How to Create Memorable Wedding Favors On a Budget

How to Create Memorable Wedding Favors On a Budget

When it comes to planning your wedding, the number of details to juggle and decisions to make can be overwhelming – especially when sticking to your budget. But there are many bank account-friendly ways to have the wedding of your dreams and creating your own wedding favors for family and friends is just one.

These days many couples are looking for smaller, more personalized wedding favor ideas, things that have much more of a keepsake vibe. If you’re looking for ways to create memorable wedding favors with more meaning (and a smaller price tag), check out the ideas below for some inspiration.

Sweet Treats

Edible favors are a hit, for a few reasons. First of all, who doesn’t love a little treat? Whether they can eat it right away or take it home and make it, edible wedding favors are popular with couples and guests alike. 

Hot Chocolate To Go

DIY hot chocolate mixes are easy to make and fun to receive.


You can buy a set of jars, so each favor matches, or go the eclectic route by gathering jars of different shapes and colors. Add a personalized sticker, a label with some instructions, and maybe a cute ribbon, and you’re set!

S’mores Kits

All the childhood nostalgia, none of the sticky mess!


At least, not at your reception. Guests can slip these sugary little favors into their pockets while planning their next weekend camping trip or backyard bonfire.

Homemade Jam

It definitely doesn’t have to be your homemade fruity spread. If spending a few hours in the kitchen isn’t exactly your jam, there are local bakers who are more than happy to do it for you.


But if tying on an apron is your idea of a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, then by all means get to it! Your guests will love their sweet treat either way. Bonus points if you use local, in-season fruits and custom jam labels.


Tailor-Made Meaningfulness

Creating personalized products is a snap. Whether you buy them or make them by hand, adding a label and/or sticker with your guests’ names, or your names and the date of your wedding, is a great way to take your wedding favors from “Oh, that’s nice” to “Oh, NICE!” in a snap.

Lip Balm

Lip balms are great little favors, on their own or as part of a basket of goodies. For the crafty couple, they’re quick and simple to make, and super easy to label.


These luscious lip smoothers are also incredibly cute as place settings. A nice bonus? That means you can cross name cards off your never-ending to-do list.

Hand-Poured Candle

Candles are incredibly easy to make. Some wax from a craft store, a lovely scent from essential oils, a little time spent melting and pouring and that’s it!


If you love to up-cycle, and like the look of a mix-and-match approach, you can spend months leading up to your wedding collecting and saving all different kinds of jars.

Scented Sachets

If you like to sew or know someone who does, these simple, lightly scented sachets are budget-friendly wedding favors.


And if you love going to your local thrift store anyway, sourcing fabric for your sachets is a great reason to head out on the hunt for fun, frugal materials.

Loving Keepsakes

Things to eat are great, and so are personalized self-care products. But some couples just want that added touch of creating keepsakes, little things sure to become treasured reminders of their happy day.


Handwritten Letters or Thank You Notes

Why wait until after the wedding to say thank you? Let your guests know how much they mean to you with a gorgeous, handwritten letter or thank you note.

While you don’t have to make your own paper (though that’s fun too), your words in your own handwriting will be a meaningful keepsake for your guests. And don’t worry if your cursive isn’t calligraphy. It really is the thought that counts.

Hand-decorated frame

For crafty couples, spend a few hours creating these personalized picture frames commemorating your nuptials.


If you plan to have a photo booth, or maybe a few Polaroid cameras floating around, leave a space for guests to later add their own favorite snapshots of the big day.

Personalized Wedding Coasters

Add a dash of fun to the cheers and toasts at your reception with personalized wedding coasters.


One side can commemorate your names and the date, and the other side can, if you want, include a thank you note from the bride and groom. Adding a thank you note is a sweet way to thank those who spent the special day with you. 

Personalized Magnets

Magnets are instant favorites. Who doesn’t love a fun little personalized collectible?

And who doesn’t immediately want to use it to pin something to their fridge? Design your magnets at the same time you design your invitations, so everything sticks to your wedding’s theme, fonts, and colors.


It’s Alive!

Plants and seed packets are lovely little favors to send home with your guests. Small, easy to care for plants are fun, and handmade packets for flowers, herbs, or even veggies are sure to make your friends and loved ones think of you throughout the entire growing season.


No matter how un-green your guests’ thumbs may be, succulents are likely to survive to brighten their homes for some time.


You can use tiny jars or glasses as planters, or order and personalize actual planters. And, when in doubt, include care instructions as well.

Tree seedlings

Trees are an unusual and eye-catching idea for a wedding favor. And because not everyone may have room to plant their little baby pine or spruce, sourcing smaller or dwarf varieties of trees is a good idea.


Or you could plan a get-together for after the honeymoon, at a location where everyone can plant their little trees and come back to watch them grow.

Start Creating Meaningful Commemorative Wedding Favors

Custom wedding favors do more than just save you money – they add a personal touch to your reception. Put a little thought, and a lot of love, into the things you send home with family and friends. These could become treasured keepsakes they keep around for years to come.


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