Back To School: Enforce Parking Safety With Custom Parking Tags

Back To School: Enforce Parking Safety With Custom Parking Tags

When thinking about school infrastructure – safety, hallways, classrooms, lunchrooms, gymnasiums, blah blah, blah blah – it’s easy for administrators to forget one (major) thing: parking. 

And these days, that’s a big deal! Depending on the size and location, some schools host hundreds – maybe even thousands – of vehicles each day. With all that traffic, taking parking safety measures is essential for schools to operate efficiently and securely. Custom parking tags are the key to maintaining organization and accountability for vehicles on school property. 

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Here, we’ll explore how school administrators and staff can handle vehicles and enhance safety and security. Custom parking tags can transform parking management in educational institutions. And when you design your own, you can design a creative and funky blend of school spirit and practicality – and increase the overall safety of your school. It doesn’t sound too bad, right?


What Are Parking Tags?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s look broadly at parking tags and their purpose. 

Parking tags are custom identifiers attached to vehicles to facilitate efficient vehicle management. They serve as visual cues, enabling easy identification of cars on school premises. Moreover, they ensure users know when and where to park, helping foster a self-regulated and governed system that provides smooth traffic flow. For elementary schools, parking tags help faculty identify approved vehicles for children.   

In other words, they’re equally helpful for managing an army of freshly turned 16-year-olds driving their grandma’s old car as they are an army of inpatient soccer moms lined up out of the parking lot and around the block.


Full parking lot.


Benefits of Custom Parking Tags for School Parking Lots

Aside from keeping that high school junior from parking his 2001 Camry in the teachers’ lot, custom parking tags offer a range of advantages for school parking lots – in both efficiency and safety. Not only do they help with traffic flow, but they’re an easy security measure that helps schools and their students to stay safe.

But custom parking tags aren’t just for high schools. These are useful tools for community colleges, trade schools, universities, and other academic institutions.

Vehicle Identification

With custom parking tags, school administrators can easily identify authorized vehicles within the parking lot. For staff, students, and visitors, the identification process becomes streamlined – minimizing confusion and ensuring the right individuals have access to the premises.

Organized Traffic Flow

The before and after school rush is no joke and makes driving in Manhattan seem like a breeze. Custom parking tags help maintain an organized traffic flow within parking lots. Using the tags to designate specific parking sections for different groups is an intelligent and efficient way to minimize chaos and congestion. Clear signage and color-coded tags further aid smooth navigation.

Visitor Management & Safety

School safety is the utmost priority for administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Custom parking tags are another level of security on school grounds – a super easy way to monitor surveillance and determine whether someone is a visitor or something else. If an unauthorized vehicle makes its way onto school grounds, parking tags make it very easy to notice.

School parking lot in front of brick building.


What Should You Include on Custom School Parking Tags?

Designing effective custom school parking tags requires careful consideration of what information to include. Plus, it’s another fun way to think about expressing school pride – not too different from creating a custom sticker design! The best designs are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing.

School Name and Logo

Maybe it’s obvious, but worth noting. Including your school’s name and logo on the parking tags not only helps differentiate school parking tags from generic permits but adds a sense of identity. Staff and students tend to be proud of their community. These little tags can be fun ways to express it.


Parking Section

Use your custom school parking tags to help people park, duh! We kid, but designated parking sections on the tags streamlines parking and facilitates efficient space allocation. Also, it helps drivers keep track of their vehicles, reducing any confusion and helping the flow of traffic.


Color-Coded Organization

Remember the KISS method. It might seem like a no-brainer, but color-coded tags can easily improve identification and organization. Different colors that represent groups or parking zones enable quick visual recognition and expedite parking management. For example, make student parking tags one color and faculty parking tags another.  


Expiration Date

Don’t let Jimmy take his parking tag to college or out into the workforce. Make sure you include expiration dates on your custom parking tags, encourage annual permit renewal, and maintain an accurate record of active parking tags. For these reasons, we recommend a redesign every year so that your faculty can tell at a glance if someone is using an expired parking tag. 

Keep Your Students Safe with Stomp

It’s the little details in infrastructure that keep everything flowing. For schools, a well-designed and carefully implemented system of custom parking tags might not be front of mind when administrators are dealing with a billion other responsibilities – but implementing these systems will transform the traffic flow and safety on school grounds.

Stomp’s nifty design tool will help you create your own custom parking tags in minutes and pave the way for your school to develop a safer and more efficient parking experience.


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  • Nashira Edmiston