3 Ways Tamper Evident Food Labels Improve Restaurant Take-Out Credibility

3 Ways Tamper Evident Food Labels Improve Restaurant Take-Out Credibility

Back in 2019, US Foods conducted a survey of food delivery drivers. The biggest takeaway:

“1 In 4 Food Delivery Drivers Admit to Eating Your Food”

You read that correctly. Roughly 25% of delivery drivers ate the food they were delivering! Yuck!

For customers, food delivery already has plenty of negatives – food isn’t the same quality as in-restaurant, it often arrives cold, there are plenty of extra fees, and there are no repercussions for getting your order incorrect.

None of that seems to deter customers, however. Food delivery is expected to grow from $106 billion in 2021 to $223 billion in 2027. It turns out, that the negatives don’t outweigh the positives.

For restaurants, delivery presents new challenges but also new opportunities for growth and loyalty. It also means ensuring customers receive the highest-quality product – and that no one has eaten it!

Enter tamper evident food labels

Tamper evident food labels let customers know that no one touched their food directly and adds a layer of trust to both the restaurant and the delivery service. 

Let’s look at three ways your restaurant can use tamper evident food labels to improve credibility and loyalty. 

#1. Right Order, Right Customer

Have you ever really thought about the journey a takeout box goes on before it ultimately reaches the customer’s dining room table? It’s more complicated than you might think:

  • The restaurant receives the customer's order, and the chef begins getting the order ready.
  • The staff assembles the takeout box, and the chef places the food inside the box. If there are multiple items, the chef puts each item in a separate box and stages the boxes together on the line.
  • The server places the box or boxes in a to-go bag and brings it to the host stand.
  • The host gives it to the delivery driver who then makes their way to the customer, often delivering more than one order at once.

With all of the various touchpoints, you can see how easy it is for orders to get mixed up and the wrong food delivered.  

Tamper evident food labels ensure boxes stay secure and also provide restaurants with an efficient way to label the delivery food.


After the restaurant places the food in the takeout boxes, they can add information like a customer name, order #, and food item/s to the label so next person in the process can easily identify it without opening the box.

By adding tamper evident food labels to both the to-go boxes and delivery bags, you can improve the odds of delivering the right order to the right customer. 

#2. Promote Food Freshness

When COVID hit, many restaurants had to adapt their menus. Some simplified their menus while others began offering ready-to-bake items or pre-prepared foods. Restaurants could make these types of offerings ahead of time and with no dining in allowed, it prevented food waste and gave loyal customers a way to support the business.

With restaurants still offering these takeaway items, food freshness has a different meaning. Customers don't just want their food delivered hot and fresh, they want to know when their food was packaged and how to prepare it. 


Restaurants can customize tamper evident food labels to include things like baking instructions, prepared dates, use by dates, and more. 

Along with establishing a good rapport with your customers, you also improve operational efficiency by knowing exactly when to sell products by and when to dispose of it. 

#3. Show You Care

Tamper evident food labels drive consumer confidence in your restaurant’s products and business model. They signal loud and clear to the customer that no one has dipped their dirty paws into their french fry bucket and show that your brand not only cares about food safety and quality but is willing to go above and beyond the status quo. 


In such a crowded and hyper-competitive market, restaurants must take advantage of every opportunity to gain a competitive edge. 

Think about tamper evident food labels as not just a protection for your customers but also a form of protection for your brand’s reputation. 


Design Tamper Evident Food Labels with Stomp

The same study that showed 25% of drivers eating their deliveries showed that 85% of customers recommended adding tamper evident food labels or packaging to remedy the problem. Easy fix, right?

Customers want to trust you and you have the ability to give them what they want. Don’t compromise when it comes to food safety and customer loyalty. Send your takeout to the next level with custom tamper evident food labels from Stomp. They are easy to design and even easier to integrate into your processes.


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