Customer Spotlight Series: Central City Auto

Customer Spotlight Series: Central City Auto

In the heart of Central Montana is a family-owned RV & Auto dealership with a reputation for supporting youth athletics clubs. Central City Auto & RV support locals and recreational tourists alike. To learn a little more about this business and its community endeavors, we spoke to the store manager, Shannon Ruckman.

What is Central City Auto & RV? 

Central City Auto is an RV dealership specializing in windshield repair and replacement, sales, service, and repair of travel trailers and fifth wheels. Located in the heart of Montana, we are surrounded by five small mountain ranges with ample recreational opportunities, so offering RVs is a natural fit. Additionally, we are a family owned business; my husband is a third-generation business owner. 

Where Would You Say Your Business Excels?

We strive to provide excellent customer service in a timely fashion while offering a variety of services for auto and RV needs. We hope to continue to offer travel trailers and fifth wheels at an affordable price. 


RV and ATV


What Sets Central City Auto & RV Apart From Other Dealerships? 

I believe our company stands out with its service and our community support. We donate the use of our campers to youth sporting events throughout the year. We also participate in a lot of charitable fundraisers and are always trying to help the community. 

Why Did You Choose Stomp for Your Stickers?

Honestly, the connection I had with Stomp employees was the reason we started with Stomp. We decided to have a sticker-making contest with our kids, and the Stomp designers were able to create exact replicas of our kids’ drawings. 

We started using the stickers as a means of giving back to the kids’ schools. The designers are great to work with and have created several school-themed stickers for our kids and their sports teams. Plus, the stickers hold up to wear, weather and washing well. It’s become a popular thing to put them on water bottles and car windows/bumpers.


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