10 Unique Business Card Ideas That Leave an Impression

10 Unique Business Card Ideas That Leave an Impression

Every business professional and organization needs a business card. Not only are they the first thing that many prospective clients see, but they’re an excellent way to communicate value and showcase your creativity, brand personality, and more.

The key, though, is making your business cards stand out! But how do you do that? 

To help, let’s analyze some of our favorite business card ideas and what makes them work. Check them out, get inspired, and get busy creating your own unique cards.

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10 of the Most Creative Business Cards Out There

Far from ordinary, these business cards break the mold in the best possible way:


Tear-able business card.


1. A tear-able business card for a divorce lawyer

Part of creating a unique business card is tailoring it to your customers and your industry. We’ve seldom seen any company do this better than divorce lawyer James Mahon, who created a minimalist yet hilarious tear-able business card with contact information on both sides:

Even if you’re not in the same industry, you can take a lot of tips from this card. Namely, make it fun, make it creative, and make it something your clients won’t forget.


Rollable yoga studio business card.


2. A rollable business card for a yoga studio 

Speaking of making business cards unique and relevant to your business. This yoga studio, located in Vancouver, BC, has a one-of-a-kind design. 

Like the divorce lawyer’s business card, this one is simple in design and content but stands out in concept. This cute little card rolls up just like a yoga mat (rubber band and everything) and will surely delight anyone lucky enough to get one. 


Seed packet business card.


3. Seed packet business cards

What happens when a business card and a party favor get together? You wind up with something fun, quirky, and creative, like this designer’s wonderfully imaginative seed packet card:

While this card is a little more involved than some of the others on this list, it’s a powerful way to make sure your customers remember your business long after the initial card hand-off! 


Envelope business card.


4. A unique envelope for a dentist’s business card

We can’t say it enough: to create an exciting, unforgettable business card, you need to make it unique. 

While there’s nothing special about the actual content of this business card, we love the cute little envelope with the tooth punch out. It’s a smart design - the card looks like a cavity in the tooth, but pulling it out (and exposing the dentist’s information) makes the cavity disappear!



Fun-shaped business cards.


5. Uniquely-shaped business cards for an investment rep

If you want to design a creative business card, sometimes the answer is as simple as playing with shapes. For example, look no further than these creatively-shaped business cards created by a financial advisor, encouraging clients to either buy or sell. 

What we love about this card is that it’s simple in every aspect except shape: the colors, information, and print are all pretty basic, but it stands out because of the unique, die-cut shape, which fits beautifully in a wallet, but doesn’t look like any other business card out there. 


Square business cards.


6. Uniquely-sized business cards

We’ve talked about making your business cards stand out via shape, covering, and material, but what about the size? If you want your business cards to leave a mark, consider playing with the size of the card itself. 

Small, half-sized, and oversized cards are all visually appealing and can cause your customers to stop and take a second look.

For inspiration, check out this cute little business card, which features vibrant colors and a square shape:


Blackbird all black business card.


7. Monochrome cards

Sure, you can use color to make your business card stand out, but you can also use a lack of color to create a unique appearance. 

For an example, look no further than this striking, monochromatic business card that’s both visually appealing and totally on-brand.

Consider creating a monochromatic business card on heavy-duty matte cardstock for an added boost. We guarantee that your customers will not forget your card anytime soon.


Magnetic business card.


8. Magnetic business cards

We’ve discussed magnets as swag before, and we fully endorse them! Calendar magnets are one option, but business card magnets are another!

Magnet business cards are a fun way to make a first impression and provide a follow-up reminder about your business and contact information every time your client opens the refrigerator door.

If you want to make your magnetic cards extra creative, consider playing with all the elements we’ve listed above: size, shape, color, and texture. 


Peel-off appointment reminder business card.


9. Peel-off appointment business cards

Have customers take your contact info home while also decreasing your no-show appointment rate with peel-off custom appointment business cards like these:

What we like about these cards is that they’re both functional and attractive. Of course, they can be customized with your business’s information, colors, and more. The problem with so many business cards is that they don’t capture the interaction or are so dark there’s nowhere to write down details. Not so with peel-off appointment cards!


Stomp plastic business cards.


10. Ultra-durable (and attractive) plastic business cards

If you want a business card built to last, you can’t go wrong with an ultra-durable material like thick, deluxe plastic. The durability and tasteful thickness of plastic business cards means they won’t be so easily forgotten when placed in a wallet.  

These high-quality cards feature either a matte or glossy finish and are available in .020” and .030” plastic. You can print on one or two sides and even request for one side to be glossy and the other to be matte. The matte finish creates a pen-receptive surface so you can write down additional information before you hand out the cards to your customers. These cards are sure to make a statement. 

If you’re looking to take things up a notch, consider printing your custom business cards on clear deluxe plastic. These cards are offered with one-sided printing and open up a new world of design possibilities. For example, in the image above, the card is for a photography business that utilized the clear portion to simulate the viewfinder on a digital camera. It’s a business card that potential customers won’t soon forget! Contact our support squad for more information, or request a quote from our website.

Level Up Your Game With Unique New Business Cards

Looking for a way to give your business a boost this year? Investing in creative new business cards is an excellent option. Whether you choose to invest in a unique material, play with color or lack of color, use fun shapes and sizes, or go for a functional, magnet-style card, creating a business card that reflects your values and creativity is a surefire way to build brand recognition and have a little more fun with your clients!


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