7 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom Stickers

7 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Custom Stickers

At Stomp, we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to all things that stick. From basic circles to custom die cut stickers, we have the right product to help your brand image stick in the minds of customers. The most common use for stickers in the business world is to promote a brand. We want to make sure that you’re getting the highest return on investment from your stickers. So, let’s check out 4 effective ways to boost your branding with custom stickers from Stomp.


Design Your Stickers


1. Give custom stickers as gifts

Reward your customers for their loyalty by giving them stickers with their purchases. The sticker will provide a nice surprise that they can apply to whatever they wish! Wherever they apply them, you’re guaranteed to get visibility to your brand.


2. Sell custom stickers in your store

Design stickers with your logo and a fun message that customers will want to share. When customers see a sticker that makes them laugh or feel an emotional connection, they are likely to make the purchase. You will get the income from the purchase, along with free advertising. This is truly a win-win situation.


3. Offer free bumper stickers

Purchase bumper stickers and leave them out for customers to take. If they apply them to their vehicles, you get free advertising that can gain brand exposure from all over the place. Choose a fun design that will make customers want to take a bumper sticker with them. Consider popular and witty statements combined with your logo in a clearly visible way.


4. Add custom stickers to packaging

Do you ship your products to customers? Add a custom sticker to the box! Design it with your social media handles, a QR code, or just your logo. Customers will recognize that the package is from you immediately. Don’t ship your products? Apply stickers to your bags or to the product packaging. Inform customers about specials, upcoming events, and more!


5. Leave free stickers at local hotspots 

Leaving freebie stickers at local establishments is a great way to grow your brand awareness. Try coffee shops or bookstores where customers are more likely to sit and hang out. Remember to always check with the store management, maybe it will even spark a conversation about a local partnership! 


6. Apply custom stickers to your storefront windows

Adding custom stickers to your storefront is an easy and affordable way to draw customers in and highlight any in-store promotions. Static clings provide an easily-removable option so you can effortlessly update your storefront with the season. 


7. Include custom stickers in orders

In addition to including custom stickers on the outside of shipped packages, consider throwing stickers into the box as well. Including free custom stickers with every order is an easy way to stay top-of-mind long after the shipping box is in the recycling bin. 


Start promoting your brand with custom stickers from Stomp

We offer Stomp stickers in various sizes and shapes, including custom options. Choose the style that is right for you and use our online design tool to customize them however your heart desires! If you need assistance, our support squad is always happy to help. Get to sticking, Stompers!


Design Your Stickers


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