Why Your Wedding Invitation Needs Save the Date Magnets

Why Your Wedding Invitation Needs Save the Date Magnets

Planning a wedding can feel like juggling flaming torches while walking a tightrope — thrilling, a bit scary, and honestly overwhelming. 

Love, amiright? 

Fret not, for we're here to lend a hand and extinguish any metaphorical flames (except those that burn brightly for your sweetheart)! So, let’s dive into the inviting world of save the date magnets.

These little pieces of stationery are more than just fun and cute fridge ornaments. They're the first glimpse of your joyous celebration, serving as a cheerful reminder of your perfect love story unfolding.

Plan Your Big Day with Stomp banner.Save the date magnets are your trusty heralds of joy. So, brace yourself for some magnetic attraction as we navigate this unique aspect of wedding planning together. 

Ready for less torch juggling and more fun? Let’s go!


Save the Date vs. Wedding Invitations: What’s the Difference?

First, we need to get to the heart of the matter — the different roles and use cases of save the date vs. wedding invitations. 

To set the stage, picture these two as characters in the grand play of your wedding planning. The save the date is the first bearer of news, the town crier shouting from the rooftops that something wonderful is coming. 

On the other side of town, the wedding invitation is the elegant messenger, arriving later with a formal announcement, detailing the where, when, and how of the main event. 

Both of them play crucial roles, and one doesn’t substitute the other.

The first touchpoint with wedding guests

Save the date notices are your first round of communication. You’d typically send these to your guests months before the wedding — about six to eight months in advance is common.

Usually, they include the date and time of your wedding and location. They aren’t particularly detailed, but give your guests a concrete date and time to, well, save!

A save the date announcement is particularly important if you’re:

  • Having a destination wedding 
  • Planning the ceremony during a popular time of year
  • Have a lot of out-of-state guests attending 

It’s likely that your guests will need to request days off work, book flights, and arrange accommodation. 

So, the more advanced notice they have of your special day, the better.

The formal announcement

In contrast, the wedding invitation is your wedding’s formal announcement. Wedding invitations are more detailed than a save the date magnet, and you'd usually send the invitation to your guests about two to three months prior to the big day. 

On a wedding invitation, you would include things like:

  • The exact date and time
  • Ceremony and reception venues
  • The dress code
  • If it’s an adults-only event
  • RSVP details
  • A hint of your wedding theme or style

So, why do you need both? 

Save the dates allow your guests to mark their calendars and start planning, while wedding invitations offer all the key details for them to attend and celebrate with you. Both of these pieces effectively communicate with your guests at different stages of your wedding preparation.

Think of it this way: 

Save the dates are the save our spot in your calendar note, while wedding invitations are the here's everything you need to join us on our special day guidebook.

With both of these elements in your wedding communication suite, you'll keep your guests well-informed, stress-free, and excited about your upcoming nuptials. 


Blue fridge with a save the date magnet and grad card.


Why Choose a Save the Date Magnet? 

Save the date announcements can come in many forms — postcards, emails, personalized stickers, bookmarks, coasters, etc. Magnets, however, add quite the magnetic appeal to your wedding communications suite. But save the date magnets are more than just an add-on. 

These little charmers have a unique role and several advantages:


Dual purpose

Traditional paper save the dates are a beloved staple of wedding stationery. But who says you can't jazz things up? Include a save the date magnet along with your paper announcement. It adds a fun and interactive element to your wedding preparations and keeps your guests engaged.


Unique role

Save the date magnets fill a distinct role. Unlike paper counterparts that guests might tuck away and forget about, magnets live on surfaces like fridges or filing cabinets, acting as a daily visual reminder of your upcoming celebration.


Temporary, but memorable 

Magnets strike the right balance between permanence and transience. Unlike stickers, they won't leave any residue behind and can easily be moved or removed when necessary. However, during their time on display, magnets serve as a delightful memento of your special day.



