10 Marketing Swag Items Your Small Business Needs

10 Marketing Swag Items Your Small Business Needs

You’re proud of your small business, and rightfully so. You’ve worked hard to grow it, and now you want to share it with the world. What better way than with some unique swag?

In addition to spreading the word about your small business, marketing swag is an excellent way to build brand recognition, customer loyalty and extend your reach to new audiences. 

Interested in growing brand awareness, promoting brand name recognition, and impressing new and old clientele in a cost-effective and exciting way? Here’s your complete guide:

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10 Unique Swag Ideas for Your Small Business

Stock up on these branded swag essentials to help your small business grow:


Glossier stickers.


1. Free Stickers

Custom stickers are the king of swag, and it’s easy to see why. Stickers are versatile, affordable for small businesses, and easy for customers to love. Plus, they give you a ton of room to play with customization and style.

For best results, we recommend producing a few different stickers for a few different purposes. Make a small sticker with your logo, brand name, and color, and give them out with every purchase. 

To take your brand recognition a step further, invest a bit more money in stickers you plan to sell, and put them somewhere super-visible, like the counter of your brick-and-mortar store or a “merch” page on your website. Customers who love your company may decide to show it by repping your stickers. 


2. Complimentary Keychains with Purchase

Keychains are functional and fun. They make it easier for your customers to locate their keys in a crowded bag or backpack, and they represent your brand at the same time. 

For best results, invest in keychains that serve a purpose - LED keychains are great for a moment when your customer needs a bit of extra light, and bottle opener keychains help bring the party no matter where your buyers happen to be. Before committing to an order, figure out what style of keychain will appeal to your customers. 


3. Schedule or Calendar Magnets 

Stay top-of-mind while your customers stay on task - schedule or calendar magnets can help you do it! Durable, functional, convenient, and beautiful, these magnets will become a fixture on your customers' refrigerators - helping them remember all those important dates and enjoy a more streamlined daily schedule.


Bias Brewing hat on a man.


4. Hats

Encourage your customers to take your brand on the go with wearable swag like hats. Hats are great because, like stickers, they’re ultra-versatile and perfect for letting your creativity show. That said, hats are more expensive than other swag options and are better suited for established brands or large community groups, like breweries or bands. 

Go with a classic ball cap, or add some style with a funky 5-panel. The choice is yours! Once you’ve printed up a few winning varieties, offer them for purchase, or give them out as promotions next time you host an event or sponsor something important.


5. Portable Chargers

Hit the road with your customers and help them stay charged up and ready for anything with customized, portable chargers. Customize them with your brand logo and colors for a unique and highly reusable piece of swag.

These convenient swag items come in a few different varieties - battery packs, power banks, or cable sets, to name a few. These are an excellent choice if your product is tech-related or if it sends them into the great outdoors where there are no charging stations. 


Two brown leather luggage tags.


6. Luggage tags

Make the baggage claim experience easier for your customers while making the most of every opportunity. Custom-printed luggage tags ensure your brand’s logo is visible on every plane, train, or automobile your customers hop into while also making life a little easier for those who support you most.

7. Water Bottles

Keep your customers hydrated and happy with custom-printed water bottles or water bottle labels featuring your company’s name, brand, and logo. Opt for stainless steel varieties or eco-friendly, non-BPA plastic, depending on your preferences. When it comes to swag items, these are sure to last a lifetime and provide lots of functionality between now and then. 

Custom water bottles are ideal for outdoor events, conferences, or anywhere else with potential customers constantly walking around. 


Indeed Brewing orange coaster.


8. Branded Koozies

Help customers keep their drinks cold with fun, customized koozies and drink coolers. These are inexpensive to produce and perfect for brands in the food and beverage space, like breweries, kombucha producers, and more.

While these are a good choice for all kinds of outdoor events (especially ones with cold drinks), they are also a perfect choice for bands and breweries. 

9. Tote Bags

Help your customers take a load off with customized, lightweight tote bags featuring your brand, logo, and colors. Opt for high-capacity models in durable materials to keep your customers’ items secure.

Offer these at events like county fairs, trade shows, and other places where people receive a lot of freebies. They’ll drop the swag in your bag, and you’ll benefit from the branding of having your logo walking around with them. 


Woman in graphic t-shirt.


10. Branded Shirts

Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to your merch. Keep things classic with customized, lightweight t-shirts your customers can wear everywhere. Most importantly, if you have a brand that customers are passionate about, they will be more than happy to get a shirt with your logo on it. 

Not only will you be adding a new piece of apparel to their wardrobe, but you’ll also get to rest easy knowing that your customers are spreading the word about your small business everywhere they go! 


Create Your Customized Business Swag Today

Don’t waste another day on sub-par swag. Work with Stomp to get all your high-quality, super-customized swag today. Shop for business logo stickers and more now. Our nifty design tool makes customizing your products a breeze, and if you need help, our customer service team is here to guide you through the process and make your design look its best. 


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