The Best Event Giveaways for Craft Fairs and Trade Shows

The Best Event Giveaways for Craft Fairs and Trade Shows

Let’s be real. There’s nothing better than free swag. 

Sure, you could’ve bought a similar pen or koozie at the store for a few bucks, but where’s the fun in that? This one has the name of your favorite brewery on it, and it’s a fun keepsake for you as a consumer. 

Not to mention — and this is the crucial part — it’s excellent marketing for the brewery.

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The point is you have a business, and that business has a logo. Why not spread the good word about your brand by creating the best free swag possible? That way, the next time your business is set up at a craft fair or trade show, you’ll have the best free swag possible. After all, the idea of a craft fair or trade show is to get people to buy your product or spread brand awareness so customers remember you in their time of need. 

One of the most effective ways to generate brand awareness and keep your brand top-of-mind is giveaways and freebies. Before we go on, let’s take a moment to remember words of wisdom from Michael Scott: “SWAG (Stuff, We, All, Get)” 

Freebies work; why else would they be used in trade shows across the country? So that leaves the question: How do you make an effective giveaway that people want to take home? 


Fox Run Vineyards custom sticker.



Here’s a good rule for life and business: it’s called the “KISS Method” — a.k.a. Keep It Simple, Stupid. In other words, don’t overthink it! Custom stickers might seem a little basic, but they’re a staple for a reason. They’re cost effective, they put your logo or slogan (or something else you dream up) on full display, and they create an “interactive” experience with your potential customers — they put your stickers on their laptops, water bottles, tablets, whatever. And every time they use that object, they think about how good your beer tastes. (Or whatever your business is.)


You can never have enough pens, probably because (if you’re like us) you’re constantly losing them. Having extra pens is always a good thing and having a pen that works well is even better. A custom ink pen or a gel pen that potential customers want to use every day means consistent brand exposure. Regardless of how they use it, if you offer branded pens, you want customers to think, “Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff.”  


Pub 2020 calendar.



Imagine giving someone a reason to look at your branding every day. It’s not impossible. If you create an appealing and useful custom calendar full of exciting images (or something else unique), someone is sure to hang it up in their office, kitchen, etc. — constantly seeing your branding and keeping your business top of mind when they need a product that you create.


Think about it: When’s the last time you tossed a frisbee and didn’t smile? These discs have a weirdly universal appeal — the kind of thing no one is mad at when it shows up at a party. Someone will grab your frisbee at the booth, toss it in their car, and then in a couple of weeks end up throwing it back and forth with a friend. And at that moment, they’ll be reminded of your brand— and they’ll be having fun while thinking about it. Frisbees are a perfect choice for any brand that is a bit more outdoorsy, even if that’s as simple as a few beers and a backyard BBQ. 


Stomp water bottle with custom waterproof label.


Branded Water Bottles

With all that walking around at a craft fair or trade show, people get thirsty. Offering free water is an easy and cost effective way to encourage people to check out your booth (plus, you’ll be doing a good service by helping people stay hydrated). But where the free water bottle shines is in the branding. Forget Poland Ice or Nestle or whatever — wrap that water bottle in a custom design that lets people know your brand cares about their well-being. It will also be a bit of a “moving billboard” as people walk around the event, showing off the label every time they take a sip.


Hand Fans

Here’s another freebie people will appreciate at a hot outdoor event or a crowded convention center. A custom hand fan is a simple and thoughtful way to help people feel relief while also getting your message out. While you can simply put your logo on the fan, you can also make use of the space to advertise your services, leave a phone number, or add other important information. 


While stickers have more permanent appeal, magnets are ideal for sticking on fridges, toolboxes, or any other metal surface. Custom magnets allow you to make the same highly-detailed designs as stickers but with the flexibility to place them on any metal surface and move them again and again. When it comes to custom magnets, don’t be afraid to get innovative and have some fun! 


Waze blue custom mini hand sanitizer.


Mini-Hand Sanitizers 

These days, people value cleanliness more than ever. There’s a good chance a lot of people you see walking down the street have some hand sanitizer in their pocket or bag. Better safe than sorry, right? This is another excellent marketing opportunity. Like water bottles, you can print custom labels for mini-hand sanitizers, providing customers with something useful and thoughtful while increasing brand awareness.

Bottle Openers 

You might be noticing a theme here — but we really believe in interactive forms of branding. A bottle opener, similar to a calendar or pen, is something that a person uses on a regular basis. Put it on a keychain and it could stay with them for years. Why not ensure your label is on their mind when cracking open a craft soda or craft beer?


Busy convention center with booths.


Make a Statement with Stomp

When it comes to designing freebies for craft fairs and trade shows, there’s one thing to keep in mind: Choose something that is meaningful to your customers. Bottle openers are ideal for a bar, a restaurant, or a brewery but they don’t make much sense for a bakery. Frisbees have their moments, but you probably won’t see one with a cosmetic company’s logo on it.

Then there’s stickers and magnets. These are good for just about any organization and they’re cost effective. With custom designs and shapes, these help get your brand message across and fit are effective branding for just about any business you can think of. 

If you’re ready to take your event giveaways to the next level, check out some of our business offerings today! Once you’ve chosen your medium, our nifty design tool makes placing your art a breeze and our design team is always here to make sure your promotion comes out just right.


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