The beauty of magnets lies in their flexibility. Guests can place them on a variety of metallic surfaces, ensuring they're always within sight. From the refrigerator door to a magnetic notice board or even a workspace, your save the date magnet will stand out.


Miniature billboards 

Think of save the date magnets as recurring miniature billboards, gently nudging your loved ones to mark their calendars and reserve time off for your celebration. Each time guests catch sight of the magnet, they'll get a reminder of the joyous day to come.

Adding a save the date magnet to your wedding communications suite serves a practical purpose. But it also brings a playful touch that your guests will appreciate. 

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5 Creative Save the Date Magnet Designs to Inspire You

A save-the-date magnet is your canvas for creativity, a small space to infuse with your personality and love story. Here are five imaginative examples of save-the-date magnets that transform them from simple reminders to unique keepsakes. 


Minimal save the date card with a drawing of a mountain landscape.


1. A hint of the theme to come 

This beautiful, yet simple save the date magnet gives guests a hint of the destination and style of the upcoming nuptials. The mountain theme, dichromatic black and white palette, and simple typeface are tres magnifique, mon amour!

If your wedding will take place in the great and wonderful outdoors, consider adding a simple drawing, cartoon, or image that hints at the destination. This will get guests excited, curious, and more likely to remember to block off their calendars for your big day. 


Custom save the date card with picture in the shape of the location state.


2. Creative coziness 

Are you and your beloved homebodies? Is your wedding in your home state, or is it taking place in your backyard? Then gather inspiration with this unique design. 

Take your favorite engagement photo and turn it into the shape of your home state where your special day will take place! It’s a very memorable and creative take on the usual tried-and-true save the date magnet. 

Guests get bonus points for their knowledge of geography!


Save the date card with a calendar.


3. A kanban can-can

It’s wonderfully functional and an excellent choice for ensuring that your guests remember, and well, save your date! 

The calendar square highlights your wedding day, while a photo adds a personal touch and visually anchors the magnet. 

Additionally, the calendar square gives recipients a visual reminder that helps ensure they’ll RSVP. 


Watercolor save the date card.


4. A watercolor whirlwind for your wedding

Watercolors are arguably the most dreamy and romantic of all art mediums. If you're looking for something dreamy and unique for your wedding communications suite that whispers in loving tones, save the date, well, you can’t go wrong with watercolors.

It’s a charming, blooming splash of color!


Save the date card with a gold dot oval outline.


5. Seurat would be smitten 

The father of pointillism would be smitten with this type of save the date magnet. This design makes the old new again and gives a modern, creative flair to your wedding communications. 

Make the dots in your chosen wedding color palette. Have them frame your favorite engagement photo, and consider making them a raised, metallic foil for extra shine and pizzazz.

Attract Your Guests With Save the Date Magnets

We hope these highlights have left you with some inspiration and a clearer understanding of a save the date magnet’s unique charm. These delightful tokens, full of personal creativity and love, are integral to your wedding journey, ensuring your guests keep your special day front and center in their hearts (and on their fridges)!

Before you dive into designing your own save the date magnets, here are a few must-haves to keep in mind:

  • Names — Make sure both of your names are clearly displayed. After all, you're the stars of the show!
  • Date — The whole point of a save the date is to announce your wedding date, so make this a prominent detail.
  • Location — Include the city and state (or country for destination weddings) to help guests plan their travel. The exact venue address isn't necessary at this point.
  • Website — If you have a wedding website, remember to add your URL. It's a great place for guests to find more detailed information as the date gets closer.
  • Design —Choose colors, fonts, and imagery that reflect your personalities and the tone of your wedding. This is your chance to give an intriguing sneak peek of what's to come.

Remember, the key is making your announcement clear, concise, and visually appealing. Now, you're all set to embark on your design journey!

At Stomp, we're eager to help transform your ideas into magnetic masterpieces that resonate with your love story. So, why wait? Let's kickstart the design process, making your first announcement as unique and special as your upcoming nuptials. 

Love is in the air — and on the fridge! Design your save the date magnets today! 


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