Customer Spotlight Series: Scents of Ukraine

Customer Spotlight Series: Scents of Ukraine

Scents of Ukraine was created by Yuliya Gorenko, a native Ukrainian forced to leave her home in February of 2022 due to the ongoing war. To support her home country, Yuliya developed a line of handmade scented candles inspired by her memories of Ukraine. With 10 years of experience in PR and marketing from her pre-war life, Yuliya uses her candle-making and promotional skills to raise awareness for Ukraine and support Ukrainian humanitarian efforts. We connected with Yuliya to learn more. 


What Inspired You To Start Scents of Ukraine? 

As a Ukrainian refugee in the US, I started Scents of Ukraine to share the beauty of Ukraine with the world and to raise money for Ukrainians in need. The war impacted the way I think about life and my role in this world. 

Despite the emotional struggle I am living in, I directed my pain, anger, and fear into positive action. I started Scents of Ukraine to support my country. Even though I am far from home, I am trying to make a difference. By selling candles, I raise money for humanitarian projects in Ukraine. Helping others gives me the strength to carry on.


Three images of the candle making process with Yuliya Gorenko.


What Drives Your Brand Mission?

There are two elements of the brand’s mission: to show the unique identity of Ukraine and to support Ukrainians affected by the war.


What Causes Does Scents of Ukraine Support?

By purchasing a Scents of Ukraine product, you support humanitarian aid in Ukraine. You can learn more about our humanitarian action here.

All of us at Stomp are highly impressed by the efforts Scents of Ukraine has participated in. From providing generators for remote villages in the winter to purchasing essentials for disabled families, Yuliya is clearly committed to assisting Ukraine’s most vulnerable citizens in these times of need. 


Scents of Ukraine Kherson candle with flowers.


Why Did You Choose Stomp For Your Candle Labels? 

I chose Stomp for my custom candle labels because of the customer service. I did not have much experience in packaging and production before, so I was looking for a company that would guide me through the printing process. The Stomp team was very responsive, patient, and attentive to my needs.


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