Design Inspiration: 15 Personalized Wine Bottle Labels We Love

Design Inspiration: 15 Personalized Wine Bottle Labels We Love

Have you ever met a wine you didn’t like? Neither have we. But unfortunately, we’ve met a few wine bottle labels we weren’t so wild about. 

Wine’s got a rich history and a variety of flavors — some sweet, others tart, and everything in between. So, wine manufacturers listen up — whether your wine is all French and magnifique or a dynamic new drink from a Cali vineyard, we’ve got your backside covered. 

This blog will give you the design inspiration you need to create the best custom wine bottle label that’ll have it flying off the shelves and into people’s mouths. 


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Wine Bottle Label Must-Haves

Besides the legal requirements for wine bottle labels, your label must include the right elements that’ll make it an effective billboard for your brand. To make your products stand out on the shelves and onto people’s dinner tables, you’ll want to incorporate the following into your label design:

  • Maintain a consistent theme across the label design elements for recognizable branding. 
  • Use enticing, professional-grade graphics to increase overall appeal for your vintage. 
  • Cleanly incorporate branded colors, highlighting the wine’s characteristics of your particular beverage — think light, cherry colors for fruity zinfandel, or dark, mysterious shades for cabernet. 


Top 15 Personalized Wine Bottle Labels to Inspire

The wine industry is already massive and projected to grow even more in the next decade. In the US, 2021 wine sale revenue topped at 48.8 billion — up two percent from the year before. So, there’s a massive demand for wines. But that also means there’s lots of competition. 

The trick to growing your wine brand and selling those delicious drinks is standing out from the crowded winery shelves. The label is what ultimately sells your product, and also helps you showcase your brand and make a memorable impression. 

Many of the wine labels we’ll cover in this will pop, wow, and stick in your memory. We love labels here at Stomp, and the more chic and unique, the better. 


1. Meeta Panesar: Eye-Catching Imagery

Our personal top pick for the most colorful wine label design goes to Meeta Panesar. The legendary artwork of Joseph Albers from the Op Art movement inspired the label. Chock full of color and geometry on the label, wrapping, and packaging, this design really pops on the shelf. 

wine bottle labels


2. Gut Oggau Portrait Wines: Personality 

Brands need personality. Personality is what makes your offerings more memorable and increases customer loyalty. 

Austrian winery, The Oggau Estate, has infused their wine bottles with a ton of it. Advertising agency Jung von Matt designed the brand’s unique portrait wines, giving each label a face, story, and name that helps the bottle catch shopper’s eyes. 


wine bottle labels


3. Return of the Living Red: Interactive Design

Offering interactive content is one way to gain a sharp edge in a crowded marketplace and stand out from your competitors. The winery Redheads does this in spades with Night of the Living Red — offering a unique throwback to vintage horror films. 

A simple blood-red wax covers the cork, and a sepia, old-timey envelope holds clues to the beverage inside. On top of that, the contents inside the envelope also contain a horror story with illustrations that would make Mary Shelley proud. 


wine bottle labels

wine bottle labels


4. SAV Sparkling Wine: Bold font

Big, bold fonts in dark tones draw the eye. SAV Winery label design showcases its name in a sophisticated black font in large typeface that screams look at me! Additionally, the bottle’s packaging in a dichromatic, gauzy material does an excellent job of displaying the brand name in a way that pulls the entire design together in a chic composition. 


wine bottle labels


5. Lunar Vine Wine: Explosive Color

While a dash of color to an otherwise monochrome wine label can be striking, Lunar Vine Wine goes whole hog with their wine labels. In this design, the label backdrop is an explosive, lush hue that hints at the drink inside, said to taste like sweet soda pop. 

If you’ve got a touch of synesthesia, adding a color that speaks to the flavor of your wine is an excellent design choice your customers will appreciate. 


wine bottle labels


6. The Logan Weemala Wine Collection: Most Playful 

This wine collection pays homage to the Weemala region of Australia, where the grapes used to make it are grown. The simple, playful series of wine labels showcases five species of birds from the region. 

If the ingredients used to make your particular wine are unique to a certain area, consider taking a page out of Logan Wine’s book.  


wine bottle labels


7. Boarding Pass Shiraz: Theme-Based Design 

It’s iconic and memorable. Boarding Pass Shiraz from R Wines is a cute, theme-based design that will have new customers grabbing it off the shelves on an impulse buy. The boarding pass label replaces the usual travel details with information about the tasty drink inside, offering a memorable buying, uncorking, and drinking experience. 

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wine bottle labels


8. Wine Case Lamp by Ciclus: Environmentally-Friendly Design

If building an eco-friendly brand is critical to you and something your customers expect, consider exceeding their expectations with an environmentally-friendly design like Ciclus. Instead of throwing out the packaging and bottle once it’s empty, the wine bottle and box it comes in can be turned into a lamp. 


wine bottle labels


wine bottle labels


9. B Frank Wine: Most Personalized 

This witty wine label design is an excellent example of personalization in marketing. Customers can write a short message on the bottle, making this wine bottle an excellent gift for holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Offering a personalized wine bottle label like this can make it easier for you to create and launch holiday-specific campaigns.


wine bottle labels


10. Vine Parma Wine: High-Contrast Masterpiece

Complementary colors orange and green entice the eye to take a closer look at this beautiful wine label. Totems, mystical language, and hieroglyphs weave legends and tall tales from the past. Rounding it out, the label also subtly includes all the information required on a wine label bottle, such as the alcohol content and bar code. 

If you want more than just a wine label, design a work of art that captures your customer’s attention.


wine bottle labels


11. Lazarus Wine Braille Wine Bottle: Mysterious and Inclusive

If you like to surprise your customers, get inspired with Lazarus Wine’s Braille Wine Bottle. For those who don’t know braille, the back of the bottle includes everything you need to know about this striking drink. Designing a mysterious, tactical label will have customers reaching for more (pun intended).


wine bottle labels


12. Dada Wine: Vivid Typeface

An offering’s label is an essential part of marketing. If bold, daring typeface is on-brand for your winery, check out Dada Wine’s bottle. The brand name in large, shimmery gold typeface supported by the company logo makes this wine bottle yell pick me!


wine bottle labels


13. Table Wine: Tongue-in-Cheek

If your brand is tongue-in-cheek and playful, Table Wine gets literal with their wine bottle label. The label tells (and shows) you exactly what you’re getting — Table Wine. It’s a simple and literal design with a wine bottle that’s also a humorous conversation starter.


wine bottle labels


14. OR. Organic Wine: Most Literal Design

Another example of literal design is the label on OR. Organic Wine bottles. The metallic silhouettes of the insects unique to the region the wine is from do an excellent job of catching the eye and standing out on the shelves. It’s not often that you see wine labels with bugs on them. 

A simple, memorable design such as this can go a long way toward selling more products. 

If your brand offers earthy, nature-inspired imagery, consider designing a label that speaks to your brand personality and customer base like this example from OR. Organic Wine. 


wine bottle labels


15. The Carnival Zinfandel: Most Festive 

These wine bottle designs are incredibly festive and eye-catching. The shimmery font and circus theme hint to the party that will start once you uncork the bottle. This design was so enticing, it won the 2011 Harpers Wine & Spirit Design Awards.


Wine Bottle Label


Personalize Your Wine Bottle Label with Stomp

The right wine bottle label with a visually-appealing design and on-point branding is a significant element of your marketing efforts. Let your creativity shine and impress your customer base with a wine label that grabs their attention and makes them excited to uncork the vintage. Contact us and get started today. 


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