How to Personalize Your Wedding Reception on a Budget

How to Personalize Your Wedding Reception on a Budget

We all know weddings are expensive and costs only seem to rise as new trends emerge each year. According to Wedding Wire, the average wedding cost rose from $21,000 in 2021 to $23,000 in 2022. That doesn’t even factor in increased costs due to supply chain issues or venue competition!

For many, creating the “dream wedding” means being mindful of budget. Couples are replacing flowers with candles, sending evites instead of paper invitations, and moving towards dessert tables versus expensive three-tier cakes. It also means being creative in how you personalize your event. 

Just because you have a budget doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your wedding. From cocktail menus to wedding decor, we have six ideas to make your wedding reception your own without splurging. 

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1. Use Repurposed Items for Ceremony Arches or Backdrops

Instead of blowing your entire budget on a big flowery wedding arch or backdrop, create your own with repurposed or found items. 

An unused garden trellis, for example, can make a stunning arch when covered with live (or even fake) flowers. A few antique lace curtains and some 2x4s create an elegant and romantic backdrop. 

Going for a more rustic vibe? Pick up a set of vintage doors at the local antique shop to create a unique backdrop that will look stunning in photographs.


You can also add your initials to the backdrop to give it a personalized feel. Want more ideas on creating custom backdrops? DIY has 50 ideas to pull from!

2. Personalized Reception Coasters

What’s a wedding without a bar? And what is a bar without coasters? Add a personal touch without breaking the bank by creating personalized wedding coasters your guests can use during the cocktail hour or reception. 


Small, customizable, and perfect for showcasing your names, the date, and/or a thank-you message to your guests, personalized coasters are a great keepsake and a nice touch for the big day.


3. Use Items from Your Home

One of the best ways to save money on your reception decorations is to use items you already have around the house. What’s more personal than that?

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Make DIY cupcake stands from plates and vases you have laying around (or check out your local Goodwill).
  • Create succulent terrariums from used light bulbs. Use them in the centerpieces on your tables or as your favor.
  • Collect wine corks to create a textural centerpiece (bonus points for doing this at a vineyard-themed wedding).

Think of this as not only a way to personalize your reception but also to get rid of those extra items taking up space in your house!

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4. Customize Your Wine Labels

Love wine? Love your guests? Want to do a little something special to bring the two together? Create customized wine labels that suit any style, vibe, or theme you have going. 

Add a rectangle paper wine bottle label with a heartfelt thank-you note to your guests or go elegant and classy with a circle glossy wine bottle label like this one:


Here are some other ideas to customize your wine bottle label:

  • Add lines from your favorite poem
  • Create a personalized note from you and your new spouse
  • Include your name and the wedding date
  • Use wine bottles to mark table numbers
  • Add a photo of you and your significant other

Custom wine bottles offer the perfect bang for your buck. You get a personalized look and your guests have something to drink!

5. Design a Personalized Cocktail Menu 

Having a great bar is everything and a simple way to make yours a little extra special is to develop a personalized cocktail menu. 

Give each drink a fun, creative name that recalls a special memory or an inside joke. Use ingredients that mark a special occasion in your relationship. Did you get engaged in Hawaii? Include pineapple or coconut.

Cocktail menus themselves are easy to create and don’t have to break the bank. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Take an old picture frame and use a white marker on the glass

  • Paint an old tray or frame with chalkboard paint 

  • Write on a table runner or table cloth (awesome!)

Whatever you decide on, remember that a sign shouldn’t cost a ton of money. Be creative and make it fit your theme.


6. Add Custom Labels to Your Wedding Favors 

Wedding favor costs can add up quickly, but you don’t want your guests to leave empty-handed. Create unique favors by adding personalized labels

Whether you are dressing up candy bars, a bag of homemade cookies, or even a bottle of bubbly, personalized labels are the icing on the cake at the end of a perfect reception.

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Your big day should be everything you’ve ever wanted. Here at Stomp, we can help you create that. By providing personalized wedding stickers, labels, coasters, and more, we can help you create a truly customized, bespoke look that all of your guests will love. 

Ready to create your dream day? Shop our selection of custom wedding products or check out some of our other wedding posts for fresh ideas. 


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