforts pay off in the long run. 

Spring into Your Brand Refresh with Stomp

Investing in custom products for a brand refresh is a no-brainer. It will help you stand out in a crowded market and attract new customers, retain loyal ones, and keep your brand up-to-date and relevant.

The possibilities are endless! Remember to keep your brand's personality and values at the forefront of your design choices to ensure a cohesive and impactful look.

Let’s kick those winter blues to the curb and embrace the newness and growth that spring brings. Check out the Stomp design tool today and let your creativity run wild. Your brand (and your customers) will thank you! 


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