Customer Spotlight Series: Pure Shenandoah CBD Products

Customer Spotlight Series: Pure Shenandoah CBD Products

When a match has been made in “Sticker Heaven”, we like to talk about it! Because at the end of the day, our customers' successes are our own — and this was definitely the case with Pure Shenandoah CBD products. 


Pure Shenandoah is a premium hemp company that specializes in CBD oils, topicals, smokable hemp flowers, hemp fiber, and more. A true “seed to sale company”, these three brothers are bringing Virginia agricultural resources, and Stomp has helped them create the perfect packaging for their CBD products.

In today's customer spotlight series, Pure Shenandoah founder, Tanner Johnson, takes us on his journey to starting his own CBD company and the resources he’s used to make sure his product stands out from the crowd. Let’s dive in!


Can you tell us a little about your business and how you got started in the CBD industry?

“Early in life my brothers and I knew cannabis was going to be a gamechanger. In both the health and wellness markets as well as industrial hemp fiber for raw materials, the potential for cannabis is limitless. With the laws changing in 2014 and then 2018, we knew we needed to focus our efforts, research, and visit as many cannabis operations as possible. Being the 2nd oldest of 9 kids, creating a family owned and family run business was a key in making this business a reality. Our mom owned a business while we were growing up, so we had it in our blood. We now have 5 of the 9 siblings involved in the business in various roles. Our founder and cultivation director, Jake, gained his experience in Oregon with CBD and THC grow operations both indoor and outdoor. This experience was another major key that sparked our venture, but after witnessing first-hand what CBD could do for such a wide group of people and ailments, we went all-in!”

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What are some of the goals for Pure Shenandoah?

“We have many goals at Pure Shenandoah. 

  1. Educate the public on the health benefits of cannabis. 
  2. Educate the public on the practical uses of hemp fiber. 
  3. Become a major cannabis brand on the East Coast utilizing our vertically integrated businesses. We handle all aspects of the process including cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distributing, and retailing of products. 
  4. Continue to help as many people as possible with our health and wellness products. 
  5. Bring sustainable packaging and building materials to the many industries that need them so badly, while simultaneously regenerating the earth by removing a significant amount of carbon from the atmosphere. 
  6. Give farmers a much more profitable crop to grow. This will give them a higher standard of living, more independence from the government and reduce their reliance on subsidies (5000 acres in VA by 2023 - for reference 2030 acres were grown in all of VA in 2020)”.

What makes Pure Shenandoah stand out above the competition?

“The fact that we utilize the full cannabis plant and the processes we use to do so. We have a big network of regenerative farmers on the cannabinoid and fiber sides of the plant (around 500 acres). Being a younger group of guys, we have great insight into what new technologies will be beneficial. For instance, with major focuses in sustainably sourced products, issues in supply chains, and the development of Pure Shenandoah CBD blockchain technologies, Pure Shenandoah along with Agritech and Smart Ledger will radically change the agricultural economy and establish a verified carbon market.”

What made you choose Stomp for your labels?

“When we found Stomp, a lot of our prayers were answered. From the great customer service, the ability to do many different custom sizes, colors, and shapes to the cost of each sticker, Stomp had what we needed.”

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! From a need to grow the cannabis operations in Virginia, to utilizing Stomp stickers as their preferred CBD product labeling, Pure Shenandoah has seen great success and we are happy to have been a part of it all!

Looking to take your CBD product to the next level? Stomp stickers offer a wide variety of CBD product packaging and custom labels that are perfect for any cannabis product. Stuck on a design idea? No problem! Our easy-to-use design tool, design guidelines, and design experts are at your assistance. Contact us and start designing your custom stickers today!


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