How to Customize Your Office for Maximum Brand Exposure

How to Customize Your Office for Maximum Brand Exposure

Your office space says quite a mouthful about your organization—what it is, what it stands for, and the quality it represents. With that in mind, there’s no bigger or splashier billboard for your corporate brand than custom office products. Done well, your office products can help drive brand visibility, reinforce company values, and support a happier workforce. 

So let’s dive into the importance of custom office products and how to set up your office for the utmost brand exposure. 


Why Custom Office Products Can Be Powerful Brand Ambassadors

Custom office supplies provide a brand identity that illustrates and exemplifies your brand’s personality and highlights the culture that makes it unique. 

After all, you have put a lot of thought into your branding. It’s more than just colors and a logo–it’s the punctuation that wordlessly underscores your brand promise. When they drink in those details, it provides a sense of the brand at its core and an enduring reminder of what the company represents. Done right, your branding will linger in the minds of your visitors and employees long after they leave the building.


Custom Office Products Make Your Employees Happy

Since office employees need specific tools and amenities to do their jobs, custom branded office supplies satisfy that purpose while adding a sense of exclusivity and pride. Some examples of practical office supplies that you can customize include business cards, letterhead, calendars, badges, parking permits, mouse pads, and fobs. 

Custom office products make an immediate impression in a world filled with uncertainty. They lend a sense of permanence and commitment to help employees feel proud to be a part of your organization. For your employees, your custom branded products support a sense of pride because they’ll always know you care enough to take that extra step.


How to Customize Your Office to Drive Brand Exposure 

With so many ideas for office products, how do you even begin to choose what’s right for you? 

There’s a lot to think about – consider your employees, your office environment, and the workflows you need to support. Some promotional items will be more obvious, like pens, coasters, magnets, stationery, business cards, but think outside the box a little.  


Custom Tech Stickers 

Do you supply your employees with workstations, phones, or devices of any kind? Custom tech stickers are a way to brand your company-owned devices, and they are also a way to jazz up an ordinarily dull keyboard or mark specific keys to correspond with common key-commands they use every day. 

Custom tech stickers

If you work in a design environment, as we do at Stomp, your teams will find tech stickers are a fun and practical way to stay focused. It’s also handy when training new employees as they’ll get up to speed a lot faster when they don’t have to look up key commands when they’re getting used to your workflows. It shows that you’re in tune with the challenges they face and sets the stage for an open and collaborative work relationship.


Personalized Corporate Magnets 

Magnets are useful items that can be customizable to any size or shape. They can also be great swag for your employees. These Target buttons for example serve as a reminder of the ‘Give with Target’ program and direct people to where they can obtain more information or donate.

Custom office products


Custom office products don’t have to be all business though. Think about how you can extend your branding to break room items, like branded magnets for message boards, or to highlight a current campaign and keep the mission top-of-mind.


Custom Coasters 

Custom Coasters

Keep branded coasters on hand for desktop use to help employees avoid spillage, protect your office furniture, and provide a way to customize their workstations any way they see fit. Sure, it’s bonafide company swag, but they’ll think of it as a way to exert their individuality. 

When you consider that full-time employees spend more time at work than they do pretty much anything else in life, you’ll appreciate how important it is for them to feel like they belong. It’s a way to support them in feeling welcome and part of something bigger than themselves.    


Get Started with Stomp

Custom branded office products are an excellent way to shout out your brand, both inside and outside the office. Stomp’s online design tools make it easy to create your line of custom office products, and our design experts are always on hand to help. 

Are you ready to get started with Stomp custom office products? Contact us and start designing yours today!


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