Customer Spotlight Series: Wooden Hill Brewing Company

Customer Spotlight Series: Wooden Hill Brewing Company

Founded by brothers Sean and James Ewen, Wooden Hill Brewing Company is a 10-barrel production brewery with a taproom and kitchen located in Edina, MN – a suburb of Minneapolis. The brothers have had great success “sharing the joy of craft” and building a community around one of Minnesota’s favorite taprooms. 

How did it all come together? We sat down with the brothers to find out what makes Wooden Hill Brewing Company special and why it has become a community favorite.



What Inspired You to Open a Brewery? 

It all started when Sean gifted James a homebrew kit on his 21st birthday, igniting a passion for brewing and experimenting with new flavors. We made the decision early in the planning process to provide gourmet pub-style food along with the beer, and thus launched one of the only taprooms in Minnesota (at the time) that ran a full kitchen as well. Since then, we’ve become known just as much for our food as our beer.

What are Your Goals for Wooden Hill Brewing Company? 

Our mission is to share the joy of craft beer and food. We’ve been able to do that in our own taproom since opening our doors in 2018 and have expanded to self-distribute our beer and hard seltzers to local liquor stores and restaurants. Our goal is to continue to provide high-quality beer and food in a welcoming space for our community and beyond.


What Sets the Wooden Hill Brewing Company Apart From Other Brew Pubs? 

We don’t have a background in the restaurant industry, which allows us to see things differently when it comes to the overall customer experience on-site. From our order-at-the-counter model to the open kitchen concept, and view of the entire brewing space from the taproom, we’ve made everything as transparent as possible for our guests. 

In many ways, Wooden Hill’s guests can control their experience much more than the traditional table service model. This has been key to developing our taproom as a community gathering space.


Why Did You Choose Stomp for Your Beer Can Labels?

We chose Stomp due to the fast turnaround time for products, low pricing, and because the products are always high quality.

With sleek 16 oz Beer Can Labels,  Wooden Hill’s unique brews are a standout on shelves and restaurants across the Minneapolis area!


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