Your Guide To Creating Custom Liquor Labels

Your Guide To Creating Custom Liquor Labels

Think about the last time you stepped inside your favorite liquor store or up to the bar at a fancy cocktail lounge. Faced with shelves full of different types of liquor, which bottle stood out to you? Probably the one with a standout label.

With dozens of options for any type of liquor, your product needs a label that helps it stand out on crowded shelves. But there’s a lot to consider when designing a custom label, from label types and shapes to material magic. 

Ready to make your liquor bottle label the life of the party? Grab your shaker, and let’s go!

What Is the Importance of Having a Standout Liquor Bottle Label?

Let’s face it: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of spirits available on the market today. In a sea of choices and established brands, a standout liquor bottle label is crucial to capturing the attention of cocktail lovers and liquor aficionados. Until customers have that first taste, you are selling them on the idea of the liquor as presented in the packaging. 

Your label is the initial point of engagement with potential customers. That’s why it’s important to craft a label that sets your product apart and communicates your brand’s story. Investing in a distinctive and eye-catching liquor bottle label in the competitive world of spirits isn’t frivolous — it’s a strategic move. 


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Liquor Bottle vs. Liquor Bottle Label

Your liquor bottle label design will depend on the shape of your bottle. For example, wraparound labels offer a single, straightforward application — but only with the right bottle type. 

Wraparound labels fit perfectly on bottles with high shoulders. But this type of label might look awkward on low-shouldered bottles, leaving them looking like they’re wearing the wrong-sized suit. 

Crafting front and back labels requires double printing and double application. However, this double-sided approach is an ideal choice for products like mead, which are often in bottles with low shoulders. 

What Material Should You Use for a Liquor Bottle Label?

When it comes to the material of your liquor bottle label, you have several options. One option is paper labels, which Stomp offers in both matte and glossy finishes. While these labels are cost-effective, they are not water-resistant and can become discolored in the event of a spill.

For bottles that like to make a splash, waterproof labels are the move. These labels come at a slightly higher cost, but their polypropylene material makes them more durable and water-resistant. They’re like raincoats for your product!


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What Are the Different Liquor Bottle Label Shapes?

Ready to talk shapes? Stomp has an array of label shapes, including several that come with transparent options. Let’s take a closer look.

Square and Rectangle Liquor Bottle Labels

Clean lines create a classic look. Square and rectangular labels are a perfect choice for those who believe less is more. Ideal for whiskies or traditional spirits, a square canvas provides ample space for your branding and product information.

Oval and Circle Liquor Bottle Labels

Circular labels can complement a wide range of spirits. Their soft curves wrap around your bottle seamlessly, an excellent option for creating a cohesive look on rounded bottles.

Custom Die-Cut Liquor Bottle Labels

Custom die-cut labels allow you to craft bespoke labels tailored to your brand’s personality — the perfect option for those who believe in standing out from the crowd. You can choose any shape your heart desires, from your logo outline to a heart shape! 

Clear Labels

Clear liquor bottle labels are a minimalist's dream — and they let your spirit shine through. These labels are ideal for showcasing your spirits' natural color and purity, like crystal-clear gin or vodka.

How To Create Your Own Liquor Bottle Label

Now that we’ve covered liquor bottle label shapes and types, you can determine which label is right for you. Next up is the fun part: designing your label! Consider these key elements that help make your liquor bottle labels unique:


Choose your font wisely — it's the voice your label speaks in. Fancy cursive for a vintage touch? Bold and blocky for a modern vibe? The choice is yours, but make sure it complements your brand’s personality. Most importantly, make sure your font is legible!


Does your brand have a logo yet? If not, now’s the perfect time to create one! Make it bold, make it memorable, and make it work seamlessly with your label shape — front and center, of course.

Color Scheme

Colors speak louder than words, so make sure the colors on your label represent your product and brand identity. Whether it's a bold red for a fiery spirit or a calming blue for a smooth sipper, choose colors that resonate with your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Liquor Bottle Label Requirements

Make sure you tick all the legal boxes before diving headfirst into designing your label. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) provides spirits labeling requirements, which include mandatory information to include on a label, how to apply for label approval, and other relevant regulations.

In summary, your liquor label must include the following: your brand name, the class or type of spirits you’re selling, the beverage’s alcohol content, an age statement, a health warning statement, the name and address of the manufacturer, the product’s net content, and a commodity statement and color ingredient disclosure if applicable. Take a closer look at the TTB requirements to ensure legal compliance (and informed, happy customers!).

Create Your Own Liquor Bottle Label With Stomp

A good label can make the difference between an average liquor bottle and a great one. In the “spirit” of making dreams come true, Stomp is here to turn your labeling dreams into a reality. Whether you're a craft distillery, a boutique brand, or the next big name in spirits, it’s time to create a label that captures not only your brand’s vibe but also the hearts of your customers.

Start designing custom liquor bottle labels with Stomp today.

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