Water Bottle Label Design Tips

Water Bottle Label Design Tips

Hey there, small business champs! Have you ever thought about how those water bottles you hand out at events could do more than just quench thirst?

With a well-designed custom label, your water bottles can become a functional (and cost-effective) marketing tool. They help get the word out about your brand and spark interest from potential customers. So, are you ready to splash your brand all over town? Let’s dive into the details of designing water bottle labels so you can quench your thirst and drive brand awareness.


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The Importance of Water Bottle Labels for Small Businesses

If your small business attends trade shows, local fairs, or other events, handing out water bottles to thirsty booth visitors is a must – especially in the summer months. And when you add a custom label to your bottles, they go from a mere event freebie to a mini billboard for your booth and brand!

Branded water bottle labels are a cost-effective way to market your business, especially when you take time to design one that’s visually appealing. A thoughtful design isn’t just a pretty addition — it’s that extra drop of creativity that can really capture the attention of potential customers. 

A label’s design can make your brand seem playful, sophisticated, eco-friendly, or even funky. No matter what essence you want your brand to give off, the right label can help you make an impression that lasts longer than a big gulp of H2O.

All kinds of small businesses can incorporate custom water bottle labels into their repertoire of branding tools. Breweries can slap these enticing labels on water bottles they offer to thirsty beer drinkers. Retailers can distribute branded water bottles during promotional events or product launches to keep their brand name top of mind for customers. 

More than that, water bottles get more people to your booth so you can make a sales pitch. As your water bottles spread around the event, people will ask where to get water. That means more people coming to you, seeing your branding, engaging with your product, and talking to you. That’s a win/win. 

But how exactly do you create a water bottle label design that will get eyes on your brand and your booth? That’s where our design experts come in. 


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Design Elements to Consider

Custom water bottle labels are a great way to captivate potential customers and boost brand awareness. But before you start making a water bottle label design, it’s smart to consider these artistic elements:


Choosing the right colors for your brand’s water bottle labels is crucial. Just like ingredients in a recipe, colors can transform a plain label into an eye-catching design. Whether you opt for bold and vibrant colors or soothing earth tones, select wisely to mirror your small business color palette and personality.


Text serves as the voice of your label. Whether you communicate your brand’s essence using a pun-tastic tagline or a short, snappy message, make it memorable. Remember that the best fonts for labels are legible and large enough to see from far away. Customers won’t be able to remember the text of your label if they can’t read it!


Graphics are like the sprinkles on top, adding that extra oomph to your label. From playful doodles to sleek illustrations, select visuals that align with your brand's vibe. These little pictures can speak volumes about your brand's personality. They can also add a spritz of style and make your label more visually appealing!


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What to Include on a Small Business Water Bottle Label

While the aesthetics of your water bottle label are important, it should also include essential info about your brand. Here’s a checklist of what to include in your water bottle label design: 


Your logo serves as your brand’s identity, instantly connecting customers to your products and values. Incorporating your logo in your label design is the key to establishing brand recognition. Ensure your logo is front and center, large enough for all to see!

Brand Name

Obvious? Maybe. Essential? Absolutely. Along with your logo, make sure your brand name takes center stage on your label to ensure instant brand recognition. Any opportunity to get your brand name out there is a good one!

Contact Info

Incorporating contact info on your water bottle label is like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for potential customers — it makes it easy for them to find you! Include a phone number, your brand’s social media profiles, an email address, and your physical address if you have a brick-and-mortar location. You can even add a QR code that takes customers to your website for a tech-savvy touch!


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Hydrate Your Brand With Stomp!

Ready to splash your brand across your water bottles? Dive into Stomp's ocean of custom-printed labels! Whether you're a foodie haven, a retail paradise, or a crafty brewery, Stomp has what you need to create unique labels that help your brand stand out. So, let’s get labeling and watch your brand’s success pour in.

Design your water bottle labels with Stomp today.


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